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 Round 1: Shale's Charizard vs Dante (Ninja Theory) Sparda's Vega

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PostSubject: Round 1: Shale's Charizard vs Dante (Ninja Theory) Sparda's Vega   Tue Jan 01, 2013 1:14 am

Charizard awoke within the arena, there were no doors, how he had teleported in there was beyond his understanding and some trick of that foul creature Imorii no doubt. Giving a look around it was as if artificial sunlight came into this strange world. Somehow it was programmed into his mind that he needed to kill another target that would appear in this ring.

So he stretched his wings and took to the sky gazing down upon the terrain circling around he took in the magnificent sunlight into his reptilian hide. He was not cold blooded, in fact that was perhaps the most inaccurate description that could be made about the orange wyvern, however it still felt good to be warm. He was a fire drake with two human like arms with claws, a rather large belly and two stout feet. The tail of this beast was tipped in flames and was the torch that carried his life and ignited the fires he could spew forth with excellent potential.

Once he caught site of his target the fight would begin.
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Dante Nephilim Redgrave
Dante Nephilim Redgrave

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PostSubject: Re: Round 1: Shale's Charizard vs Dante (Ninja Theory) Sparda's Vega   Wed Jan 09, 2013 5:05 pm

~A Dragon, hm?~

His thoughts rang through his mind, the small moment of adolescence describing his being without the feeling of intense gore running from his fingertips, which in turn would drive him back to the insanity which ever so fit his rather feminine personality. Such an ugly thing, daring to stand, let alone survive this waste of endless nightmares. It must perish, so he thought. Should he be doing the world nothing short of a favor were he to end the sad existence of this monstrosity? The beast had awoken, this the man saw from behind the safety of his darkness, no hint of his direction or anything of a clue given to his mere presence as he remained invisible to the naked eye. The mask covering his face hiding the sense of utter boredom he had experienced from the wait. Walls surrounding from each side, no audience to behold his frame, but a Dragon lay dormant for much time, how much time he would consider as it raised its jaw, wings stretching to a wingspan which shuddered the man. He imagined being crushed under its weight, half-making a threat, the other half being a joke in noticing how abnormally large it was. He smelled the sweet scent of blood, that aroma tickling his nose through the white mask which guarded his expression. Something about that scent made it sweeter than normally what it would be. Could it perhaps be the essence of heat, boiling his own blood? The shades of the tree doing nothing to cool his lust for blood, death, murder... Beautiful eyes narrowed in analyzing his soon-to-be prey.

Then it had taken to the sky, the man's eyes following its large form. He couldn't help but see the sunlight, something being too far bright in comparison with what would usually be the midday sun. He saw the spherical shape which emitted its light, but the rays were far too large, giving the assumption this was a fabrication. How disgusting, it appeared to him, that somebody would dare copy something as marvelous as the sun, and the man knew a fake when he saw one. He knew that from the sky he would appear as nothing more than a small fraction of shadow, in a vast sea of shadows. He knew it wouldn't be possible to take down a target out of his reach, he would have to assume the creature would land in order to make his approach. He would play a waiting game until this point, or at least until its wings would tire out, fatigue gripping its body, and knowing its size well it would be too slow to react to the assassin's incoming attacks. From within that mask which rendered his facial expressions invisible to the outside eye, his lips curled into a devilish grin, the muscles of his face seeming to reach from one ear to the next. The little bits of sunlight that pierced the darkness gleamed against something metal, hanging in front of his face. Three lines of pure silver, appearing as nothing less than lengthy claws mounted upon a wrist.

He had little recollection of the events that occurred before he had arrived in this hopeless to escape place. Nothing had visited him, nobody appeared before him. He was simply here. And he was focused on killing rather than escape. He himself had awoken to this hours earlier, giving him the time required to scope out a small area. As sure as he was, there was no exit. Perhaps it would present itself were he to coat the area with blood? To taint the environment would require a vast amount of killing, but defeating a single Dragon of this size would provide the ink necessary to paint his picture. He decided this would be his mission for Shadaloo, one step closer to achieving his goal of dominance over the Organization, and idea he had acquired rather recently from somebody he had been paired with as a team.

Several days before, he remembered a dark room with a single row of monitors, a door barring the exit to his flank. Each of the monitors were occupied by total strangers. And in a moment, one of them had fallen to the ground, fatal lacerations found across their chest, arms, face, their body becoming what looked like a toy for a large homicidal feline. Panic ensued as the others saw this man falling to the ground, and on the moment of their rise another had hit the ground with a thud, those same injuries as before leaving him to death. Three of them ran for the exit, but found its welcoming light blocked by a slender form. His long brown hair falling behind his back, that unmistakable tattoo which crossed his arm and chest, that flash of steel which followed as one more had hit the ground, and once more the Assassin was gone. It was fate that the room was emptied in less than a minute. Laughter filling the red room, that crimson aroma becoming stronger than ever. His memory faded back to reality, vanishing in a mirage of screams and pain-filled shrieks of terror. His minor chuckle subsided during the given circumstance, he only awaited the coming death of this flying giant. It would be over as soon as it began, this just being another death toll to add to his long list of murders and crimes.
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PostSubject: Re: Round 1: Shale's Charizard vs Dante (Ninja Theory) Sparda's Vega   Wed Jan 09, 2013 8:36 pm

The charizard's eyes were nothing special. After a few passes of lazily gliding around in wide surveying circles, Vega's hiding technique worked, so in just the same lazy manner before long the Charizard swooped up onto the highest peak in the northern mountain region of the dome. This area had no blind spots and a great vantage point to notice any movements of someone trying to ambush. Not knowing where to begin looking the orange wyvern waited attempting to locate the lurker from his high and steep perch.
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PostSubject: Re: Round 1: Shale's Charizard vs Dante (Ninja Theory) Sparda's Vega   Mon Jan 14, 2013 1:23 pm

Winner = Shale.
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PostSubject: Re: Round 1: Shale's Charizard vs Dante (Ninja Theory) Sparda's Vega   

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Round 1: Shale's Charizard vs Dante (Ninja Theory) Sparda's Vega
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