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 Round 1: Eon's Yayoi Kise vs Sakura's Setsuna

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Round 1: Eon's Yayoi Kise vs Sakura's Setsuna Empty
PostSubject: Round 1: Eon's Yayoi Kise vs Sakura's Setsuna   Round 1: Eon's Yayoi Kise vs Sakura's Setsuna I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 01, 2013 4:57 pm

Yayoi awoke within an abandoned steel factory. The place was dark dim and grungy, not the sort of atmosphere she herself seemed to emanate. Little Miss Kise was as bright yellow as sunshine itself, and her smile seemed just as bright. However she was not smiling now, she had amnesia and no matter how hard she tried to remember her past or why she was lost and here she couldn't. Only one thought seemed to be locked in her mind and that was that she needed to kill a certain someone. Looking around she found two paths she could take to leave this room.

One was an open door that seemed to lead into a larger area the other was a rusty steel grid catwalk above her that seemed to have a just as rusty grid staircase leading up to it.

Yayoi placed her hand upon the rail then frowned. Already her fingers were dusty having powdered rust on them. She rubbed the smut between her thumb and index fingers trying to remove as much as possible before taking a creaking step up. "Hello?" she called out. Killing wasn't in her nature even though some program in her brain seemed to make her need to do this to the first person she saw. She shook her head as the program became the dominant influence. No need to alert her target.

This conflict within her saddened her. This place saddened her. She could see water-pipes leaking on the roof and some moss growing on a large steel girder. The place was almost completely made of steel and concrete. She with her bright yellow hair, eyes and attire stuck out like an eyesore. She didn't belong in such a grungy place. However this is where she was. In the south quadrant of the sphere of death. She was a clone created by Imorri for the purpose of fighting other clones. She held no memories to make her wish to otherwise refuse to fight, only those that allowed her rudimentary knowledge of her own power and ability she could wield in combat.

After following the catwalk she found herself looking into the main smelting room of this building where molten steel had long since cooled. She was on a flimsy third story catwalk that surrounded the perimeter of the room's interior. There were four stories in this abandoned building and some large chain hoists on the main floor below her for lifting large metal objects.

If her opponent appeared in the same room the fight would begin, if not she'd continue to wonder around searching eventually leaving the building to track down her enemy.
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Round 1: Eon's Yayoi Kise vs Sakura's Setsuna Empty
PostSubject: Re: Round 1: Eon's Yayoi Kise vs Sakura's Setsuna   Round 1: Eon's Yayoi Kise vs Sakura's Setsuna I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 14, 2013 1:20 pm

Winner = Eon.
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Round 1: Eon's Yayoi Kise vs Sakura's Setsuna
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