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 Akane's Eon vs. Wesker's Link

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Akane Shiroka
Akane Shiroka

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Akane's Eon vs. Wesker's Link Empty
PostSubject: Akane's Eon vs. Wesker's Link   Akane's Eon vs. Wesker's Link I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 03, 2013 10:37 pm

Eon shakily stood up her head pounding and her vision adjusting to her surroundings. "What?" She looked around the area, it was full of trees that spread far out to the edge of a river. She shook her head and the blurry edges of her sight came back, she had absolutely no recollection of what happened except that she had to do something. She had to kill someone, she stood up and felt the weight of a pack on her back. A cluster of broad tipped arrows sat in the quiver, much lighter than expected.

Purple faded hair fell by her shoulders, when she reached up she found a bow in her hand, power surged to her fingertips as she looked around. This was no time to stand and stare, whoever this person she had to kill was should know she was coming and they should know how to fight back. Surprisingly she had no problem thinking about murder, but what she was wearing made her think. Purple stilettos and a long dark gray dress with puffed up princess sleeves, how was she going to do anything in these?

She sighed and walked forward, the soft leaf covered ground hiding her footsteps. The raging bottom of the waterfall hovered above the lake, the conifer trees that hung above her seemed endlessly high. This was confusing, and it didn't feel right. This body didn't feel right, she took another step forward and felt something tug at her left leg. Slightly lifting up her dress, she revealed a small dagger sheathed and strapped to her lower thigh. Dropping the fabric in her hands she looked up, there a slight breeze in the air and a crackle that echoed through the forest. Could there be anything else here? She slowly backed up, focusing on her surroundings.

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Akane's Eon vs. Wesker's Link Empty
PostSubject: Re: Akane's Eon vs. Wesker's Link   Akane's Eon vs. Wesker's Link I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 13, 2013 12:24 pm

Today is Wesker's last day to respond.

Round two offer's you a choice: You man switch your body or choose your team mate. You may not however choose a team mate that is taken, nor may you choose your original body. Those who make starters faster will be rewarded with more options. This poses the question though, can there be duplicates of the same character? The answer is yes.
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Akane's Eon vs. Wesker's Link
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