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Zathire and Mellen Clones vs Dark Elves

A dark hiss of smoke began to rise from under the rotting log, in two seconds it condensed into a six foot three figure with massively broad shoulders dressed like a ninja with only a narrow strip of orange skin between his left red eye and right brown. In this light he closed his left. There was enough exposed skin to show the vertical cursed scar that indicated where the surgery had soon been done for injecting that left eye. Stepping into the light, the clenched jaw below the mask tightened even more as his statuesque figure froze listening with such intentness as to hear his own blood circulate within his ears.

The ninja like rusty-black colored garb began to shift and meld with the shadows as if half illusion itself with every step he took, a precise 15 degrees left of where he'd been originally standing only to stop and stand again 8 feet from the spot. The loosening illusions of the garb swirling in smoke had begun to show signs of rectangular flaps, and as the ones around his body stopped and re-wrapped themselves tightly the ones around his left arm which he now extended began to swirl more vigorously and form a wall of paper perpendicular to his fist.

Two cherry wood sheaths were belted at his side as he silently glanced upwards ready to confirm his plan. A tiny reflective metal object had been placed against the tree in front of him almost a full month before this day for just such an occasion. The figure blinked, and that reflection of his closing brown eye was caught from 2800 meters away by a female figure dressed in similar attire with a ponytailed bun around long blond hair and two turquoise eyes.

A crystal quartz forearm crudely substituted where her right had once been reached back and drew an arrow to the elven bow she carried with her left and regular arm. Life-giving energy teamed within her hand and enchanted the arrow as she lined it up with her target.

A purple skinned female teenager with white hair was whispering into a flute. Her dark elf presence was getting ready to take out the statuesque figure with a coordinated series of dart throws. First came the black, easier to see during day, then came the clear ones, to land in poison, and last the wasp larva that would grow inside the stomach and tear the person apart as its growth was summoned by a flute. The blond female had already confirmed the wasp dart with her long range vision, and marking upon a paper with a special pen the message appeared to the human upon that perpendicular paper wall, who now new the identity of their assailants and a bit of insight into what their plans were, since wasps were only used to torture, not to kill.

As the female dark elf got ready to line her knuckles up with the black darts for the throw, the ninja-attired blond released the arrow, at the same time as the illusion of paper faded freeing up a large dust colored cloak from the man who drew a separate sword in the blink of an eye turning 180 degrees and stabbing his own cloak/cape that lingered like a cat chasing its tail, held out by only its inertia and the wind.

Alert as all could be the dark elf quickly threw her head out of reach from the whistle of the arrow, but that arrow imbued with life magic unfurled its wooden shaft and pealed open into a bursting plant holding a 2 dimensional rolled up black circle that it stretched out.

"Beyeeratos" the blond whispered.
"Ominix" whispered the male.

The portal between the male's cape and the extended circle in the arrow was complete, however the code words had not been what opened the portal they were merely parcels of deception for the no doubt other two dark elves listening within the area.

As the female dark elf threw her head out of the way with a smug grin the sword arm extended through the portal and clotheslined through her jaw. With a simple heartless twist the broad man's razor tuned reflexes shifted the cutting edge of the blade to broadside midway through the female's skull causing enough force to catch the head and rip it off at a course angle.

Of course deception without purpose would have cost them the fight, the two words they played did indeed activate a pair of spells, just not the portals that had efficiently cast out their first opponent without worry.

Seven massive vines, each a foot thick in diameter erupted from the ground in a honeycomb grid; without hesitation they intertwined and braded themselves into one massive four foot thick vine that exploded from the earth giving a mighty roar as the fibers could be heard stretching. In two seconds the blond ninja was one hundred fifty feet in the air riding a single oversized leaf on her 'magical-bean-stock' holding the crystal arm to the canopy below.

"Ominix" What the male had whispered had activated a searching pattern within the golem sealed in her chopped off arm. It could both feel and absorb magic, as well as mutate into amorphous structures. As of the moment, it was doing the first and last of those three things, shifting into a spear that pointed in the region in which the magic objects it had discovered.

The broad man looked up as the female activated the armor spell upon his paper veil "Beyeeratos" Such a vulnerable movement as looking up trigged the clear darts that were already planned to be thrown to be cast at him giving away the position of the weapon set up or dark elf that threw them. At the same time, the man learned the location of the magical devices, pointed out by the blond above, bound to have been brought with their assailants.

The darts pinged flawlessly against the shifting shadows of paper, "Navekanad" spoke the man again in his strange code, before the paper shadows began to meld back into illusion once more. As this happened he began to dissolve into a drifting plume of smoke that vanished and carried its way towards the dart throwing assailant.

Once again, the word that had been spoken, had not been necessary for the transformation into smoke spell, only a bit of deception as to appear it was necessary. Though the word had communicated something to the female with her remarkable hearing. "Not the same" it meant in a language next to none knew. The meaning was quickly interpreted, for she had pointed the quartz spear at the magical device and he had been assaulted from the darts. With their experience in fighting and synchronization with each other it simply meant: The magical device and darts came from different origins. Since he knew the location of the darts he had already begun to drift towards the opponent, knowing she would assault the barer of the magical device.

As the blond ninja dove down with seemingly no fear in an oddly predictable manner, her eyes caught a glimpse of the destroyed body with the twisted jaw laying on the ground erupt spiders from its throat. They would have to be dealt with later, for it appeared this was only a sneak attack as the hundreds of tiny tarantula sized spiders summoned within the corpse quickly hid and took up strategic positions for ambush. As the thundering vine exploded into the ground in a rain of dust, hundreds of two inch thick vines shot out in all directions hungrily grasping for the darting shadow that took off. They kept a firm attacking pressure on the illusive fiend that dodged all attempts of capture and continued to escape. At the same time the blond female landed in a way to cut off escape.

With a lightning fast slash the shadow which seemed to have no form, phased in for a second to cut the vines with a dark sword that left the vegetation to bubble and corrode from its point of injury.

More vines landed near the female who poised for a second closing her eyes. As she jumped the looping snakes of vines took positions in a tube that formed around her allowing her to jump from all sorts of athletic angles as she approached the lightning fast shadow. It's form seemed to shift and phase in a blur, possibly immune to gravity whatever it was.

With a thrust the blond female extended her white, crystal hand in the form of a 2 foot long dagger to meet the corrosive sword of the illusion. With speed and precision the blond female was still becoming more open with each parry and block, however, at the right instant, the golem dagger shifted in shape, forking to both the left and right catching the illusion in the chest. As the imprisoned golem sucked the magic from the fiend it began to take form back in reality shifting out of shadow and into existence, the crystallizing growths in her hand working their way in delicate needle like formations through the chest while the bulk pushed its way into the heart. Now there was only one left to go.

She was confident in her man, so as the female waited she began to skin the face off the dark elf for later use. Waiting with her ears ever alert for what plan she might have to soon adopt.

Naturally the broad shouldered male had moved quickly for his target was likely either to be gone or never there from the start of where the darts had been fired. He was lucky though. This was no trap, and their were no concealed weapons. His human eye scanned the perimeter as parts of his body began to take form once again, his tightly bound muscular arm wrapped in dusty rust-black cloth immerged from his smoky shadow holding a spear, that was drawn from under the now forming dust colored cloak.

Of course the dark elf would recognize such a spear, and the intelligence of this whole counter assassination assault would appear to make sense, as only a dark elf could wield such a spear. And to the dark elf, it seemed obvious anyone willing to stab their hands upon the needles of such a lance's bloodsucking hilt would be a dark elf or else not benefit from its power.

Little would the dark elf know, its opponent was a mess of genetic engineering, a clone from a man once named Zathire, the female, a clone from his wife once named Mellen. Neither of the two ninja garbed individuals even bore such a weakness as to have a name. They were brought on for one purpose and one purpose only, to slaughter the dark elves that they may never intervene with Zelda or any other residents of Hyrule whilst the real Zathire and Mellen took on their own identities and lived their life in relative peace due to their clone's undying sacrifice. The organs in this clone of Zathire's body weren't even in the same alignment, the lungs, the two hearts, stomach, liver everything were rearranged for deception, and in his palm was an organ that had been stripped from the bone marrow of a dark elf and formulated into a bladder that produced blood within an isolated source. It was from this organ that the spear or any other common drow weapon that used this safeguard, falsely identified its true owner to be blood kin and unlock its destructive potential.

With a blinding glare it lit up in an oily flame dripping searing hot liquids upon the forest floor, corroding even the dirt with its heat. Yet the Zathire clone did not seem to care or even be effected by the few drops that appeared to have splashed on his foot. Such, methods used by this mysterious figure as to not burn his feet, weren't made clear in the time the dark elf had to react, he needed to remain focused on the large man's next move. Light was a simple tactic to defeating dark elves, and the only recorded method in which supposedly any human had been able to kill them. Naturally the dark elf had to turn away with its sensitive eyes.

As the clone found a root to brace against and lunged forward with a simple jump and thrust, the dark elf parried the blow using the echolocation in his ears to flawlessly see the spear coming. However, if it was one thing Zathire had been known for: it was his unyielding strength, his body roughly thirteen times stronger than a normal man of his 280 pound frame and as such the parry was made as useless as a punch against the sea. The searing hot oils dripped through the organs the lance had pierced, the oily flames melting the drow from the inside out.

It was a while before the clone of Mellen could gather all the weapons and annihilate all the spiders, but after she safely gathered the dangerous objects within her golem arm, she brought them before a large tree their figurative daughter Shale had grown. There she left them staked in the ground and sealed with their own set of birch trees. Parts of the dark elves bodies were lain there too. The statue of Ganondorf hidden in the tree would cleanse these weapons of their evil power as it took them on as his own. Such things as love and time, weren't afforded to these two clones, they would not say their goodbye or grow attached, their life was one constant slaughter to another, and likely, as the names they never had, they would never be seen again by any other than those who'd come to meet an icy fate.

With a mere synchronized shared nod, that the checkpoint in their mission was complete, they slid on the skins of their recently slaughtered dark elves and made their way to the log which led to the underworld. It was time to continue their plot, for they were involved in the politics in dark elf society, and they had an appointment to make under the two new identities they wore.

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Modern Gun Fight

As Shale led the beaten Gang member out of the warehouse, she was headed to AGP or AeroGel&Plastics Inc. The new science facility that opened up developing new lightweight synthetics for insulation among other things, and was headed for record breaking profit highs. There was a specific identity she needed and she saw the man to take it from. Using her long range vision had stalked down a key member of the facility and read not only the number off his debit card, but heard the subtle differences on the keys dialed on his phone as he made an online payment, taking his identity by theft from afar.

Now she had money at her disposal. Leading the goon into the building, she immediately had him take the blame for having stolen the man's identity and blackmail him, for his money. It was one step, involving the gang would be the second. Having the goon then make a call it was clear that the individual was having trouble convincing his team of the situation, though eventually managed to secure some 'guests'.

Shale moved outside pleased, knowing her 'helpers' had arrived. Ones that would insure her a spot in AeroGel&Plastic's margin of profits, once they made personal 'negotiations' with the leader in charge, a man who's identity was already held for ransom.

"You the AGP assistant girl we've got the call about?" wheezed a short fat man with black curly hair and a cigar.
Two well dressed gentlemen with guns were standing tall behind him.
Shale smiled, but her smile quickly turned to a frown when she saw the 9mm pistols being taken out. "Wait what are you doing?"
It was too late, shots range out. These would be heard all the way from the coffee shop. Shale dodged but from her range the movement of the man's wrist was much faster than her body. There was only so much her feet could grab the assault and allow her to accelerate and there was no organic plant matter or soil from which to use her powers either.

The first bullet clipped her forehead from only 40 feet the high pressure impact cracking her skull breaking it slightly and embedding halfway through into its remarkably dense frame, striking the frontal language section and retarding her speech capabilities as a piece of bone bent in. Dizziness and pain struck her and it was hard to focus, as she received two more impacts to the skull. Both bullets hitting at a glancing angle knocking her head back and leaving tiny fracture cracks like spider legs in the skull where they glanced off.
Shale's blood splattered onto the ground where the bullets had stripped flesh. Obviously the three goons would have thought her instantly dead, but no she was very much alive. Two more shots range out as Shale quickly dodged around corner and into the nearest ally way. It was a dead end and there were no plants there either. Instead she stayed close to the wall and sprinted towards the opening knowing the gunman was very close to the opening. She jumped both elbows guarding her face as she met the gun man by surprise her two knees striking his neck as her elbows struck the top of his head like a vice-gripping-sandwich.

The gunman had either died or gone unconscious at least temporarily but Shale straddled the falling man her momentum riding him to the ground as she grabbed his shoulders. Before he could be made into a surfboard to glide over the asphalt she lifted him up as a human shield. Now in the open, one of the other two gunman lifted his aimed pistol and held fire, however the other rang out shots into the 'body-bag'.
So much for loyalty, she thought as her powerful beating legs thundered across the street and towards an electronics store. Tossing the body to her right in the direction of the shooter she barged knee first through the glass window and into the store, quickly moving right away from the window then heading down the furthest isle and out of gunshot, where she caught her breath and brushed the glass out of her shoulders, feeling the blood on her head and sting of the gunshot the one bullet still wedged halfway through the bone.

She could hear careful footsteps moving over the glass, and nervously she moved towards the TVs.
Picking one television up she silently walked around the corner and lobbed it at the gunman. He drew up his pistol but had to dodge getting clipped at a light angle that he could recover from, but by the time he recovered Shale reloaded her arms with another small TV and cast it again this time the sharp corner of the box flicking the gun from his wrist. Without hesitation or delay Shale plunged her fingers into the man's mouth, her thumb digging under his chin as her surprisingly heavy body lifted him upwards until she took his weight by force of equal and opposite reaction, then slammed him down into the row of TV's. The resounding force had his teeth break the skin on her fingers and her thumb plunge deep into his gullet, drawing a bloody mess. Repetitively the female barbarian smashed his head into the TVs, breaking their magnetic disks in a violent shower of sparks and broken glass, before running and dragging the body along by the jaw, ramming the head against multiple TVs until the broken segments of the skull broke inward and loosened from each other, eventually peeling off through repetitive bashing.

Shale dropped the body, a few veins were running down her hand, as it had started to swell and her 3 inch thick right arm had grown to around 5 and was about halfway fully stimulated. She was breathing hard, her rocketing metabolism highly risen and demanding much more oxygen, her body temperature scorching beyond human limits.
She could feel herself almost on the verge of undergoing the mental transformation, that would lead to a partial berserk-state, but she still was far from that excited or angered enough to do so. Shale took the gun and cocked the head, there weren't as many bullets as she thought. She jumped outside and fired. Knowing exactly where the human was from her hearing.

Shit, she thought, as the gun only clicked; she wasn't very familiar with modern weapons and like an armature forgot to take the safety off. Only now after clicking her first miss did she realize her mistake. The human reflexes much slower, quickly lined the shot with her heart targeted. By the time he pulled the trigger Shale had already dodged and the bullet wedged deep within her shoulder, again the human recalibrated his aim and Shale dodged again getting hit an inch off from the first bullet but she was now within range of cover and bent down behind a parked car lobbying her gun at the man sparing her of getting shot in the mouth, the butt of the pistol bashed into the bridge of his nose.
Quickly she realized the mistake of her ways, but after having been shot in the brain, it was barely possible to think strait with all the rushing adrenaline. In a matter of minutes it turned into a game of 'ring-around-the-rosey' with the gunman often leaning heavily over the car to try and shoot Shale, when she crouched down.
In such a low position and the man starting to think about shooting her shins from under the car Shale gripped the plastic paneling below the car and began to tip the car up with her massive strength. The paneling sliced into her fingers like a knife and eventually broke off letting the car shutter and fall back down half a foot to wobble back into place.
The man hardly let out a "What the fuck?" before Shale stubbornly tried again, this time the paneling removed able to grab the metal and tip the car past balance and roll it over her enemy.
As the car rolled over the man fell back, avoiding being crushed but vulnerable and on the ground. Without warning and a swift movement Shale lunched her body over the car fork like fingers plunging for the man's shoulder.
In that vicious swipe Shale unleashed a bit of her hidden power unlocking the strength within her, the hardened durable stands of massively overdeveloped cytoskeleton, reinforced cells walls, and other chemical anomalies such as the crystallization of the phospho-calcium deposits in her skeleton turned her into a very durable object indeed and it was because of this that her fighting styles were different.

Rather than punching a relaxed open fingered hand came, one that could withstand the very forces her own muscles could generate as it clashed with the man's shoulder and dug in. Four knife-like fingers lifted the man from the ground and brought his head over her body as she trampled over the front hood of the car and came slamming down upon the curb near the store entrance, snapping his neck sideway from the force. With a heartless motion, Shale's already raised leg came down in the form of an axe-kick upon the man's brainstem breaking the spine free of the cerebellum.

She wandered a few stumbling steps... Her opponents defeated the adrenaline quickly wore off and the dizzy spells from the partially embedded bullet soon overtook her. Luckily for her the gunshots drew the attention of the ambulance, and police and she was within minutes lifted off and taken to the hospital.

Immediately her bloodtype was taken the bullet removed and skull bandaged for x-ray. She was wheeled into a room and lain down on a bed. The doctor seemed to be having trouble identifying what sort of glyco-proteins lined her blood cells. By all means she was an anomaly to them and one they just couldn't quite understand.

"What's with these ears? Would you look at this?" said one nurse parting her hair.

"I've never seen anything quite like it." responded the blood tester who's chemical sampling proved the injured patient to have neither A nor B antigens.
"Judging from the impact I don't think she will ever recover. I'm afraid this one is bound to be a vegetable for life." said the main doctor.

"Doctor, we can't identify the blood type," the woman quickly mentioned after setting the test tube down.
"Well then just use O, we don't have much time, a major artery has been severed around this bullet." he shook his head. "I honestly have no idea how she was lucky enough to survive this."
"Yes, doctor" responded the nurse as another brought about long surgical tweezers and removed the bullets from her shoulder. "Do you think she'll make it?"
"Not sure." he said as he placed a thermometer upon her forehead and read an impossible number. "One hundred and forty four?" The doctor was sheer scale of that number left him nothing less than flabbergasted. "By all means she should be dead and long ago. It isn't even possible to survive at this temperature, let alone sustain any human functions or regulate any organic enzymes at this heat..."
Shale gave a small grumble, already her body was quickly healing itself, the unnatural abilities of both her parents soon to leave the mess she was in, as nothing more than a memory without even a scar to tell of its tale. "What time is it? Is it five o'clock?" She asked looking outside. Already the neurons in her brain had sewn themselves back together and established a reconnection with the lost speech region of her brain.

"I need to go," she shouted not waiting for their answer or the look on their silent faces to fade. With a clean jerk, she tore out both the blood and saline transfusion tubes and stumbled out the door. Two hours had gone by since the injury and she was still feeling dizzy, however her body was quick at work, metabolizing calories and repairing itself.
Within moments she was feeling normal again, but such a recovery had left her high horsepower, low gas mileage body utterly staved. Her stomach grumbling she could only think of food, to the point of uncontrolled salivating. Perhaps there was some meat to sink her canines into or some cake to get some sugar in her, before her fuel ran out.
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Yugo and Shale vs Dante and Janga

Standing next to Yugo she give a nod, assuring him that it was about to begin and exchanging a confirming sign of readiness. Both of them would appear to be nearly the same person under their identical cloaks especially with their heights only 2 inches apart and with the silvery pauldrons under that cloak, her shoulders would fan out and appear nearly as broad as Yugo's, almost everything would appear the same at first glance, but they were indeed two different people and the weapons they carried were also different. She had given 2 to Yugo and held 3 herself. They also carried some special mushrooms on them, two purple and two red, very specifically needed for this fight.

The pixies before them had been given a very simple set of instructions. It was time for Shale to try and push herself. Unlike her mother, Mellen who's vast power and control over plants was known near and far amongst both druids and elves as the strongest to have ever existed in the last 300 years, Shale was not so well known. In fact it had been almost a miracle that a half human had even been able to successfully master the art even to the point of being able to make grass blades twirl with her finger, but perhaps that was in part due to her mother's vast and overwhelming strength in the area, or some obnoxious compatibility Zathire seemed to always have with elves in all means. She did not want to think about it. Perhaps it had something to due with just how much sheer stubbornness possessed since plant control drew heavily upon willpower, something berserkers were known to possess abnormal levels of. Whatever the case was, she meant to make an impression to one day show her mother, she had a contender to deal with; and there was no better day to start making her mark than now.

"You ready cat?" She smacked her hand down clutching the soil. "Cause either way it's starting now." Mellen would have been able to mask the whole coliseum in forest with the flick of her finger as if just a means to please her sense of 'art' unfortunately Mellen's daughter was not that potent of a magic wielder. Still the act was by no means unimpressive as Shale pumped in 92% of her magic in one fell swoop; her nose wrinkling in the effort of performing such a massive and exhausting growth as she pushed herself past her previous limits, knowing well her life might depend on it. A thick wall foliage would be the first thing to grow cutting off vision between the teams. Next would rise 8 powerful thick and sturdy Douglas fir trees surrounded by 14 smaller birch trees. Additionally these trees were surrounded by ferns and mixed with thick leafy bush including an awkward display of tropical plants such as palms and bananas all of which would make it hard to see anything much further than twelve feet.

If they charged now, they would likely get to her, but she relied on the fact that the sudden explosion of life and innumerous noises around them would likely give both Dante and Janga a sense they needed to be on guard from all angles, less any plant try to land a sneak attack on them. And then of course there was still Yugo, he could likely defend her if their charge was so immediate, as close range was his forte. As long as neither Janga nor Dante were recklessly aggressive then the delay would be enough in order to enact a simple move in which, both Shale and Yugo could drop down unseen into a set of holes in the ground opened up by the powerful roots of the pine trees leading into the center of their secretly hollow trunks. Even if they were spotted in the act she still meant to drop down and seal the entrance behind them. This would give the impression both of them had simply used the many noises and visual obstructions to simply dart back further into the 'woods' and vanish without a trace. It would be a true assumption but the hiding place might not be one so easily expected. 4 of the Douglas firs were hollow the other 4 were solid. Dropping in the hole Shale wanted nothing more than to gasp for breath, but would have to remain quite and patient picking her underground path based on the movements above picked up by her extraordinary hearing and ability to memorize people's identity based on their footstep pattern.

The little mini-forest would not engulf the entirety of the coliseum for she was too weak to do that but she had clustered up the bulk of its center covering roughly 60-70% of the total area, giving quite the region to explore while she could hide underground and depend on Yugo to keep her safe while she recovered her breath. If Yugo went to one of the hollow tree trunks she would allow him to pass through, opening and closing these trees leaving no sign of their secret property.


The bickering pixies, two of which, a red and orange were fighting over an abandoned sock, letting go of their tug-o-war to shoot sparks at each other for the right to claim 'this mysterious artifact of the big people' now stopped to gawk in awe, impressed by what their leader had done. The explosion of growth had also been their cue, to operate their preset instructions. Shale had calculated a bit of cheating would be in order from the feline and had something of a plan in mind herself, one that involved the pixies. She had to admit she was surprised the cat had not called for his moo's to spectate the match and was a little disappointed she might not get to kill a few herself, since her barbarian blood always lit up with excitement at the chance to crush and intimidate something weaker than herself.

The very means by which she intended to cheat could easily be turned against her, but that relied heavily upon boldness of her opponents and their understanding of the pixies that operated and thrived in only the remotest and heavily elf-guarded territories, that they would probably have no experience with and were probably something they'd never seen before.

Unlike elves who controlled plants, the pixies' domain fell over fungi and just like the elves' livelihood thrived upon the trees, the pixies depended and lived heavily with their mushrooms. From the stands around the pixies would swarm the forest depositing spores that would grow parasitically feeding off the influx of life energy Shale had provided. Each pixie would begin to grow one mushroom of its own glowing color, and just like the pixies themselves these mushrooms known as moon mushrooms would give off an intense iridescent light, making this miniature forest seem very alien indeed. Likely the bulk of them would avoid any area near Janga or Dante out of fear and would not hesitate at any threat to retreat as quickly back to the stands as soon as possible.

At the moment these mushrooms served no other purpose than to provide multicolored lights in the forest, creating eerie contrast of single hued lights and deep shadows but as the night would progress they'd slowly absorb the lunar energy from the moon, the source of their power that let them glow and provided the magic to sustain the pixies whose bodies were only 20% matter and mostly composed of raw energy and magic. And tonight was night of not only a full moon, but an eclipse as well. This unprecedented boost of lunar magic would head start these mushrooms even before the full moon continued to boost them. But likely this eclipse would also have an impact on the demon, as they were known to grow vastly more powerful and demonic on such occasions. Also the werecat, a nightmarish creature could likely benefit from this ordeal, as well as of course Yugo who's wolf like body might also take on some mysterious correlation with the moon. Choosing tonight had been no mistake. Shale intended this fight to put on quite a show, and all four of them would likely be at their best because of this event.

Unannounced to both Janga and Dante, the mushrooms before them were edible and possessed greatly beneficial properties. However it would be quite a while before the ones growing on the trees would become anywhere near as charged up as the two red and two purple ones Shale and Yugo each carried.

Red mushrooms also known as Blood mushrooms, possessed a unique trait to be able swarm the body with blood, so much so that someone not fatally wounded or at least with open cuts, that they would likely kill themselves from the built up pressure if they took more than a nibble. These red ones would serve as a good means to restore blood loss and flush out any poison Janga might dish-out.

Pink mushrooms would serve no other purpose than to close wounds and repair flesh.

Orange ones, which were rare would both restore mana and permanently increase the amount of magic one could contain within their body for the remaining duration of their life.

Yellow, were the rarest and most valuable of all. They would restore calories to the point of causing hyperness as well as increase the potency of magic within the consumer, this affect was also permanent.

Green were the least valuable, and would both provide a weak antidote to mild poisoning and a light amount of healing, but no where near as capable as pink mushrooms.

The affect of blue mushrooms was yet to be discovered, by even the elves themselves but its property actually consisted upon allowing the body to fight against the ethereal giving the power to punch a ghost in the face so to speak, as well as slight level of transparency eventually leading towards invisibility if enough were consumed. However the affect is quite temporary and will not last more than two hours.

Purple were the most valuable in this fight, and it was now that Shale took a bite of one in advance secretly from under her hood. It was only a matter of time before she would be poisoned and these mushrooms were capable of reversing some of the strongest poisons but it came at a terrible cost. If the consumer was not poisoned or wasn't poisoned that badly then they themselves would be severely poisoned in return. Fitting that these ones were the same color as the cat, she thought as her body began to cripple with weakness. It was only a matter of time before she was found, and it would be known that growing the plants had severely exhausted her. Likely the cat would not expect his first poisoning strike to cure her. It was a heavy gamble, but if it paid off it would make her more resistant to poison as each time the mushroom took affect the person's immunity to that specific poison would ever so slightly be boosted. This was the purpose of this fight. She could not likely kindly ask the cat so busy and preoccupied with his own things to poison her willingly.

But if she achieved this and survived then her mission would be complete and she'd likely even heal the cat with some of the pink mushrooms, perhaps this fight would restore their old memory of friendship and reset the cat's amnesia. As for the demon, she hated demons and had no way to know the demon had the same feelings towards other demons as her. As far as she was concerned she meant to kill him until finding out otherwise, if she did, but right now her main goal was to get poisoned as it was the means by which dark elves, her mortal enemy often killed their foes, and any slight advantage she could gain in the wars to come would be worth gambling her life upon now.
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Anna Marie Calls a Siren's Song to Shale

There was a very precise reason to why Shale had chosen the exact distance she did. It was the exact distance upon which she could easily control plant life and accurately control the movements of any of her vines or other plant matter, such as linen or cotton clothing that could be brought to life and turned against her foe. Naturally her true range was almost double but further than that and she wouldn't be able to do much more than call the plants to produce blind growth. Was this person actually wearing thorns?

Shale waited for the answer to come, a word that might escape Anna's mouth, before letting her anger and paranoia get the best of her, but instead a veil of fog appeared. Already alarmed Shale clenched her fist, demanding all cellulose within a fifteen foot sphere around Anna to grow and expand within the region immediately, knowing the lady might intend to escape in that fog, so she didn't wait for the chance that Anna might move. Normally she'd have to aim her vines at a target or take the large amount of multitasking ability to sow their clothes into a strait jacket but this one was already wearing plant matter deeply embedded into her skin. It was of absolute sheer convenience if they were made of wood since dodging would no longer be an option at the explosive rate she could instantaneously animate plant life. She would continue the attack for a full 1.3 seconds, until if the said thorns were wood that they would expand to the point of removing the green necklace from her body after rupturing out of the neck.

Not understanding the fog that approached her she would mistake the blood-based attack for some form of poison or fog of illusion. If it was illusionary, she was confident that it wouldn't work on her and it was poison she was lucky enough to have the set of mushrooms on her that could repair or boost most status changes to her body, so she went on the premise that she should charge into it, that way if the thorns were some form of bone or other material than cellulous she'd be ready before a sound based attack she had assumed this devilish creature capable of.

After the 1.3 seconds of her attack were complete, she lowered down her ring-glaive in a vertical chop letting go of the sword and jumping onto the two foot long handle as vines exploded from the soil looping through the four rings in the front half of the giant cleaver shaped sword. More vines shot from the ground wrapping around her wrists and ankles as she burst off towards and into the fog at 40 mph. Before the visible fog could hit her several buds sprouted from the vines that exploded into a banana-leaf shield creating a vacuum behind her that sucked in a pocket of fresh air driving it through the fog like a bullet, this would insure contact would be minimal. What would she find? What had the person chosen to do now that she had chosen her actions, or had the crown of thorns simply been wood and the host's life smitten by the attack? Either way it paid to be ready and Shale was poised to jump at a moment's notice.
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The GanonDome!
Many will try but only one may be named GanonDome champion!

(Late Friday night, and all weekend)

Owner: Ganondorf
(It's is rumored he may be plotting something behind the scenes)

Referee/Host: Zathire
Co-Host: Mamo

1st Round Contestants, Item1, Item2: Item3, (terrain)
1) 97DarkLink100, Sword of Darkness, clawshot, Crescent sword of Darkness
2) Akutare, Cypher, Tigerbot
3) OrehCursor, Aka-Ari-Akari set, Xaber, Naga Seal
4) aeon3valefore, mirror shield, master sword
5) Officialferalchaos, none
6) TheShinRaTurks, shotgun + ammo, scyth
7) MightyHazama, butterfly knifes, Ouroboros, ? (mountain terrain)
8) xUndeadElf, bow&arrows, short swords
9) PrincessZelda0815, duel bladed fans, great fairy tears, katana (forest terrain)
10) OkamiTakamagahara, Celestial Brush, Thunder Edge
11) OfficialJanga, Subspace Sword, Blazblue
12) SorceryofDivineWolf, Chelley's Staff of Dark Mending, Water Elemental, Orb of Disciples (water terrain)
13) DruggieNinja, blade, drugs
14) NeoMasterRex, double bladed lance, Neo Bahamut crystal, dragooner armor, (? terrain)
15) DiavoloDeJuicio, chromed pistols, Seishin Dorinku, The Death Clan (cave terrain)
16) ShaletheHalfElf, barbed wire threaded with elven twine, gas canisters

Reserve fighters:
SoraAssassin5843, keyblade, noodles
TheElfCollector, element blade, rotisserie chicken

Match 1: Fang vs Strider
victor: Fang

Match 2: Spirt vs Diavolo
victor: Diavolo

Match 3: Dark Link vs Aiden
victor: Dark Link

Match 4: Hazama vs Oreh

Match 1: Spirit vs Chaos
victor: Spirit

Match 2: Aiden vs Oreh
victor: Oreh

Match 3: Fang vs Shale
victor: Fang

Grudge Match 4: Janga vs Divine
victor: Divine

Match 5: Sora vs Okami
victor: none

Match 6: Hiryu vs Chipp
victor: Hiryu

Match 7: Diavolo vs Aleena
victor: Diavolo

Match 8 Hazama vs Zathire
victor: Hazama

Match 9: Dark Link vs Lady Sylvana
victor: Dark Link

1) Players will fight in single elimination.

2) A player looses when they: surrender, give up their spot, lose consciousness, intentionally stall the match, leave the GanonDome, fall asleep or their life is forfeit.

3) Players may only bring two items into the GanonDome! So choose wisely!
Items: (swords, shields, potions, pets, suits, ect)
No limit to powers or ammunition for an item.

4) Matches may have a time limit.

5) Only 16 contestants will be allowed into the GanonDome to hold the right to hold the title belt as GanonDome champion!

The GanonDome will be an enclosed Colosseum with a dirt floor and a dome roof. The walls will be lined with wooden Viking shields, tridents and steel cutlass swords. Adaptive players are free to make use of weapons on the wall but they are not the best of quality.

Good luck...
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Kolkafar Mountains linked to Snow Peaks

Barbed wire was particularly nasty thing, especially the variety that was blacksmithed and used as whips by the dark elves. Luckily it was also designed to compact in such a way that the tiny serrated claws and fins would interlock and become smooth. Then when the chain-links were fully extended again, they would become a razor-sharp series of hooks that would dig in and sever any flesh. Right now this enchanted hardened metal was tucked safely away inside a sleeve in Shale's belt.

It was her most beloved weapon and had come from the time when she was only six years old and had killed a high-ranking spider-summoner by strangling her and with her own whip. Having killed all four dark elves the whip had been her prize and it held
sentimental value in the fact it represented the strength of her will to live.

Right now though that hardly mattered other than the fact that having it tucked away in her belt meant it wasn't interfering with her climbing. One distraction her would mean a crippling fall against jagged ice down a 1562ft cliff.

A hot breath escaped her high 116 degree temperature body as the battleaxe dug into the last foot of cliff before she could climb over the edge and peer down on the plains of Snow Peak Summit.

A quarter of her blood was mountain barbarian. These icy temperatures had almost no effect on her body, however the fifty mile ice topped journey across treacherous mountains that had been extended to closer to 200 miles if you counted the ups and downs had done a number on her energy supply. No sooner than she had topped the mountain than had the pungent stench of stew reached nose carrying traces of fish, goat-cheese, potato, turnip and pumpkin.

The icy home of the yetis was discovered after following the scent she came to a window. The construction of the home was 2'6" solid granite bricks and there was no way she was strong enough to destroy such a wall. The sledgehammer she'd dragged up the mountain might be good enough but she was too hungry and weak to chisel away for hours. Luckily the place was so derelict and isolated that no locks were on any of the doors. However her elven ears could hear the beating of non-human hearts inside and they were no doubt the creatures that had made that stew.

Creeping from behind some large furniture she saw a massive sleeping primate covered in white fur with an enormous beaver-like tail. It seemed edible but also being a primate she tended to try and avoid eating human-like creatures, so as long as it didn't awaken and engage in battle she would not eat it; Not when hot and ready stew was just around the corner.

That's of course when her cell phone started ringing, some futuristic device one of her friends Ruri had given a few members of their team.
"Great..." she sighed as she looked at the phone and saw that it was Eon on the other line. "Hello?" she said keeping an eye on the Yeti's state of awareness, taking out a battleaxe in her right while holding the phone in her left.

Eon: Have you gotten to the castle yet?

Shale: No! I haven't even gotten over these damn mountains yet! I just barely reached the edge and saw the fields down below a few hours ago.

Eon: Oh well you've been gone four days I thought you would have made it by now.

Seeing as the beast was not awakening Shale made her way away from the cozy room and into the dingy stone kitchen with the huge cauldron where she found a convenient bowl and dunked it under the piping stew. "Not even, these mountains were a bitch! One time one of my axes broke loose in the ice and I thought I was gonna get fucked up."

Eon: Laughter could be heard coming from the other side of the line.

Shale: "That's not the worst part I was climbing and overhang, and there were lots of icicle teeth for me to land on. It scared the shit out of me."

Background of phone: "Watch your mouth Shale, that's not very elf-like, to use that language."

Shale began slurping some stew. "I know mom."

Just then the Yeti appeared to be entering the room and it didn't look pleased to see the intruder.

"And make sure you kill that wanna-be elf, Zelda bitch!" Shale's mom could be heard with a hint of laughter knowing she'd just jokingly scolded for bad language.

A huge club came down and Shale dropped the bowl to float like a boat atop the soup and jumped off the stool to her right as a massive club came crushing down. The large troll like groan of the Yeti could be heard on the phone as well as Shale's pauldron smacking against the ground with her battleaxe as she rolled to the side not taking the phone away from her ear.

"What was that?" asked Eon in a shocked manner.

"Here wait up I'm a bit busy..." Shale continued the motion of her roll stomping her boot into the massive beaver tail as she leapt up and planted the battleaxe at a very indirect angle scooping beneath the shoulder blade a full foot firmly planting the handle. Then with her left hand she put the phone in her mouth and took a second hand upon the handle and pried upwards slowly pulling the large bone free from the back. Until the muscles finally broke loose and gave way making the arm somewhat go limp.

Pulling on the lifeless arm she shot up like a pole-vaulter loosening the barbed wire to snag against the fur around the neck as she crossed over the beast's front then dashed a blinding half circle behind it again completing the strangling loop.
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