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 ROL vs Kyo; First mission.

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PostSubject: ROL vs Kyo; First mission.   Tue Dec 11, 2012 7:08 pm

"System online. Starting up programs. Mute setting on. ............ Complete"
The mysterious male made a noise, a rather distorted noise as he adjust the gas mask encasing his cranium. It was a tad evident he didn't enjoy wearing it but it had its many uses. He started to collect his thoughts. Just how oh how shall I proceed.... As he thought on endeavor he was about to take. He stroke both his forearms, making sure everything was intact. The subtle bumps assured him that everything was where it should be. More thinking than. He thought about all that has happen in his past and what an odd turn of events this has come to. He wasn't even quite sure what to accomplish from this. But he knew one thing at the least. There would be results.

The male then looked up at his surroundings. The emotion he displayed couldn't be seen behind his mask but it was a positive one. He love the city when the sun came down. There was almost this.... tranquility in its psuedo-dormancy. Quiet but very much alive. Distant sirens of police cars assured that. Sliding gloved hands into pockets of his coat, he started to turn the corner and down the street. Despite it being night time, it was anything but dark save for the desolate dark corners and alleyways. The sidewalks were a dominate orange, courtesy of the street lights. But occasionally, it would change briefly to match the color of the stop light or that of the electric bill board above.

He then stopped. Sense a presence. His head turned right to left, scanning the area with those undefined round holes that served as eyes on the gas mask, the only thing shown being the orange glare they gave off. The man than reached for his face and gripped one of the two filters located at his mouth and began to twist it. It would seem... its time to begin.
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PostSubject: Re: ROL vs Kyo; First mission.   Wed Dec 12, 2012 6:49 pm

~Heat Drive~

It had been a while before the young schoolboy had seen a match worthy of his attention. Would his thirst for battle be quenched upon this day? Knowing his attitude would very well be the fuel that drove his desire for conflict. There was nothing more he could want, other than the one chance to stomp his rival Iori into the ground, although it had been a while since he'd seen the red-headed flame user. The last time they had met, at the moment, was the time Iori had held down a certain God figure long enough that Kyo would finish the fight in one strike. Miraculously, Iori had survived the assault during the process, which left even Kyo bewildered. Surely most others would perish under such weight of an attack like he used back then? It must have been the fact Iori was under the control of the Riot of Blood, a curse that has the potential to render any Human completely incapable of reason, making him or her attack anything in sight like a savage animal. On top of that, his or her power is increased almost three times over. Given that Iori is strong to begin with, having to face him under the Riot of Blood was like something out of a nightmare. But that was in the past, Kyo had nothing to worry about if there was nothing to activate the Riot. This curse is activated by the presence of Orochi, so as long as Orochi remained sealed away, that meant no Riot. Or so Kyo would think.

Something pulled at him on the inside, that feeling when something didn't seem quite right. He remembered the defeat of the New Faces team, the very servants of Orochi himself. It was Kyo and his two teammates Benimaru Nikaido, and Goro Daimon that had defeated the three of them. For a time they had kept themselves well hidden, despite the fact they had entered the King of Fighters Tournament several times before they revealed their plots to bring forth the God Orochi, and obliterate all of Humankind. After Kyo and his team had defeated the three servants of Orochi, he realized that this was the plan all along. Orochi did not have the energy required to come forth, and in defeating the servants, he had accidentally released enough power to bring forth Orochi himself. However, despite this, there was no real Physical body. With shock, Kyo, Benimaru, and Goro had noticed one of the servants beginning to speak in an odd voice. It didn't take very long for Kyo to realize Orochi needed a body to survive, and this was his chosen body. Regardless of Orochi's attempts at moving Kyo and his team, they still succeeded in defeating him. Though it wasn't to last, Kyo's team had been getting tired and Orochi seemed unscathed during the conflict. The God had given them a time limit to fix their actions as Humans and repent for their sins before vanishing into the nothingness which he came from.

Several years had passed, and Orochi, as he promised, returned in one last attempt at destroying mankind. This was when Iori had held him down, after another long conflict. Kyo landed the finishing strike, and Orochi was finished. But as a God, he would return given the right circumstances. He would need all the energy he had collected all over again. The events unfolding tonight happening not but a few months after Kyo was recovering from his injuries during the fight with Orochi. He had no worry of hurting himself further, as it had been some time since his recovery. And with teh blood of the Kusanagi clan running through his veins, stamina recovers naturally quick for him. This was no exception for most with the power of Orochi running through their veins.

Kyo had received an invitation from an anonymous stranger. Somebody he had never met had asked him for a challenge. In high hopes of receiving some sort of entertainment in this dead town, how could he resist? The King of Fighters Tournament had long been closed off, not that Kyo was arguing about it. Every time the King of Fighters Tournament was announced and taken place, something bad always happened. Kyo would rather not think about how many times he had saved the world, and not just from Orochi, there were many others that had their own goals. And to some irony, most of those involved the revival of Orochi, or involved Orochi in some way. At least this time Kyo could focus on battle without having to think of the consequences for his actions.

The young man's hands were in his pockets as he walked to the right of the lonely road, houses ligning the streets, there windows absent of the glowing candlelight which would mark one's family in the specific home to be awake, however brief. Hence, the time may be well past the curfew. Kyo looked about and saw no Police Cars, a good sign, regardless if he had heard them or not. So long as they were out of sight, Kyo didn't care.. He could continue walking without having to hide from the Police. The heels of his dress shoes clicking against the rough cobblestone walkway, being the border to the road on his left and the soft grass lawn to his right. Every now and then he would pass a driveway, with a car pulled onto the gravel whether the car was visible, or hidden away in some medium-sized garage. His eyes drifted to the sky as he tilted his head back, the cold air making his breaths visible like small fog. There were no clouds. Street lights marked the sides of the roads in the usual pattern; every few lawns or so there would be one. Within the lights were the humming of the midnight insects, blindly slamming their tiny bodies recklessly into what they would view as a heavenly light, attracted without reason to the solar flare. Kyo saw these as watchful eyes, as if walking into the light made him vulnerable to sudden assault. His dark clothes kept him almost invisible against the road, despite the light of the full moon constantly radiating downward. Perhaps this was Kyo's small sense of paranoia?

Now he had been walking for quite some time, the sound of his shoes becoming as natural as the sound of his heartbeat, even going so far as to eventually drown out the sound. Not that it had been hours, more like ten minutes of walking. Kyo's constant training in his own style of martial arts with tiny hints of Kenpo was what kept him standing without having his legs ache from the distance he had walked. He had even lost track of where he was, the street becoming more and more void of sounds, and the natural urban landscape switching like a slideshow. Street lamps were becoming more scarce, darkness becoming the normal where otherwise there would have been light. Were once there were many pleasant houses there were much less pleasant houses, shattered windows and knocked over garbage cans lining the street, the once natural flora reduced to dead trees and chopped shrubs. The young schoolboy checked the ground he walked on so no shards of glass would enter his soles as he marched onward. He came to a stop as he observed the unwelcoming, yet remarkable view of this new neighborhood. This must be where he was supposed to go. The young schoolboy came to a stop, the soles of his shoes making a light skidding sound as he halted. Kyo's internal instinct told him he was being watched, yet upon looking around, he saw nothing. But he couldn't get rid of the feeling, no matter how much he tried to distract himself from it.

Kyo heard the faint sound of a noise, as if something of a knob had been turned. His hands exited from his pockets and spun around to the direction of the noise, the red glint of flame appearing from nothingness as was Kyo's power. It drifted down his hand and to the tip of his index finger, his counter-clockwise turn followed by the flick of the hand that held the small flame without effort or effects of burning on his skin, this being his left hand. He had flung his arm from a diagonal position, leaving it behind his back after its swing. The flame fell from his finger and trickled to the ground like water, making a medium-sized spike of fire that traveled on a straight path towards the location of the noise Kyo had heard. This was more of a small warning shot, even if it hit his target it wouldn't do much more than a small explosion, leaving maybe half a leg burnt, most likely not meaning much against the opponent he was to face this day. He spoke as he made his projectile, a signature japanese quote spoken by himself in pre-emptive combat.

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ROL vs Kyo; First mission.
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