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 Tournament: Xodous Vs Captain Abel Kaiser.

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Tournament: Xodous Vs Captain Abel Kaiser.  Empty
PostSubject: Tournament: Xodous Vs Captain Abel Kaiser.    Tournament: Xodous Vs Captain Abel Kaiser.  I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 29, 2012 10:21 pm

The ground was flat in the cast battle area as the flower's perked up with prim. Their pettles moving every now and again in the light breeze that went by. Though in a moments notice the winds got drastically hard as the pettles on the flowers would thrash each and every way. Some even came off as the man descended to the battle field area. He would be the first in his area to arrive so he would have the advantage to scope out the flat battle area. Not even a small hill was seen as eyes scoped things out while he descended to the ground. Feet never actually touched the ground but the grass under the body would flatten from the extreme amount of power that flowed from under the man. The sun would have been shinning brightly still as the winds would thrash around on the flat land. This flat land didn't have just grass and flowers though as it also had random large stones in spots. These stones are bolder's that looked like they had sat for ages. After the man had stopped looking around and noticed the winds still thrashing about as the flower pettles would have started to dance in the winds he would open his hand and hold it up. Then closing it as the highly strong winds thrashing would slowly stop. This man seemed to have a power of air manipulation, this could also be seen from how his feet never touched the ground though.

Feet would be a good three inches off the ground as the figure himself stood six foot six inches. Walking a little as a shadow would not be casted onto the ground even as the man stood off it clearly. Shadow manipulation would be at play as well if the one he was fighting could comprehend what that was. Air and shadow manipulation would be something Xodous rarely liked to use but it would be his pick for this tournament as he was not allowed to use everything at his disposal, even though the shadow manipulation wasn't very good. Xodous would have a necklace hanging around his neck. It would clearly be gold and black patterned chain with a skull hanging on the end of it. This skull held white eyes, just as snow white as Xodous's long hair that would be tied back in a Norse ponytail. Mouth would open wide as a yawn would escape his body. The sun shined brightly down onto the man and usually he would sparkle from his diamond skin but something was constantly flowing around him at speeds of sixty miles per hour but it was so thin. Yes this would happen to be air, more air manipulation. The air that flowed swiftly around his entire body would keep the reflection away for the time being.

Emerald green hues surrounded by milky white would be the eyes that looked about on the flat land. Finally finding a spot four feet to the right of a large bolder Xodous would stop. His pants tight around his waist but loose around the legs like always. Feet though would be bare as the ends of the legs on the clothing would come all the way down to the top of his feet. His feet themselves looked well taken care of. The nails where cut to perfection and held a normal toe nail to them, no sickly look to them. The same couldn't be said about his finger nails though as they had been chipped from his constant fighting. His shirt would be tightly clung onto the two pecks that stood firmly on the body. Six abs, firm, thick, strong abs would stand under these pecks. Neck would lean each way and a sickly cracking noise came from it as he popped his neck. The only other thing that could be seen by any who could see him would be the huge sword his left hand held loosely. It would be eight foot in length, the width would be three inches, thickest in the middle and moved outwards on both sides to a fine edge that would be sharp enough to cut a wild bulls head off with a single lop down. The flat surface length from edge to edge would be seven inches.

The blades edge rested on his shoulder as the air that traveled over his body would also hold the blade up. An area would cradle this weapon so a slight sparkle would be seen if someone came from above him or from the side the blades edge rested on. Though one could assume it was the blade itself in the sun rays making the sparkle instead of himself. He now stood their and waited for either an attack, something to come his way or for his opponent to show himself or herself. Eyes looked lazy even though he was totally on guard.
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Tournament: Xodous Vs Captain Abel Kaiser.  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tournament: Xodous Vs Captain Abel Kaiser.    Tournament: Xodous Vs Captain Abel Kaiser.  I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 05, 2012 12:03 am

A very angry woman with a very high pile of items was wading through a very thick crowd.

She was pissed. "MOVE THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY!" She was walking blindly unable to see behind her pile of items and kicked the person slowly waddling on the other side of her items, sending the whole line of people packing into the audience seats stumbling over like a set of dominoes.

With a massive heft she set down her tower of food and buried five seats. Immediately a couple pizza boxes on the top of the slopping pile of food slid off and opened up and spilling onto the floor. From the distance she was at the lone white figure in the center of the stage looked like a mere white dot. Luckily she was and elf and zooming in with her eyes she could see everything just fine.

A rather obese individual counting the order of the seat numbers until indicating the one that he was looking for that matched his ticket was indeed one of the ones the barbaric Shale had buried in her food began to speak: "Excuse me Miss... but I'm afraid this seat is reserved..."

Shale forcefully stuffed an unnecessarily large handful of popcorn in her mouth, not only did she disrespect humans from an elven perspective she also disrespected lowlanders or weak humans from her barbarian perspective. The man before her was simply useless in her vain and jaded perspective. "Reserved my ass!" retorted Shale. "You can either get the hell out of here and find another seat or get buried in my fists!" Two unchewed pieces popcorn flew into the man's face as she spat her angry words one of which fell close enough that she picked it up and re-ate it.

Where the hell is this Abel Kaiser she thought. He better not be late.

The obese man bit his lower lip and tilted his double chin. "Miss I don't think that is very acceptable behavior..." He gave a very disappointed face as his jowls seemed to sag with dissatisfaction.

Shale's ears fixated on the field which Xodous stood lowered in anger as she slowly turned her gaze to the man with a very dull expression before suddenly jumping up and slammed her fist down onto the balding man sending him into her pile of food and breaking the chair, a second fist killed him catching the head between the mouth and nose and breaking his neck the second her fist forced his 230 pound, 5'4" body through two chairs and ripping him into the air. A pummeling of fists followed snapping bones and puncturing the fatty flesh of the corpse 'till it imploded in upon itself, she then lifted the man up and threw him off the stands so that his crumpled body sailed through the air and landed onto innocent audience members below. Causing the possible fatal injuries of children below she wasn't really paying attention to.

"Hurry up! Let's get this fight started! BOOO!!! Is Captain Kaiser a pussy?" She loudly and obnoxiously shouted before retuning to a roast boar she had brought along and occupying herself for a while. All the noisy people were pissing her off as her ears picked up every useless trace of sound giving her a splitting migraine.

But she would watch this fight not only to learn but out of respect to her opponents.
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Tournament: Xodous Vs Captain Abel Kaiser.  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tournament: Xodous Vs Captain Abel Kaiser.    Tournament: Xodous Vs Captain Abel Kaiser.  I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 07, 2012 7:15 pm

(I'm handing this victory to Xo, I'm afraid I won't be able to constantly focus on replying due to all the trouble I've been having in real life. I don't want to keep everybody waiting on me just so I can fix my leg, since I don't know how long that will take.)
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Tournament: Xodous Vs Captain Abel Kaiser.  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tournament: Xodous Vs Captain Abel Kaiser.    Tournament: Xodous Vs Captain Abel Kaiser.  I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 13, 2012 10:23 pm

Eventually it became clear that the match wasn't to be hosted; For one of the competitors was caught up in something else. Probably for the better, considering only one was to walk out alive in most cases. The only real reason Shale herself was in this was because risking her life at a tournament was safer than fighting dark elves and it had to catch up with her at some point. She couldn't hide from them forever. Better she keep risking her life in ways that would give her more combat experience.

"What's this he's not even gonna show?" Shale raged. "Fuck this, I'll take on that Sparkly Bitch myself!"

A firm hand was placed on her shoulder and the gripping strength crushed so hard that it dug into even her extra dense muscle. She could feel her feet being lifted off the ground. "Easy there hot shot." The calm and amused voice could be recognized as her father. "Do you even have anything to beat him?" He cocked a smug grin knowing her temper had got the best of her rational. "You have been following the rumors on that guy right? They say he's unbreakable. Sort of makes me want to test that theory." He gave a hungry smile, "But I will let you take this one; just use your head kiddo. "

The tall blond female beside him gave a haughty chuckle. "Coming from you that's a bit hypocritical don't you think?"

Her father furrowed his brow, "Hey you can call me as dumb if you want but until there is a reason to use my head I think continue to choose to live life in the more exiting manner I have been living."

Already her parents were ignoring her, obviously not too concerned for her safety or any nervousness they might have just instilled upon her. The tall blond rolled her long slanted eyes, "Last time you thought that way you were killed, and then when you were brought back you got all depressed and weak for having let us down."

"Hey come on that was once... The guy stabbed me in the heart twice for crying out loud..."

The elf hummed a laugh as she didn't have to do anything other than produce a smug face to let it be known between them that she'd won.

Shale frowned, she disliked being looked at like a child, but she couldn't surpass her parents and it was because of this that she felt like she was forever bound to be a child. It was true though, in some ways the god was even more durable than her father. She could rely on her strength to crush nearly any foe but until her physical prowess increased by perhaps another 50%, it was unlikely she be able to lay in enough damage to continually injure the god without going fully berserk, in which case if she did there was no point in fighting since what was once her would die then and there anyways, her personality would be permanently destroyed and lost forever.

This tournament was something she feared and was unsure of herself. Whether she could win was still a question in her mind, yet here they were not even batting an eyelash when their own daughter was being sent to her possible death.

No, it was not that, she thought, otherwise her father would not have stopped her. They were concerned, they just understood they couldn't stop her cause they knew she was their child after all. As weird as it sounded they'd bred her themselves to make a killing machine. Combining the elven attributes of speed, agility, reflex, acute sensory, healing, disease resistance and dexterity, with barbarian durability, raw strength and savageness. It would be weird to produce such a child and then have her shun away from battle. No their experiment would not be complete until the potential to grow and live out the long life expectancy of an elf was filled to the brim with combat experience. As odd as it was, Shale took pride in being that abomination, and set forth with gusto to make sure she would not let her parents down.

Shale gave one glance back to the empty battlefield. She would use her blacksmith's skills and get an enchanter and pay full price. There was no point in being cheap when it's your life involved. Once again her plan was not based on her strength or magic, for she knew those two combined would be inferior. She'd try to make up for it by taking her time and planning coming up with a means to supplement her weakness.
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Tournament: Xodous Vs Captain Abel Kaiser.  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tournament: Xodous Vs Captain Abel Kaiser.    Tournament: Xodous Vs Captain Abel Kaiser.  I_icon_minitime

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Tournament: Xodous Vs Captain Abel Kaiser.
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