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 Link's Oreh vs. Goku's Wesker.

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Link's Oreh vs. Goku's Wesker. Empty
PostSubject: Link's Oreh vs. Goku's Wesker.   Link's Oreh vs. Goku's Wesker. I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 09, 2013 4:38 pm

The Hero of Hyrule has faced many challenges when it comes to a battle of skill, intelligence, and even those that require years of training to overcome the most difficult of tasks. However; none has prepared the male for a challenge that requires 'swapping minds with other bodies'. It seems too good to be true, but it looks like the famed male in the green tunic has yet to even learn about the secrets behind this. The reason for joining this tournament is to fight face to face against the newly resurrected Ganondorf who somehow escaped from his imprisonment. The Hero has yet to learn on who brought him back to the surface world, but it's best to not question that until the proper answers has been revealed. The male was given the opportunity to choose which landscape for him to do battle in. With all of these choices, Link didn't know what to pick since all of these options are the certain areas he usually fights on. So; the Hero of Time decided to allow the opponent to choose which area to fight on. While that was happening, Link went out to learn more about the body that he will be controlling for this match.

After receiving enough information about his new body by the name of Oreh, Link came back to notice that... his opponent wasn't ready at all. What in the world is the other male doing? Did the man by the name of Goku chickened out, or was he secretly waiting for the Hylian this whole time. It didn't much which reason it was, now it looks like Link has to choose a place of his own. Picking out his destined arena to fight in, Link was ready to take on this new challenge. With all of this information that he gathered about Oreh, it's without a doubt a good way to use this for his advantage. Now; he steps into some sort of glass tube and closed his eyes.


Awakening in a grass field, the vampire who is named Oreh began to rise up from the soft ground and rub his head after experiencing a mind-throbbing headache that bothered him during his slumber. "Erm... where in the world am I?" He asked, brushing his cranium to put some ease into it. Opening his eyes, the male noticed that the entire area around him was completely baron to the point where there's nobody here. "Wait a minute, how did I--" Then, that's where the vampire started to remember why he was here. "That's right, I have to fight my opponent. But... I can't remember who it is." Looking around his position, he scanned the entire area while manifesting two abnormal blades that contain opposite abilities. One was light, and the other was dark. He stood there idly, awaiting until it was time for the battle to begin.
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Link's Oreh vs. Goku's Wesker. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Link's Oreh vs. Goku's Wesker.   Link's Oreh vs. Goku's Wesker. I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 14, 2013 1:18 pm

Winner = Link.
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Link's Oreh vs. Goku's Wesker.
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