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 Xodous vs. Terror.

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PostSubject: Xodous vs. Terror.    Xodous vs. Terror.  I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 25, 2012 7:40 pm

Xodous had seen many people battle and many more die, he had been the cause to start war's and even been the one to finally decide them. He had come to new places and left them to seek people who are actually worthy of his time. He said a lot through anger when it came to fighting though that was because the kids he usually argued with would have no skill that could back them up from dying by the mighty creator Xodous. It would even be hard for lowly creatures to catch Xodous's eye for interest. He helped create many beasts, many different types of creatures and humans, his hands would be creation but his mouth would be destruction. Though once in awhile a creature would come by, staying to itself and learning to be more accepted by people. Those kinds of creatures would be the ones that interested Xodous the most of all.

Bare feet touched down on lush green grass that just busted with life in the sun's rays. Heavy foot steps would touch the soft grass but a step was taken so a shadow would be held under the figure that walked. Then the shadow itself would disappear and the foot steps would continue. A field would be walked on top of, flower heads moving to the side as black jeans would come brush against them.These jeans would be woven into chain-mail for extra resistance against bladed attacks. Even though the flesh of the figure that walked through this field was made of diamond there was no such thing as being too cautious in a battle. The flesh would be three inches of diamond, not including the muscles being flexed. The muscle that would be under this diamond flesh though would be as solid as led and just as hard as it would need to be to make the diamond flesh flexible.

Arms moved and the suns ray's would bounce off the diamond body as it would create sparkles of every color to show. The diamond flesh was not smooth, it was very rough like a uncut stone, jagged edges all over it and sharp points. The sharp points though would be as sharp as a cut diamond stone tip. Air would come around his hands, just a thin layer as his long white hair would be tied back into a Norse style ponytail. Emerald green eyes shined brighter then ever now as the God of all Gods would be all fired up and ready to go. He carried no weapon on his person but he did have a necklace around his neck. Black and gold in a pattern with a half black half gold skull in the very middle, resting against the chest of the male figure. No shirt was seen so it was obvious from the pecks that the figure is male.

The eyes in the skull at the necklace would be as white as his hair, the fury of the God would be upon anyone who stepped in his path. Slow steady half breathes would be made or heard from the mouth. A very sadistic grin spread over lips, a tattoo of a Phoenix with wings spread over his back even though it would be hard to see with all the sparkles from the suns ray's. It would be in black ink, though this ink wasn't just tattoo ink but it was a liquid he had brought into battle with him. This liquid would be used for multiple things in battle. Mostly for attacks and summoning's but the occasion came up when he had to use it for healing. A necklace and a tattoo would all he would bring into battle, besides his body itself. Which of course looked flawlessly perfect, his beauty would be seen by even the heavens.

He was a God after all, the God of gods to be exact, a world creator. His abs, six showing, muscles evenly filled his toned body. the only clothing that would be seen in the jeans with the chain-mail woven into it. Under that would just be some silky crimson boxers. Only two pieces of clothing on the body, it wouldn't be out of the normal to see Xodous like this. He didn't like clothing, it was a fact he made clear for everyone to know. Other then that he was an asshole to everyone but a certain select few, the few he could count on almost one hand. He walked till he stood deep in a forest that had tree's and other plant life ten times larger then normal. The animals would be giant if one ran into any of them, though the animals isn't what this male known as Xodous came out here for, no he wanted to fight the one known as ' Terror ' as he had come to interest in the emerald eyes. The sadistic grin only grew as a little laugh could be heard.

This could indeed give away his position if someone was lurking around but hell he didn't care. He wanted to fight and he wanted to do it right now. His air element would keep it so he didn't touch the solid ground, his shadow always constantly hidden. He wouldn't really rely on magic for this battle or even his elemental power. No Xodous just wanted to use fists and maybe the one weapon he brought with him. But if it looked like combo's where the way to go he wouldn't hold back on the two elemental power's he used. Only using two since he had to keep this fair the best way he could.
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Night terror
Night terror

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Xodous vs. Terror.  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Xodous vs. Terror.    Xodous vs. Terror.  I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 28, 2012 9:38 pm

Out of all the people he had fought and killed or honored as worthy opponent and spared them from the cold grips of death he had never fought a god before. after he had devoured countless souls strengthening himself and his sword now his infamous cursed sword Soul Edge was it's ultimate and strongest form. a rip cam from a dimension known as astral chaos and out stepped a hulking armored demon knight his armor is a combination of armor and bone with an orange/red sheen the helmet area has a crest like shape and had no muzzle- covering area showing revealing a lip less mouth with long teeth it's eye's are a beady yellow at the center of his chest is a glowing core of energy which spreads throughout his upper body in place of hands are huge claws and in the "palms" are fully functional mandibles although this does not hamper it's ability to wield a sword in the least. lastly he has a slightly long tail and flowing his back side are a pair of large fiery wings.

Throughout the times when he was nightmare there was nothing more he liked more was fighting collecting souls to devour slaughtering innocent people and armies that trying to stop him. those were the times he enjoyed most however he was now stronger than his former self having though spending his time alone in astral chaos. now was the time to get out of astral chaos and start his old habits. soon after the demon knight walked in he was blinded by the sparkles of the gods diamond skin that was reflecting light off of the god's skin. examining the god known as Xodous though he noticed him wearing chain mail it didn't look like he would even need it this battle was going to be difficult for the demon knight though it would be a first at fight a god such as himself.

his sword was grotesque in appearance it was composed of flesh with large sharp teeth a long crescent horn near the handle and a razor sharp blade below the teeth.

Astral Chaos doesn't exist or co exist of with any other dimension to those who appear there beware
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Xodous vs. Terror.
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