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 the story of night terror return

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Night terror
Night terror

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PostSubject: the story of night terror return   the story of night terror return I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 29, 2012 1:36 pm

ok so I decided to do a story about a mix of different games and such and this is coming straight from my head

The year was about 1607 everything was going well except for the war going between the humans and the malfested the one's influenced by the cursed sword soul edge this was after Siegfried killed the first nightmare in the astral choas crossing points where the souls gather. It all bega

ne seventeen years ago when the Azure nightmare appeared after a horrific battle with nightmare many were either wounded or slaughtered from the fight with nightmare the soldiers looked at the the azure knight not knowing what he would do next the Azure knight waved his sword gathering souls the held it up and the air the cursed blade evil energy gathered like a swirling vortex sucking in water like a raging current then suddenly the evil sword released it energy the soldiers stood there astonished as astral chaos had just appeared before their very eyes due to the evil sword. Nightmare got into stance his sword soul edge in his left arm and his deformed arm that had become slightly metalic and a part of his armor free the sword was surely heavy but it didn't as Siegfried stood before him the paladin got into and carrying the spirit sword soul calibur the sword appeared to be made completely made of crystal and radiating with mysterious aura the aura was the opposite of soul edge's aura. Both Siegfried and Nightmare charged at each other the clashed swords the fight was intense since the beginning this was the final fight between nightmare and Siegried he would finally destroy his evil twin and redeem his sins once and for all. they clased swords both soul edge and soul calibur the cursed blade emited a bloody red aura and the spirit sword emitted an ice and snow like aura the paladin aimed and tried to hit nightmares lower body but he failed nightmare blocked his attack nightmare landed a deadly blow but Seigfrieds armor was like crystal underneath the armor was chain mail the attack from nightmare knocked him back a few feet his sword was lowered but this didn't mean the fight was over it was just beginng. suddenly crystal began creeping up Siegrieds arm this was soul caliburs will kicking in a chilly icy wind swirled around Siegfried like a icy tornado then it burst releasing the icy wind with enough force to blow nightmare back a bit Siegfrieds sword was now glowing with radient light the spirit sword was now using his body so that he wouldn't die his eyes were the same color as the aura icy blue nightmare looked at the possessed Siegfried with his crimson eyes he held up soul edge and and it burst with a glowing crimson aura. the two stared each other down for a bit then the two got into stance and charged at each other again and clashed blades this released tremendous energy that knocked the two back Siegfried came back to his senses nightmare swung his sword again but it missed Siegfried evaded the attack and aimed the tip of the blade for nighmares torso nightmare tried to block but it failed the tip of soul calibur peirced straight through the eye and though the cursed sword and stabbed nightmare in the dark energy for his torso the energy was also soul edge keeping the armor together and moving on it's own. the soul edge started showing cracks the cracks began to spread through out the whole sword releasing shards of red crystal nightmare was starting to get weaker his body could no longer keep hold the sword then shattered into small fragments the scattered throughout the world the war was over or so they thought.

seventeen years have passed in Royal Hungary Odenburge 1607 A.D. a young blond man stood in the flames of rebellion the yougn man was known as Patroklos Alexandra. he inherited his sword skills from his mother Sophitia Alexandra who was hailed as the holy warrior this was doubtful as this wasn't his true skills but he continued to fight with pale imitation sword and shield of his mother. the citizens of the town were fleeing in terror as the the rebels approached the captain of Graf Dumas. the rebel leader swung his short sword upward this caught the captain by surprise he was only carrying a flag and nothing to even defend himself the captain released the flag when he died sending it the air then as the flag was coming to the ground Patroklos caught it. the rebels approached the young man and said in a serious tone "hand over that flag !" Patroklos looked at the rebels the waved the flage a bit "This is the flag of the emperor the bestowed favors to the graf." Patroklos them plated the flag into the ground to keep it in place the rebels spoke they were sure to kill the young man at the spot where they were standing there were three soldiers the one with the sword and shield was the rebel leader. he pointed his sword at Patroklos and said "So you serve Graf Dumas!" Patroklos was beginning to walk towards them "and you must be the malfested that are destroying this town." Patroklos drew out his sword from his shield ready for battle. the rebel wielding the lance and ring sword confronted him first. he charged at the so called holy warrior recklessly aiming his lance the young mans heart Patroklos dodged this attack swiftly bashed him in the back of his head with his shield this nearly tripped the rebel but he regained his balance but he was wide open for another attack Patroklos took this chance and did a sweep kick sending the rebel to the ground the rebel got up not ready to give up he swung his lance downward but he missed again Patroklos grabbed him with the hand that was carrying his shield and hit him in the back of the head with the hilt of the sword the rebel was wearing a helmet so the blow to the head wasn't lethal but it still knocked him to the ground the rebal then got back up and toward the young man again this time he swung his short sword at Patroklos he managed to land a hit but it wasn't much damage more like a scratch Patroklos shaked it off and continued to fight. the rebel swung his sword but Patroklos held up his shield to guard the attack the sword made impact with his sheild Patroklos shoved the rebels sword away with his shield then fataly stabbed him. the second rebel that approached him wielded a giant axe the axe surely would slow down his attack movements Patroklos did a back flip slashing the rebel with his sword as his landed on his feet the kicked the rebel with both of his feet as he kept his balance by keeping one hand on the ground this launched him in the air the debel landed on his back it the rebel got back up on his feet and used his axe for a sweep attack to trip patroklos but he saw the attack and jumped over the axe them bashed the rebels face in using his knee this move was fatal the rebel dropped to his knee's then died. the last rebel approached him and by the looks of him he had a rapier a fencing weapon but the rebel didn't look like much for fencing Patroklos had to finish this battle the young gave the rebel an uppercut with his shield launching him into the air throwing his sword deep into the rebel then finshed off his attack by jumping and giving a deep slash that goes up to his rib cage the rebel couldn't stand for very long due to the amount of blood he was losing to much blood he got on one knee still suffering from blood loss he then looked up at Patroklos as he looked back at rebel as he died from blood loss. Patroklos then walked up to a poor, filthy and pale man it looked like this man looked like he working very hard but got paid poorly as he also had children to feed back home patroklos pointed his sword at the man "your pale and filthy you must be a malfested as well." the man held up his hands begging for mercy he didn't want to die "no my lord i am not one of them! " Patroklos then looked at his sword "Is that so?" Patroklos walked around the poor man the man looked at Patroklos wandering if he would kill him or not unfortanately Patroklos stabbed the man with a smile on his face as if he was proud to kill the man "How unfortunate there's no way to prove it." the towns people started running away screeming Patroklos looked down on the ground with the slight feeling of guilt. he headed back to the castle there awaited graf dumas, Graf stood in front of Patroklos with an impressed look in his eyes "Splended work as always Patroklos very well done indeed I am impressed." Patroklos kneeled down in respect "It is my honor to establish order in your name, Graf Dumas." Graf Dumas held up his hand and clenched it to a fist is if he was expressing anger "Hmph there will be no order as long as Soul Edge and those abominations, the malfested exist." Patroklos clenched his hand into a fist out of anger and disgust "such vile creatures! but i was again unable to find the malfested with the ring blade, my lord." Dumas then thought for a bit remembering what Patroklos just said "ah yes the malfested the kidnapped your sister." Patroklos nodded "yes my lord, you had said that she would be in Odenburge." Dumas began to walk away but he suddenly stopped and turned his head towards Patroklos "Search Kluasenburg next my informants suggest you do so." Patroklos got up readying to set off on his next destination "I shall leave at once my lord." Patroklos then walked out the door and set off to Kluasenburg but as this happened Graf dumas had a deceiving grin on his face.

Patroklos headed for Kluasenburg and destroyed any that looked like malfested to lure the malfested with the ring blade who had destroyed his family long ago. Several days have passed since patroklos set out to Kluasenburg he began approaching a a man while he was down the man tried crawling away begging him not to kill him Patroklos raised his sword the man screamed in terror Patroklos swung his sword at the man but when it was halfway near him his swing was interuppted by a stranger weilding three handle sword. Partoklos looked at the strange not knowing who he was "stand aside!" the stranger looked at Patroklos recognizing him immedietly as he heard so much about him "So you that rampaging murderer, Patroklos Alexandra." Patroklos held up his sword to the strange in anger from what he just called him "who are you calling a murderer? He's a malfested their not even human! They're demons that have sold their soul to the Devil!" the stranger stared at him for a bit not beleiving the nonsense he was spewing out of his mouth. Patroklos got more enraged "they've taken my sister and killed my mother! Whats's wrong with avenging these crimes?!" Patroklos the charged at the stranger the strangers name was Z.W.E.I. as patroklos charged at his recklessly out of anger Z.W.E.I swurved to the right avoiding his attack he grabbed him and gave him a headbutt then knee'd him in the torso patroklos endured the attack but held his stomache a bit and backed up a few feet but then shook it off patroklos swung his sword at Z.W.E.I but he clashed his sword a few times against Z.W.E.I's but Patroklos planned an attack and landed a counter attack to Z.W.E.I by bashing his shield in his face Z.W.E.I backed up a bit but quickly regaining his balance and di a backflip kick Patroklos pointed his sword at Z.W.E.I he was panting from the battle "now you asked for it" Z.W.E.I raises his fist in the air and slams it down and helf wolf half man like being appears out of thin air Patroklos stood there astonished "What?" then the beast spirit punches Patroklos in the stomache this sent him a few feet back and laying on the ground in pain. as Z.W.E.I walked up to Patroklos carrying his sword "Nothing's going to change as long as you're under Dumas' thumb. Did he actually give you any clue to your sisters whereabouts?" Patroklos looked upp at him then glared wanting answers "What do you know about her?" Z.W.E.I tossed the sword to the ground as it landed towards Patroklos as he walked away.

What happened in Kluasenburg brought doubt in Patroklos' mind wandering why Dumas didn't give him any clue of his sisters where abouts he was soon about to find out. he came back to Dumas' castle to tell Graf Dumas his report Dumas looked at Patroklos "a man stopped you?" Patroklos nodded still wandering who he was "yes, he possessed strange powers and commanded some kind of a monster. Dumas had an irritated look "Z.W.E.I.! damn that accursed werewolf!" Patroklos looked up at Graf Dumas in surprise he didn't know he even knew of that person "You know of him my lord? Is he a malfested?" with a quick answer Dumas replied "That man stands in the way of ridding the world of the malfested. Get rid of him." Patroklos looked down in thought "He seemed to know about my sister. My lord does he have something to do with her?" with an annoyed look in his face he said with a irritated tone "You just need to kill those i say to kill" with a quick reply and having doubt in Dumas "I have served you faithfully and done everything you've asked. Yet you have made no effort to search for my sister!" Dumas has had almost about enough to hear from this incompetent brat that had served him blindly. "It seems you are unable to follow my orders. I've had enough Leave my sight and never return. a dog such as you has no business making demands." Patroklos clenched his fist in anger and stood up from what Dumas had said "I am no dog i am a holy warrior!" Dumas walked past him but in the inside he was laughing at what Patroklos said "How absurd you are nothing more than a dog. I couldn't care less about what happens to some pathetic dog's family" with these words Dumas said to Patroklos coldly " she is probably already dead in some alley." with these words said Patroklos was shocked finally figuring out that dumas had lied to him for so long and that he was foolish for even following Dumas' orders "So you've lied to me all this time!" Dumas walked towards the next chamber doors Patroklos drew his sword from his sheild "Don't walk away from me you coward!" as Patroklos was running towards Dumas. suddenly Voldo appeared from jumping down from the ceiling to protect Graf Dumas he couldn't speak but only make deep breathing sounds neither could he see he wielded two katars in his hands and was awaiting orders Dumas looked back slightly "hmph get rid of him" with these words said dumas walked out of the chamber suddenly out of nowhere and strange looking ninja appeared before him he was dressed in a Blue gii with a red scarf covering half of his mouth and flowing in the wind in his hand was a plasma cypher by the looks of him he was no ordinary ninja. Dumas drew out Soul edge the grotesque looking sword had an yellow eyeball on it and most of the sword appeared to be completly covered in flesh as it has bathed in the blood of many warriors. Dumas appearance started to change he now had glowing crimson eyes a horned helmet and a deformed arm that has flesh overlapping and three claw fingers without hesitating nightmare asked "who are you? and why are you here? the strider stood in front of him "i am strider hiryu i am from the future and i will find a way back to my own time but first i will defeat you" both strider hiryu and nightmare got into stance then charged at each other nightmare slammed his sword onto hiryu but hiryu swerved to the right avoiding it but as soon as the strider swerved he fell right into nightmares trap nightmare caught the strider off guard by smacking him with the side of soul edge then slammed him into the ground he aimed the sharp tip of the sword to his stomache but as soon as he was about to impale the strider and land a deadly soul wave the strider disappeared without a trace like he was never there as soon as nightmare turned back into graf dumas the swords eyeball looked at Graf Dumas and spoke to him " Graf Dumas you have served as my host for a long time but you have served your purpose" what how can this be as soon as these thought passed through his mind a large gargantuan demon knight appeared behind him Dumas looked behind him but could barely see it's form the demon knight raised it's power like a raging current and obliterated Dumas it was now the incarnation of pure destructive will now reborn into the world. it's appearance was a large demon knight with bulky red armor with a flaming center in the middle of his chest he had spike on his greaves and spikes on his shoulders he had a horned helmet with glowing yellow eyes under the helm he had bulky yet flexible and sharp claws in the middle of both of his claws there was sharp yet small teeth like jaws able for grappling, throwing and punching his enemies, their even able to carry a sword. on the back of his armor were spikes protruding from his back and wings of fire and a plated like tail he was once know as the dreaded azure knight nightmare but is now know as night terror the Destruction of mankind in his claws on the left arm was the cursed sword soul edge in it's ultimate form it was made from organic material such as flesh large jagged teeth that go from the very end of the blade to near the handle of the sword the razor sharp blade is on the bottom of the jagged teeth and had a long curved horn like a cresant near the handle. the demon knight began to laugh then stopped and said to himself " i live once more" the large demon took flight and abandoned the castle leaving patroklos to find his sister. as he was flying he noticed a damaged cathedral what was this strange power he was sensing he decided to investigate as he looked around the cathedral until he saw a gaping hole the strange energy seemed to be coming from the very depths of the cathedral night terror jumped down and land on the first floor he began exploring he ran into some zombies and a undead with spikes in it's body night terror fired an eye beam horizontaly both flinging them away and killing them but the grotesque zombie burst open releasing corpse eating worms they were slithering toward him but the demon knight stopmed on all six of them killing them as soon as he killed the zombies he came across a barred door he kick it open he noticed a dying soldier on the floor crawling towards his feet "we though we could keep the undead trapped in here" without any other words the guard died night terror looked to the left head headed donw to the next floor there he saw an elderly man running from something "foul minions stay back back" he stopped and turned around him three skeletons were heading after him the skeletons were cruch as part of the ceiling the rail the remaining part of the floor which get across fell into ruin and unable to go back all of a sudden a ghost appeared of a larg skeleton "the skeleton king!" the skeleton spoke " the power of the fallen star has awakened me soon all will suffer as I have suffered Guards bring me his bones" the skeleton kings ghost raised skeletons from the ground the edlerly person needed help as he was surrounded by skeletons night terror decided to help obliterating the skeletons with his cursed blade soul edge then a skeleton dragged a giant heavy axe this must be the skeleton king's executioner the demon knight slammed his sword on it shattering it the demon knight walked to the elderly man "are you ok?" the old man turned to the demon knight " thank you stranger for saving me from the skeleton king's minions but haven't seen anyone like you before who are you?" the demon knight looked at the old man with his glowing yellow eyes "my name is Night Terror may i ask who you are?" the old man took in a deep breath " my name is Deckard Cain and that sword i haven't seen anything like it" night terror wasn't surprised that Cain hasn't seen his sword but he still had some questions for Cain "i have some questions for you but right now we need to get out of here" Deckard Cain walked towards a book shelf and pressed some sort of switch and a doorway opened "indeed follow me i learned of a secrete passage from old maps come we have much to discuss." night terror followed Deckard Cain from the cathedral and through the cemetary but what was this energy he was feeling it was he decided to ignore it he ended up in a town. night terror surveyed the area "where are we?" Cain looked at "this is new tristram the old tristram was destroyed by Diablo the Lord of Terror." all of a sudden a woman about in her twenties ran up to Deckard Cain worried "Uncle Deckard thank heavens your safe i was so worried" both Deckard and and the woman hugged Cain then looked at the woman "Leah i'm so glad to to see you safe thanks to this stranger but i feel an immesurable power coming from him" when Deckard Cain was talking to Leah Night terror was gone.

As the large demon knight was flying he noticed someone fighting hordes of demons this was clearly a barbarian this barbarian seemed like a strong warrior but what was he fighting for? it seem's the barbarian was fighting to protect the world from evil. he ignored these thoughts and continued to fly across the land soon enough he saw a blinding light this light sent him somewhere different this time it was a lot different. it appeared that there were cities on a mountain and the landscape below the mountain seemed like a dead landscape with skeletons of dead creatures. the demon knight had to get information on where he was he flew to the town to find out where he is he landed in a small town since the people never saw him before they ran away in sheer terror exept the was one person standing infront of the demon knight as if he or she was going to challenge him to a battle her appearance was a young woman with long red hair and blue eyes wearing a hat with an eye and wings on it and a Japanese-style military uniform, and black military boots. her weapon appeared to be a sword and shield but something felt different about her weapon the woman starred at him and said.

"I don't know who or what you are but i won't let you kill anyone of Kagutsuchi"

so thats where the demon knight was although these humans were weak and couldn't fight him even if they tried soldiers at least did try to put up a fight the demon knight got into stance wielding his sword in his claws in his left arm the young woman got into and straight at him this was a reckless move the demon knight charge at the young woman swung her sword at the demon knight but at the same time the demon knight swung his cursed sword soul edge clashing with her sword but without any effort he overpowered her flinging her aside. the woman got back up and ran toward him this time the demon knight stabbed her rotating his sword and a fast pace like a large heavy drill repeatedly stabbing her rapidly this knocked her down she got back up but weakly Night terror jumped up into the air becoming airborn with hiw fiery wings charged up his energy and fired a large purple eye beam this knocked her down again she was so she couldn't get back up she was near death Night terror then landed and picked her up with the fully funtional mandible in the middle of his claws.

"such weakness you expect to challenge me and win i shall destroy you here and now."

when he was about to land the finishing blow to the young woman he heard clapping someone was approaching him he looked back and what he saw was a man with a creepy archetype. He is depicted with bright green hair and an ever-present smile with his eyes closed, belying a demonic nature. He wears a simple black suit with a white shirt underneath, short brown gloves, and brown steel-toed shoes. He dons a pair of black trousers held up by two brown belts. He completes the outfit with a black fedora hat to close the shady visage. suddely the clapping stopped the man looked at night terror impressed with his preformance taking down a luetenant without any effort the shady man smiled.

"well well well that was quite the show a shame First luetenant Tsubaki Yayoi won't be able to preform her duties i guess that was useless of her to go fight you so recklessly. Oh i almost forgot I'm Hazama from the Novis Orbis Librarium Itellagence Department and well quite frankly i don't know who you are you must be new here might i ask who you are by any chance? and that sword your carrying what is it?"

the lipless mouth of night terror's formed a smile this was rare even for him and dropped the almost dead Tsubaki Yayoi.

"I am Night Terror and this is the cursed sword of destruction Soul Edge"

Hazama revealed a twisted smile he was about to have an idea for the demon knight since he now knew who he was and the sword he was wielding with the immeasurable power that night terror had no one would stop him and Night Terror. he then thought to himself "if i can get this guy to work with the N.O.L I wouldn't have to have any uses for the useless puppet Noel Vermillion and get rid of that shitty vampire."

"How would you like to work for the N.O.L? with you no one can stop us not even the master unit Amaterasu what do you say?"

the demon knight smiled this sounded promising the destruction of man was in his grasp the thought of this made the demon knight chuckle>

"very well i shall work for the N.O.L and destroy all that cross our path"

End of part 1

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the story of night terror return
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