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 A Thanksgiving feast with a Dog.

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Kain R. Heinlein
Kain R. Heinlein

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PostSubject: A Thanksgiving feast with a Dog.   Tue Nov 13, 2012 9:31 pm

Long had this event been planned, and looked forward to. A day where one would stuff their faces without consent of others, a holiday where the political figures would tax their ways into the market, to leech off of habits of countless families. What a simple way of extorting money from the locals, to dangle the objects of tradition in their faces until wallets were emptied hopelessly into the large market. Large Turkeys, butchered for only the purpose to be eaten by a higher bidder. People, one after the other, lining up to wait, and wait, and wait for their order to be put through. Then, to wait even longer to eat what they had bought that day. Any intelligent family would wait until darkness arose and the holiday was almost over, where some of the people had already bought their Turkeys and left, meaning that most of the wait had passed by, not to mention the risk of the Turkey not tasting as great because of its sitting in a freezer for a few weeks bypassed for the simple solution of not concerning themselves with purchasing a many year old tradition: Thanksgiving. Yet things were to be different this year.

The soft, splashing sound of water on shore, easing into the beginning strips of a small beach. Rocks nowhere to be seen edging the lake, it was logical this was a somewhat new lake. The water remained clear, yielded plenty of fish to catch, sometimes a spying man would see one jump from the waters for a moment. The forest surrounding the small lake held plenty of Animal life such as Deer, Bears, Chipmunks, Squirrels, and such. The brilliant rays of the Sun gleamed down onto the water, like a curtain raising did it reveal a boat. A white clothed stranger casting a fishing line into the pond, moments later pulling out another fish. Behind him was a large pile of fish of all kinds of species, ready to be cooked and then eaten. Had he been here for hours? Maybe days? Yet still he cast his line, adding more fish one by one to his already large pile.

To his curiousity, the boat began to tip one way. He looked behind him, to finally notice the large pile behind him. His eyes widened and his mouth dropped, water pouring from his throat as if the sight caught his attention, and made him that much hungrier. His belly growled with warning, it was finally time to eat.

"This is...... Going to be one hell of a feast!"

It had been a long time since he planned this Thanksgiving holiday. The slow rocking of the waves casting an almost hypnotic feeling of bliss, it was not easy to stay awake under the circumstances. His eyes began to close, as the boat slowly began to move towards shore. He realized his weariness right away and retracted the fishing rod, putting it beside him after reeling it in. His legs already crossed, he tucked each of his hands into opposing sleeves, lowered his head, and began to rest.

He awoke with a start, his boat beginning to shake in warning. His eyes widened and he looked about, not daring to move lest he risk tipping the boat further. If it flipped, he would lose his food! That's when he noticed something beneath the waves, straight ahead of him. The ripples continued to approach, closer and closer, until whatever the thing was darted beneath the water. Izuna looked forward in attempt of searching for whatever it was, he did not dare to go into the water to find out for himself. That's when a large green form ascended from the water, its small arms grabbing the front edges of the boat and its large upper scaled form falling into the boat. The thing was a medium-sized Gator. In panic, the dog man began to scramble for the sword in its scabbard, yet before this moment of acting, before even the metal gleamed against the sunlight as its blade were exposed to the rays, something spoke to him.


The man stopped for a moment, looking down at the Gator that had landed in his boat. Did this animal just say 'gimme'? As if in response, it spoke the same word once again. The only thing Izuna could do was stare wide-eyed at the creature. He reached behind him and grabbed one of the fish from his pile, placing it in front of him. And of course, the Gator grabbed the fish with its snout, and ate it right away. Its tail sank within the water and began to move at a rapid rate, slowly moving the boat directing towards the shore behind Izuna. Was this the Gator's way of thanking the doggish fellow?

Within moments he was at the shore, the Gator climbing sluggishly out of the boat, yet not returning to the water. The Doggish man grabbed a large net and began scooping in all of the fish he had caught, doing so would take a normal man at least ten minutes to scoop this many fish into a net of this size. Sure it was large, but Izuna noticed that within moments it was nearing full capacity. It became clear continuing to stuff this thing would maybe cause it to snap? He'd be desperately off schedule if he had to take these things to the camp by the handful! Again, the Gator crept forth, opened its mouth, and spoke.


Obviously it was wanting to take care of the extra weight, so Izuna shrugged and motioned towards the still large pile. The Gator began to eat them one by one, Izuna persisting to sneak off in the process, hoping the animal wouldn't follow him.

By the time he reached the camp, the sun had set and nighttime was already here. Izuna put down the net full of fish onto a long table before sitting down on one of the many chairs, and relaxing. It was a long table full of chairs, there must be at least thirty chairs on each side of the table. This was just in case a lot of people showed up. And as its host, the dog man took the set at the front, a somewhat taller chair made specifically so people would be able to see him clearly, even if they were far away.

And so midnight approached, one more day closing in on the Thanksgiving day.

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Alcyone Centauri
Alcyone Centauri

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PostSubject: Re: A Thanksgiving feast with a Dog.   Sat Nov 17, 2012 3:12 pm

Slowly walking down the shoreline was a young woman. Her long brown ponytail flew back in the light sea breeze as eyes the color of aquamarines gazed out over the serene ocean. The girl's outfit was predominantly yellow in color, consisting of a tube top, a skirt that came down to her mid thigh with shorts underneath. She also wore shin guards and samurai sandals over yellow tabi. On her head was a yellow ribbon tied like a headband just above her forehead that came to a bow on the left side of her head. Around her neck was a bright orange scarf and around her waist was a yellow and white belt with a stylized sun symbol in the center. The belt held a pair of swords that were the female's weapons of choice. She was fairly sure that she wouldn't have to fight at this event, but as her mentor, Lady Honoka Kaguya taught her, you can never be too sure.

Asahi Muramasa had arrived at the site of the upcoming feast and looked over at the table, seeing that a large pile of fish on it and the dog eared man sitting in a chair near them.

"Excuse me, Sir." Asahi spoke in a soft, polite tone, trying to catch the man's attention. She would give him a respectful bow before looking at him with a small, yet sincere smile.

"My name is Asahi Muramasa. Thank you for inviting me to this banquet of yours. I am fairly new to the idea of Thanksgiving, but I will do my best to understand the traditions. If there is anything I can do to help with the preparations, please let me know." She said before sitting in the chair across from him and gazing out over the sea once more, a peaceful expression lining her features.

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PostSubject: Re: A Thanksgiving feast with a Dog.   Sat Nov 24, 2012 5:04 pm

An incredibly skinny girl with a pale orange skin and albino white hair was sniffing around. Her eyes were bright blue and abnormally large; her limbs extra lanky. Despite her unique attributes they were not so exaggerated as to make someone think anything abnormal about her.

That would be of course until they met her and found that she couldn't speak the native language, and that her behavior resembled in many ways a cheerful dog. She was slowly wondering the shoreline and curious about everything she saw. So much life compared to her homeland. Finding a single plant or animal in the miles of sandy dunes within the Kelhedren desert was almost unheard of, at least within the traveling time span of a day. So seeing more plants and animals than she could count was in itself something that was hard to understand and naturally she intended to eat as many plants and animals and drink as much of this sacred water as she could. There was so much life in this place in fact some of it had even learned to live in the air.

That's when something lumpy and green could be seen coming from the water. Curious she aborted drinking and lifted her head above the surface to understand better what it could be. In an instant a large set of teeth an and open mouth were lunging at her. There were no predators of this nature from the desert, however animal instincts allowed her to quickly access the danger of the situation and bounce back with incredible agility. She landed on all fours studying the creature. It seemed to be made out of food and consider her likewise. Slowly she scuttled to the side noting the creature to be very lethargic with its short stubby legs.

The white haired girl circled around and the reptile gave a ferocious growl of warning, though with the fact it only managed to turn about ninety degrees, it didn't seem to have the agility or ability to pull off its threat. With her small and puny mouth she laid in a bite into the tip of the creature's tail. She somewhat flinched from the hardness of the thick scales. There was still much to learn about this moving thing apparently, but the deed had been done.

The small eighty pound girl scuttled to safety not wanting to approach the large animal until it showed signs from the sedative in her saliva doing its job. It was not working fast; perhaps the creature was too large or too different from the prey her sedative was geared for but either way the effect wasn't fast enough to keep her from shivering in her poorly suited clothes. White shorts and beige tank-top to reflect the sun, with the only color being a blue sash that stood for their species almost religious respect for the rare gift of water. Needless to say, the bare feet, parachute shorts and sleeveless tank-top were not very good in keeping in the already low output of heat her desert-geared body produced.

Whether or not this was the same crocodile was yet to be announced but slowly but surely the crocodile showed signs of laziness; which didn't necessarily mean the poison worked, but the girl wouldn't know that having never fought such clumsy creatures she would move in again to deliver more venom into her prey.

As the poison entered the crocodile it would feel less pain, and become sleepy, enzymes were also released into its blood that broke down and softened muscle tenderizing the tissues, prepping the meat to be digested. With enough time the crocodile was brought to a dazed stupor and the puny sized girl was forced to stubbornly drag its massive body away from the surface. She scuttled around curiously looking for a point at which to bite it were the scales weren't so thick. It seemed the belly was the only choice and with her might there was no way she was gonna roll that thing over. Likely, she would just have to leave it there until the poison wore off and it lazily slumped back into the water.

There was perhaps someway to find food by some other means the skinny little girl thought. So she moved off in search of a sharp rock or perhaps a different kind of prey, be it plant or animal or something in between like one of the giant photosynthesizing insects with plant root feet, beetle wings and a praying mantis body from her desert. Hopefully the things here were not so ferocious, she preferred the taste and lack of danger involved in hunting desert sheep and small plants.

Anything would be good though when you are used to starving for weeks at a time and living on next to nothing. So she began to wonder away from the shore.
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PostSubject: Re: A Thanksgiving feast with a Dog.   

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A Thanksgiving feast with a Dog.
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