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 The Ressurection Of Ganondorf

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PostSubject: The Ressurection Of Ganondorf   Fri Nov 23, 2012 1:08 pm

The Resurrection of Ganondorf

15 Years After the Fall of Ganon

Zelda gracefully slid her gaze from the top of her pale hand to her fingers. They seemed even whiter than before like she'd somehow suffered from blood loss. What was it that gave her this icy feeling she started to wonder. She hadn't felt like this since she'd received visions of Ganon before the invasion.

She had to remember, as she continued inspecting her hand, almost expecting the symbol to suddenly appear, that she was the barer of the triforce of wisdom; and as such, sudden premonitions of coming peril could not simply be overlooked as mere chance. She let go a long sigh, perhaps it wasn't the triforce that was guiding this icy feeling of worry, but rather the coming ceremony that would anoint her queen. Only two weeks remained and all she had to think about was her hero Link and whether he'd be there to support her through this.

2 Days Later

A woman dressed in wicked black with a blurred face shot bolts of black electricity from her hands. Link held out his shield but the dark magic simply coursed through it as if it were no more than a conductor before it struck his body and made him crumple to the ground on his knees. Zelda tried to reach out her hand but she was held firm by an unknown other, and forced to watch as they conducted this torture. It was some group of people, they seemed to be gathered around as if it were some spectator's sport. Eventually Link drew forth the power of courage to stand up through the pain and persist forward but the lady sent forth a black mist that seemed to sap the very life from her hero, before he could even march the last stumbling step forward his knee hit the ground, his face aging years in a matter of seconds, the skin turning grey and sucking into the bones and in the form of black smoke his life left him feeding into the wicked lady leaving him a crumpled and lifeless heap.

Somehow Zelda was drawn away from this world and sent to another. As the surroundings whited out they faded in again, this time people were gathered in a great line marching a pilgrimage to 'The Holy Tree', it was not clear how this tree was holy but somehow Zelda already knew its name. It must have been two hundred feet tall and equally as wide. At its roots people dressed in white robes were kneeling making a wish to have the hate in their hearts uplifted and feeling the serene goodness take away the evil within their hearts leaving them clean and pure.

Again the surrounding blurred to white and Zelda began to understand what she was having was a dream. Still, she made no effort to awaken. She would let this vision sail through its course and take her to her guided destination. This time she saw her surrounding take the form of a most familiar area. She was looking at a small grass courtyard surrounded by tall gray walls. Cyan light sprouted from the air. In the form of vertical whirlpool it ripped through the clear air. As the blue-white light grew more powerful it took on the form of both electricity and fire fused into some form of plasma. Now in the epicenter a small window appeared and on the other side could be seen a red grim reaper holding a red staff. He poked it through the window and actually began to immerge, stepping over the burning edges of ripped reality like they might get his clothes wet. Then like a chauffer the red hood with the staff would wait by the portal as if he were a gentleman holding open a door for a lady. Out next would step a tall tanned man with a large sword and without warning he'd begin attacking the guards as if this were all a well organized attack force.

The next vision came as no more than looking up at snow peaks towards where the Yeti lived and simply feeling something unsettling in the pit of her stomach. There was no indication of anything but when she looked that way the feeling of something terribly wrong was at its strongest point. Zelda had to think about what this meant. Perhaps it was a message that, that is the first place she must travel on her journey to get the root of this problem, if in fact there was one at all.

Lastly she saw Ganon, he was right in front of her face, as if he knew where she was, the statue was looking at her. Perhaps it was the spirit of Ganon himself that sent this ghostly image of himself at her, for upon making eye contact face to face only inches apart; yellow veins began to erupt from the statue around the eyes. A building pressure could be felt and the sound of cracking rock could be heard before the stone suddenly blew open and two yellow eyes took to life once more, narrowing in transfixed hunger upon her very soul.

Zelda awoke with a start and strode over to her palace window. There she could see the icy tops of snow peak mountains from her tower. Right below the window sill were a pair of traveling boots. It seemed only fitting she knew what she had to do.
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The Ressurection Of Ganondorf
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