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 Rachel Alucard's Halloween Gala

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Sayaka Miki
Sayaka Miki

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PostSubject: Rachel Alucard's Halloween Gala   Fri Sep 28, 2012 4:35 pm

The site was Moonlight Castle. The building stood in its usual splendor. But the decor was quite different. Orange lights shaped like Jack-O-Lanterns were hung between the lightposts. Cobwebs and fake spiders (With the occasional real one) decorated the walls. Skeletons stood in various spots taking on a variety of different poses. Tables were set up in a line at the side of the courtyard holding the food that was to be served. Several types of sandwiches, rice balls, and of course, candy of all sorts. The center of the courtyard was reserved for dancing and chitchat, and the side opposite the food was for sitting, as there were sofas set up.

Sitting on one of the sofas was Rachel Alucard, the owner of the castle and the hostess of the upcoming party. She looked upon the decorations that were set up by her servants and nodded in approval. At that moment, her butler, Valkenhayn R. Hellsing walked up to her and bowed.

"Is the setup to your liking, Madam Rachel?" He asked.

"Yes, good job." She replied. "The invitations must have been received by now.

The week before, Valkenhayn had been tasked with sending out handwritten invitations to potential guests. When received, they would read:

"Dear Sir or Madam:

As of receiving this invitation, you are cordially invited to attend the annual Halloween Gala at Moonlight Castle. If you wish, you may bring up to two guests. You are to bring this invitation with you when you come. You must also wear a costume and make sure your guests do the same. I hope to see you there.

Sincerely, Rachel Alucard"

The vampire aristocrat looked toward the orange and black arch decorated with bats that stood at the entrance to the courtyard. This is where the guests were to enter. A magic charm was put on the arch to reject anyone who didn't have an invitation, hence why invited guests were instructed to bring their invitations with them. At that moment, a plump red bat flew to Rachel, carrying a cup of tea on a saucer.

"Here's that tea you asked for, Princess!" Piped the bat, whom was one of Rachel's servants.

"Thank you, Gii." Rachel said, taking the cup. All of the preparations had been made. Now all that was left was to wait for the guests to arrive.

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Merry Nightmare
Merry Nightmare

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PostSubject: Re: Rachel Alucard's Halloween Gala   Thu Oct 11, 2012 6:26 pm

Walking toward the castle were the first three guests, all members of the Fairy Tail guild. Leading them was a young girl with long black hair and black eyes. As her invitation stated, she wore a costume. The costime was a traditional sailor uniform worn in most Japanese schools, but it was strangely colored. The top was black with buttons shaped like skulls and bats. It also appeared to be splattered with blood. The skirt was red plaid and decorated with aq skull pin with a bow on it. On her feet were black knee high zip up boots with spikes on the sides. She also wore black bat wings and white thigh high stokings that were ripped. This girl was Natasha Darkmoon, though her friends call her Tasha. She was the recipient of the invitation, and the guests she chose to bring were fellow guild members Lucy Heartfilia and Natsu Dragneel. Natsu also brought his friend Happy, who was an Exceed and resembled a blue cat.

Natsu was dressed as a pirate with Happy as his parrot. The outfit was a red shirt with a long black jacket with blue pants cut off at the knees and brown boots that came up to just above his ankles. There was a black eyepatch over his left eye and a sword on his left hip. He also wore a black three cornered hat with a skull and crossbones symbol on the front and a large red feather sticking out of the side. Happy, who was perched on his shoulder, had green feathers strapped to his arms and head and a fake beak on his face.

Lucy was dressed as a witch. She wore a long black dress with a bodice and lace around the bust and black lacy detached bell sleeves. On her feet were black heels with fake spiders on the front. On her head was a traditional witch hat colored black with fake cobwebs on the sides and a tiny pumpkin charm at the tip.

"So let me get this straight." Said Lucy as they approached the arch that led to the courtyard. "This party is being hosted by an actual vampire?"

"Yep!" Answered Tasha.

"Then why'd you drag us along?! I don't want to see a real vampire! I might get eaten! A beautiful girl like me is their favorite meal!" She shouted.

"Really? I didn't know blondies came in flavors." Tasha said.

"Watch it." Lucy shot back with a glare.

"Well, I actually think metting a real vampire will be cool!" Natsu said.

"Aye! I wonder if he sleeps in a coffin!" Happy piped.

"Yeah! Does he hate garlic? Do crosses burn him?" Natsu continued. "Does he--"

"Why do you keep saying 'He'?" Lucy interrupted. "The name on the invitation was Rachel Alucard. That means it's a girl."

"A girl?" Asked Natsu. "Well, you're safe then, Lucy. Girl vampires like to drink boys' blood."

"Oh, I don't know, Natsu." Tasha interjected. "I don't think she'd want to drink stupid."

"What's that supposed to mean?!" Natsu snapped.

"I just hope she doesn't sparkle..." Happy murmured.

"Huh? Sparkle?" Natsu asked. "Since when do vampires sparkle? Are't they supposed to be 'Creatures of the Night' and all that?"

"They do in this really bad book I read." Happy replied.

"Can we just stop talking about vampires already?!" Tasha shouted. "Let's hurry up and get in the party! There are some... things I wanted to check out...." The last sentence was spoken with her trademark sneakiness.

Lucy and Natsu looked at each other when she said that.

"Don't tell me Tasha's gonna try to steal from a vampire!" Lucy thought. "That's suicide!"

"I wonder what kind of food vampires serve? I hope it's good." Were Natsu's thoughts.

The group then passed through the arch. Tasha had her invitation in her pocket, so she was accepted along with Natsu and Lucy as her guests. Having Happy there might have caused complications, but the arch must have recognized him as one of Natsu's costume props.

They walked through the courtyard, admiring the decorations.

"Whoa! Look at these decorations!" Natsu said in awe.

"Yeah, it really makes you feel like you've stepped into a haunted graveyard." Lucy commented.

"Yeah, it sure is scary." Tasha agreed.

"Damn! I thought the party would be in the castle!" Were the thoughts behind the smile of the ex-thief who never really quit being a thief.
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Night terror
Night terror

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PostSubject: Re: Rachel Alucard's Halloween Gala   Fri Oct 19, 2012 5:00 pm

walking in the castle was a young woman named pyrrha only except something was different about her. she received an invitation for a gala at a moonlight castleas the invitation said it was a costume party. she was dressed as a witch she had a violet witch gear on including the hat. Her eyes have black scleras and yellowish orange irises. a deformed right arm with a glowing eye on her forearm she had pale skinand her voice was slightly distorted. she was carrying the cursed sword soul edge in a short sword the the blade was a shard ruby red crystal the hanle seemed to be made out of cobblestone on both of the sides of the sword seemed to be bat/raven like wings and in the middle othe wings seemed to be a skull with an eyeball on top of it.

"so this is moonlight castle it's beautiful"

the cursed swords eye looked up at pyrrha "remember we are not here to kill enyone or cause trouble we are here to have a good time"

Pyrrha Omega looked the the swords eye "ok i'll be sure not to cause any trouble"

Astral Chaos doesn't exist or co exist of with any other dimension to those who appear there beware
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Sayaka Miki
Sayaka Miki

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PostSubject: Re: Rachel Alucard's Halloween Gala   Mon Oct 22, 2012 7:34 pm

As Rachel finished her tea, Gii noticed the arc glow as it accepted those with invitations.

"Princess, we have guests!" He said.

Rachel calmly put her teacup and saucer on Gii's head, who then went to put it away.

"Took them long enough. I'll go and greet them." She said, standing up.

The vampire aristocrat walked over to where the four guests were entering. She gave them a wave.

"Hello, and welcome to Moonlight Castle's Halloween Gala. I am Rachel Alucard, your hostess. Please come in and enjoy what I have to offer. The activities will be starting soon." A sly smirk graced the vampire's delicate face at the last sentence. One could only wonder what "Activities" she had planned.

She walked back into the courtyard and entered the castle to prepare said activities. On the way, she spoke to Gii, who had just returned.

"Watch the arch and greet any additional guests." She instructed.

"Yes, Princess!" The bat affirmed before flying to the arch to wait for more guests.

As Rachel walked in, she glanced back at the young woman with the large sword. She knew what this sword was.

"To think this girl would bring the cursed sword here so freely?" She thought before entering.
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Ash Crimson
Ash Crimson

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PostSubject: Re: Rachel Alucard's Halloween Gala   Tue Oct 23, 2012 12:19 am

Ash was wearing a red cape with a black Victorian cloak. He had his hair down that went down his shoulders and red eye contacts with fangs coming out from his lips with fake blood seeping down from them. He stopped at the castle entrance and looked at the castle in amazement.

"Fancy place. I wonder what this Rachel Alucard looks like..."

The young man walks into the arch and sees some people have arrived already, but it wasn't anyone he knew. He moves aside and leans against the wall looking at the others.

"Two witches, a pirate, and a... hell I don't know what she is supposed to be...."

Of course, he was referring to Natasha's costume. Ash moved the bangs away from his face and looked to see if he can spot Rachel somewhere.
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PostSubject: Re: Rachel Alucard's Halloween Gala   

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Rachel Alucard's Halloween Gala
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