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 Abigail Trinity

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PostSubject: Abigail Trinity   Thu Jan 31, 2013 2:36 am

During middle ages, especially from 15th to 17th century, Europe was under the dark shadow of ignorance and superstitions. Towns were underdeveloped and people lived near woods. The fear of wolves was like a nightmare. Their attacks were so frequent and atrocious in nature that people even feared to travel from one place to another. Every morning, countryside people would find half-eaten human limbs scattered on their fields.

The first recorded Werewolf sighting took place around the countryside of German town Cologne and Bedburg in 1591. An age-old pamphlet describes those shivering moments vividly. Few people cornered a large wolf and set their dogs upon it. They started to pierce it with sharp sticks and spears. Surprisingly the ferocious wolf did not run away or tried to protect itself, rather it stood up and turned out to be a middle-aged man he was Peter Stubbe from the same village.

Stubbe was put on a torture wheel where he confessed sixteen murders including two pregnant women and thirteen children. The history behind his downfall was rather bizarre. He had started to practice sorcery when he was only 12 and was so obsessed with it that even tried to make a pact with the Devil. Wearing a magic girdle he started to attack his enemies, real or imaginary. After several months, he would take the guise of a wolf and continued with his evil acts with more brutality. In the wolf form he used to tear up victims’ throats and suck warm blood from veins. Gradually his thirst for blood grew and he roamed around fields in search of prey.

The savagery of his crimes was beyond imagination. The trial record motioned few of them. Once two men and a woman were walking along a road that went through the forest Stubbe used to hide in. He called one of them into the forest. When the man did not return for a long time the second one followed his trail and also disappeared into the forest. When both the man didn't return for a long time the woman ran for her life. Later, two mangled male corpses were recovered from the forest, but the woman’s body never reappeared. It was believed that Stubbe had devoured it all. Young girls playing together or milking the cows in the fields were his frequent victims. He used to chase them like a hound, catch the slowest one, rape and kill her. Then he would drink hot blood and eat tender flesh from her body. However; the most gruesome sin he committed was upon his own son. He took him to a nearby forest, cracked the poor child’s skull open and ate brain from it.

No punishment could match the magnitude of Stubbe’s crime. His flesh was pulled off with red-hot pincer, his arms and legs were broken and he was finally decapitated. His carcass was burned to ashes.

The Magistrate of Bedburg built a grim monument remembering the ghastly incident. Workmen put the torture wheel atop a tall pole with Stubbe’s head above it structured with the likeliness of a wolf. Sixteen pieces of yard long wood cuts were hung from the rim of the wheel commemorating poor souls of the victims. The words of Stubbe’s trial and execution spread across the lands in no time. His brutality, atrocity and savagery were beyond human comprehension and were related with the behaviors of a wolf. People started to believe that such individuals with the shadow of wolves were living among them. They named them Werewolves.

{I take no credit for the history and writing above. Please do not credit me for an actual piece of history. Thank you. I borrowed this from a pamphlet on the internet. I wrote what is below However, the piece of history is, as you will see, important.}

Now, about that woman who went missing.

It was the summer of Abigail’s 19th birthday. She was to be married that year. To a blacksmith named William Trent. She was being taken on a hiking trip with her two best friends, John and Francisco. In their trip they stumbled upon a fork in the path. Though they had met this fork before, they had always gone to the right, but this time… Abigail wanted to go to the left. A new adventure for her birthday. As the two men conversed and shook their heads to make an agreement on taking the path to the left, they headed out. Abigail had a chill run through her spine as they walked deeper into the forest. An eerie feeling had fallen over them as the night air chilled down. The moon was full and ominous. A feeling of being watched crept over the three party members. They came to a stop once Francisco could hear someone calling his name. Abigail had insisted that he not go to it, it didn’t seem right, though he was never good at listening. His walked into the dark edge of the woods, disappearing into the darkness. After a long wait he never came back, John felt it best he check it out. He commanded that Abigail stay put, and not move an inch from where he told her. So that he could come straight back once he fetched Francisco. With a timid nod, Abigail waited there alone in the dark path. For a long time…it felt like eternity.
Sighing to herself she called out to them, hoping she would hear one of them answer, in her vision a pair of bright yellow eyes flashed in the darkness. A panic ran through her core as she bolted away from the area. Screw waiting, whatever was out there in those woods, the feeling was not friendly. She was sure her friends were dead. Tears coming to her eyes as she felt the realization setting in, running along the path the group had taken. Slipping and falling as her ankle had been caught on an outstretched root, rolling to her back quickly feeling a presence over her. The smell of blood and iron hitting her so strongly as she looked up, those same yellow eyes piercing into her, she went to scream only getting a short one out but was quickly cut off by a set of large canines digging into her throat. The pain was excruciating. What felt like another eternity finally ended, she could even feel herself passing away. Her breath grew short as she reached up, feeling her hands being soaked with blood. Looking again to what loomed over her; it was a wolf like creature, those big yellow eyes staring down at her. It suddenly dragged her from the pathway, deep into the woods. She could see the distant light of torches following along the path. Though she was entirely unable to scream, her tears pouring from her, she wanted so badly to cry out for help. Abigail lay there, dying so slowly as she bled out. The wolf like creature retreated.
What took many hours, finally...Abigail passed. Her breathing halted as she took one final gasp, the dim night fading away into black. …

The next day she woke still laying in that spot. The smell of blood burning her nose…In fact… Every smell was burning her nose. She didn’t understand… she was supposed to be dead. Reaching up to her neck, it felt fine…sticky…but fine. She was breathing just fine, there was no pain. Looking to her hands her nails had grown out, like sharp claws. Blinking she looked around her, everything was so perfectly clear and vibrant. She couldn’t believe it. She was dead, she knew she had died…but there she sat fully alive. Standing, she didn’t understand what was going on. Turning to her right as she heard a twig snap, fearing once again something awful was about to happen, a man, half naked standing there in the light. His eyes were deep amber, staring into her…just like the eyes of the wolf like creature that had killed her. She watched him closely, taking a few steps back, this felt unsafe. Suddenly he spoke, his voice was low and calm, a deep rasp to it.
“ Don’t be afraid…I’m…not going to hurt you…At least not again” He chuckled as he moved closer to her. Taking her hand in his as their eyes stayed glued to one another, her staring in fear, as he stared back at her with almost a deep felt devotion. In his mind, the man standing before her was none other than Peter Strubbe, he grinned a large toothy grin, canines that weren’t of normal size. This man had gone missing months ago, how could he be alive? Speaking to her again, she felt too timid to say a word.
“You are now of my own kind sweet, Abigail. When the moon light shines over in the fullest of nights, you will become like me, like you saw last night. A ravenous beast that seeks blood. But do not fear…Abigail…I will teach you to hunt, so that you can feed the blood lust filling within you.” His free hand rose to stroke over her cheek. What did he mean one of his kind? This made no sense, she was human, what other kind was there? … The wolf-like creature…No… She couldn’t be one of those. Or…Could she? Stepping back once more from Peter, there was one thing she would timidly demand to know.
“Where are my friends?...Where are John and Francisco… what did you do to them?!” Her soft voice shaking, there wasn’t a bone in her frail body that could speak up loud enough to sound hateful. She stared at him, almost petrified, her nose burned so much with the smell of more blood every time he moved and came closer. Had he attacked them just as he had attacked her?...Were they still alive like she was?
“Dead…I ate them” Laughing as he patted his belly. Her hand moving quickly to cover her mouth as she gasp feeling sick at her stomach suddenly. Is this what he was talking about hunting?...Feeding her bloodlust?... Abigail was brought to tears, the knowledge of her two best friends deaths breaking her heart.
Sounds could be heard in the distance, the search party that was from last night, they were still looking for her. Abigail ran, as fast as her legs could carry her away from them, if this man was telling her the truth, then she would surely feed on them, she had no understanding of what she was, she didn’t want to understand, she found a log to hide inside, keeping entirely hidden away from the world. She had no knowledge of what to do with her life now. She surely couldn’t return home with the risk of hurting anyone being a possibility. This would be how the poor selfless and timid woman would live her life…hiding away in the deepest of shadows…until she could understand who or what she was going to become. A werewolf.

Centuries later, Abigail had finally emerged from hiding, finding herself in London. She had made a few odd jobs, slipping off at night, pretending she had a home to go to, until having the money to upgrade her new lovely bakery, two stories in fact. She lived on the top floor, and had her sweet bakery there on the first floor. It became very popular, her memories of her father and mothers recipes clear as daylight in her mind. Her bakery named ‘Tasty Pastries’. This was her life now…she would hide herself in the nights that her horrible event would take place... This was how Abigail Trinity, would live out the rest of her eternal life.

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Abigail Trinity
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