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 The Abduption of Cobblepot.

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Cirque D'Ciel IX
Cirque D'Ciel IX

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PostSubject: The Abduption of Cobblepot.    Sun Feb 03, 2013 9:51 pm

Before we all go on with this story, let's talk about the the finest man of the hour... Well, more like cauldron of the hour. His name is pretty much unknown to anyone from the Protectacle Region; Moreso, the cauldron himself doesn't really knows his own name to the point that he went under the alias of 'Cobblepot'. It's an odd name to start off with, but it's better than names like Jacob Uchiha of the Village Hidden in the Leaves and all that bullshit. Anyways, I'm getting off topic with this character. The origin of Cobblepot's life--which was spoken of his own words, mind you--originally used to be a god who created this entire world by the fantastic arts that is called Alchemy.

With the cauldron that he was now placed in, he managed to manifest galaxies, stars, planets, and solar systems. Then, he came up with an idea; he wanted to give life to his creation by making inhabitants made by his own flesh and blood: This, my friends, brought the creation of humans and creatures alike. As a god, he wanted the best of his followers to take care of themselves while exploring their world and all of it's glory. So Cobblepot created other gods to look, protect, and even teach them everything that their creator knows. In the end, the old god was grateful on how he was doing a good job by making his own universe for him to control.

Eventually, all kings have to be dethroned one day... During one night, Cobblepot was invited to one of lesser gods sessions that took place in the Elysiona World [Earth]. This session turned out to be an ambush as a large group of corrupted and power hungry gods tried to take their father down by the powers he gave to them. It was a ferocious battle that almost shaped the planet Elysiona in the process. In the end, the god of the universe was overwhelmed and sealed away in the form of his own alchemy pot forever. It was a curse, a curse that was created by the corrupted almighty ones had made especially for him. The only way for the great god to break this burden on him is that he must remember his real name.

Sadly, he haven't accomplish this task ever since a unknowable span of millennium of years had came and gone. Now, people who normally judge on his story since this was told be a senile old man who apparently got cursed to become a pot for all eternity. But, his story may be considered true until his real name is brought back into his ea--... Well, not ears. I mean, he can hear perfectly, but he just doesn't have ears to listen to. How can he hear everything is unknown to me... Now, we can start off this story without no questions asked.

~The Shanghai of the Alchemist Extraordinaire.~

"Come now, Vannie! We have to get going before our students; Well, my students, get restless!"

A hollowed shout can be heard in the Alchemist Workshop to where Cirque's hometown was located. It was inhabited by two people, a harpy and a possessed pot. The pot itself happened to be an old being being trapped in an ancient, but an highly expensive pot that was paved in gold and gems. With this kind of cauldron being exposed to the world, a bunch of people would have tried to make a foolish attempt of stealing the pot itself. Unfortunately, the pot was under the protection of the amazing Armamentalist by the name of Cirque D'Ciel; who also go by the alias called Revolento the Young. With such powerful warrior guarding the pot from time to time, it'll be highly impossible to actually try to get their hands on the cauldron itself. Not only that, but it was unimaginably heavy that not even a group of strong men can lift the pot. The only ones who are able to lift it was Vannie and Cirque, who happens to possess super strength. The cauldron was named Cobblepot, and this event will most likely change his life... forever.

"C-Coming, I just need to get all the proper recipes we need...!"

Fluttering around the top floor of the workshop would possess a tamed harpy by the name of Vannie. She became the assistant to Cobblepot ever since she was interested in the fields of Alchemy. She sought to find the ultimate secrets of Alchemy... Cobblepot was her only ticket to actually become an Alchemist Extraordinaire. However; the bird woman is pretty klutzy and pretty nervous to figure out which ingredient goes in. Even with her downsides, she is a determined student that will go at many lengths to learn almost everything about the great powers of Alchemy. Gathering up the things they need for their journey, she soars down to where her professor was located and said-- "I packed up all the essential items that you needed...!" The alchemy pot checked the things that she brought. "Excellent, it seems that everything is in absolute order. Now, we begin on our journey." The old pot chortled, commanding the harpy to take him to the boat by flight.

Joining them on their journey was none other than... You guessed it, Cirque D'Ciel who was sworn to keep watch on the two while they visit a new continent that can only be entered by sailing. It seems like the most unsanitary ways to do it, but Revolento's magic cannot connect to that region since his magic isn't fully adapted for him to teleport himself to different countries. "Are you sure that you two can handle being over in that area?" The boy asked the both of them, carrying their bags from out of town. "Are you insisting on staying home because of my health? I ensure you that I am in tip-top shape, dear boy." Cobblepot replied, with a pretty sure assumption that Cirque was possibly saying that the old cauldron was too old to travel. "... Calm down, Professor; I was just asking a question. That's all..." Cirque responded, trying to not offend anyone during this time. "I-I see the boat!" Vannie cried out as the boat by the name of 'The Marvelous Voyage.' A red and gold ship that is piloted by Cirque. How in the world he manage to obtain this boat for himself? Well, it originally belonged to one of the Armamentalist by the name of Koroso. He loved that magnificent ship, so he left it into the boys hands since he doesn't know anyone else who can sail her better than the Xenithilon can.

Packing their bags on the ship and safely landing the cauldron in an enclosed section of the ship--to prevent him sliding everywhere that'll possibly throw the old pot off the ship itself. Cirque walked over to the ships wheel and ordered Vannie to remove the anchor from beneath the water. Afterwards, the boy engulfed himself in a white light and release a soothing magical pulse that spread through every single section of the boat itself. Suddenly, the ship began to rise as it slowly morphs itself into a flying celestial airship. "Alright you guys, let's go!" Cirque happily shouted as the boat majestically takes to the skies with ease. The journey only took a couple of hours for them to reach the other country. Once they did, the captain gently land the boat right into the sea while taking back the powers that Revolento used on it. They came to a complete stop after the reached the docks, Vannie placed the anchor down so that the boat won't move in place. Sniffing the new air in this new continent, Revolento went and said-- "Ahh, a new beginning of a new adventure!"
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PostSubject: Re: The Abduption of Cobblepot.    Wed Feb 06, 2013 11:00 pm

Five feet and five inches tall. A thirty two year old girl who looked no older than sixteen jumped down from a branch to select a pale brown mushroom with white spots. It was delicious. Her white hair fell behind her back half a foot or so. She was the only elf born in Shinyea forest or any other known region younger than Shale.

Her name was Glade, and she wasn't just any normal elf. Her powers of plant manipulation were rather weak, managing to wiggle a few roots here and there and possessing the ability to grow moss. She had never managed high speed growths and merely stretching a vine more than five feet in length was enough to give her a headache. While there were hardly any elves that possessed magic that could compete with or outclass a druid in plant manipulation most were still better than Glade. But Glade was not the shame of the elven community. She was in fact nearly celebrated with her abilities as much as Mellen and the members of her extended family, for Glade was a wind elf.

On average only one in two hundred elves ever possess the ability to manipulate currents in the form of water or air. Glade's wind magic was pitiful, even weaker than her plant magic, however she was still young, only thirty two and there was lots of potential to grow. To the elves Glade's bloodline was a treasure to be protected. She was currently on the west region of the continent and had decided it would be a good time to head out with her companion to meet a powerful human wizard in a lighthouse that knew wind magic. The lighthouse was not far from the forest and for an elusive creature such as herself she preferred to stay away from the prying eyes of humans as much as possible. So forests worked like natural highways for elves to travel in the shelter of their own environment. It just so happened that the forest had many of these long fingers some no more than a mile thick that stretched for hundreds of miles across the land, but this wasn't the only way elves traveled and it wasn't the way she'd traveled the two hundred miles from the heart of Shinyea forest to the lighthouse.

Glade opened the door, the rotten wood of the lighthouse healing as she touched the nob and restoring to its original glory as if it were brand new with her novice and slightly uncontrolled life force leaking into the door. She walked up the steps those creaking steps becoming covered in moss and the wood getting stronger until the creaking sound was quelled. She realized she was nervous. Her magic was unstable at times and sometimes did this. It made her feel like a child wetting her clothes in a way. Such leaking magic was embarrassing to her. Despite how much the other elves embarrassed her as their pride and joy she was shy and ashamed of herself. Honestly she did not see much use for wind magic. They only respected her because her trait was rare and unique to them.

Reaching the top she discovered what she had known before entering it. That no one was there. Though even having heard no heartbeat she had hopped she might find a letter or clue as to what became of this human who supposedly did well to teach wind magic. That's when her eyes had to blink. She looked off the lighthouse to see a ship floating in the air. It touched down in the water and began to sail normally as if to not alarm any. It was far beyond site range and no one would ever know that it had traveled by air.

Well that is unless an elf were looking with their remarkably long range eyesight. Glade found some parchment and dusted it off. She was nervous and the paper started to green. She knew she had to concentrate and not let this happen. She found an ink quill and began detailing a sketch with her elven dexterity rendering a beautiful rendition of the ship she saw in vivid detail. It did not seem dangerous but such a thing would surely require reporting to the elven council. She could see the boat was headed for the large human town below the hills, where multiple ports and trade centers waited in a large crowded area, full of foreigners and peoples of all color skins, each lending their own unique culture arts foods and wares for sale.

Glade quickly sprinted into the depths of the forest. There was a secret location and several warding magical charms that would lead humans away from the area. Past that there was a large rock with a vein running down it. Slipping inside the crack there was an open area with a large stone circle. It was about twelve feet in diameter and had eight primary divisions of cemetery among the ruins carved into it. Glade placed her hand down upon the circle recognizing her to be an elf ruins began to light up producing an intense cyan light. Then it gave off a flash bright enough someone standing right outside the rock might see. She reappeared on a similar looking circle however this one was not stone but the rings inside a carved open tree.

Glade stepped out of the cave, which was really just a room inside the massive redwood like tree. A few waterfalls cascaded down the sides of the opening from where water had collected and washed down from the higher branches. To a human such a tree large enough to have its own waterfalls might seem extraordinary but Glade had grown used to living in these misty treetops that were always sheltered in fog and scattered clouds to the point where the forest floor was no longer visible from the main regions of the city.

Large wooden platforms ringed these trees and on them sat small towns connected by catwalks and rope bridges. Several spiraling staircases traveled up both the outsides and insides of some of the trees. And tunnels and holes were often in areas where branches had grown as catwalks connecting one tree to another. Glade ran into the library handing her drawing to the librarian and requesting it immediately be cataloged in their stores. She went and brought this to the attention of several other elves.

She didn't take long to explain what had happened.

Elsewhere near Cirque's region close to a large port city that was simply named that, Port City, neighboring ships began to ring bells and signal with whistles. They were guiding ships into the port, and keying them into parking spaces they could dock. Several burly men lined the plank boardwalks. They were waiting to help move heavy cargo for a small fee and were often always finding work.

The city was sprawling with commotion. Foreigners form all around were coming to trade their wares. Most were hoodwinks and scammers coming to sell things of not much value for a high price on occasion with the right trade however a true profit could be made. The numerous temporary stands lined the street, most simply a four posts and a canvas roof with perhaps a shelf upon which their items were sold. Further back away from the ocean were some larger buildings. Mostly government and wealthy homes as well as a small fort to defend from invasions.
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The Abduption of Cobblepot.
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