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 Deus Ex Machina Tournament: Origins

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Tetsuya Tsurugi
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Deus Ex Machina Tournament: Origins Empty
PostSubject: Deus Ex Machina Tournament: Origins   Deus Ex Machina Tournament: Origins I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 01, 2012 6:55 pm

10 Years prior

The calmness of a place people would like to call Heaven, would soon be disturbed for a breif moment with the appearance of a being clad in obsidian-colored armor. This man had no real purpose but all the Cherubs and Thrones only saw that he was apparentally building something, they thought they should have warned the God of this land but it seems that this being was given the okay to do whatever he was doing. The building space of this area was blocked off by chains and even if the other creatures that roamed Heaven tried they could not even make them budge, the time that it took to build this area took about three weeks, but it seemed that he was not finished the One Clad in Armor kept adding more and more to the area some of the things that he was bringing into Heaven was hardly allowed. It began to seem that the buildings were made from the One Clad in Armor himself, using pieces of his mist like body to make anything he need and simply absorbing the buildings back if he didn't like the way the were set up. It seemed that as long as this man was here the place know as Heaven would become more interesting.

5 years later

The area that this massive colossuem was being built in started to make a a very noticable changeing from the bright and sunny skies of the Kingdom of Heaven into a more darkish orange-colored sky that most of the inhabitants of Heaven were not comfortable with. As month's passed so did the people who called that area a home, they soon began to abandon that once peaceful part of land even going as much to calling it the "Bad Lands" of the Kingdom. It seemed that the Man Clad in Armor had business with God, discussing with her various ideas the only words that people could hear from the Man was "Tournament" and also "A God's wish",Cherubs began to abandon even the God thinking that she would be conspiring with the Man to maybe take over everything with this Tournament that they have talked to eachother about for so long. It has taken almost five years but it seems that the area is almost complete, Angels from afar could see multiple spires colored in the same Obsidian color as the Man's armor, but the one thing that made them begin to question this man was the Forbidden Fruit, the same that created Mankind's first sin.
Current Date

It seems that this area is complete, chains that once binded this area from the outside world were now open, Besides the the color of the sky that was stated at a eariler time, Angels and Principalties saw what this area really was, It was like a seperate Kingdom that was shut out from Heaven not like Hell it still had the Heavenly look to it but just...Darker.The area had a castle which explained the Dark spires that towered over Heaven, Stables lined a single section of area which was strange since the only steed that was brought into the Kingdom was the one that wore armor just like it's master, The One clad in Armor. It seemed that they're were even houses meaning that this Man wasn't evil like how the inhabitants of Heaven had thought as they were able to be allowed into they're homes once again, but there was one little "catch", the people who stayed there had to abide by not only the God's rules but also his but even with this it seemed that some people really just wanted they're homes no matter how high they are from Mortals. "It was time". That was the single thought that had ran thorugh this Man's head, using his powers at slight Copying abilities he copied his steed to a unimaginable level and began to write a letter a decent amount of letters and began to tie the letters to the Mouth's of his copied horses, keeping the real one with him like always and sent them all off heading down to Heaven to the Human's plane of existence, In hope of reaching the intended particpants he wished for.

The Letter:

Greetings to however happens to find this letter, i made sure the horses got your sent

My name is Percy T. Villers, And now that you have my name.

I would like to talk to you about something that i plan.

To host a small Tag-Team Tournament.Not that different if you ask me.

The name of this Tournament and why should you even care you ask?.

Well this Tournament shall be called Deus Ex Machina.

And you should care since the Prize for winning this little brawl is a wish from our God.

Oh yes that's right whatever you could wish for will be brought to reality with a win.

But i seeing as how not that many people wish to shed any blood i will give you a choice.

You wish to stay in your boring life of doing noting then give the horse back the letter,
But if you decide to make your life a great journey, Well...

Get on the horse and let it take you to your destination......

Your Host, Percy T. Villers

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Deus Ex Machina Tournament: Origins
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