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 Forum Rules and Consequences. Welcome to our Fragment.

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Pink Samurai
Pink Samurai

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Forum Rules and Consequences. Welcome to our Fragment.  Empty
PostSubject: Forum Rules and Consequences. Welcome to our Fragment.    Forum Rules and Consequences. Welcome to our Fragment.  I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 25, 2013 1:01 am

Welcome to our humble forum of Fragmented Tales.

These rules are here to guide each and every member into a safe and fun environment for them to enjoy themselves, their roleplaying, and the company of friends.These rules are in no way against anyone here in the forum.

1.This is a Roleplaying Forum. It is open for new and veteran roleplayers of all kinds.You can roleplay as anyone you wish to be. Roleplay lengths do not matter, besides one liners. No action marks in posts. For Example: **.

2. Treat everyone as you wish to be treated. Be nice to new members and those new to roleplaying. You were once new at this.

3. If there is a problem with another member, PM an Admin for assistance. Do not try and handle the issue on your own if it becomes serious. Failure to fix the issue will result in punishment for both parties.

4. Please refrain from bumping your own topics.

5. No sexually explicit avatars.

6. No user may have more than 5 accounts. You have the ability to change the account names you currently use.

7. No one is expected to have perfect spelling or grammar. Everyone can make mistakes, and not everyone here speaks English for their first language.

8. The chat is meant for OOC discussion. Please, do not roleplay in the chat anymore than simple crack roleplay.

9. Do not CYBER in the chat. This involves excessive make outs, and sexual content. There are actual children present at times. We might not be able to control the internet's content, but we can filter what comes through our own site. Failure to comply with this will result in temporary bans after being asked to stop.

10. Cursing is allowed. However, don't be unnecessary with your vulgarity. There is a time and place for everything.

11. Respect all Mods and Admins. Mods will get approvals from the Admins. The Admin's words are law. Dante Sparda "Impy"s word is godlike.

12. Please submit a character bio in the proper board before roleplaying.

13. HAVE. FUN.

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Yosuke Hanamura
Yosuke Hanamura

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Forum Rules and Consequences. Welcome to our Fragment.  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Forum Rules and Consequences. Welcome to our Fragment.    Forum Rules and Consequences. Welcome to our Fragment.  I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 07, 2013 2:13 pm

(Some new stuff to add. Permission has already been granted by: Dante Impy Sparda, to moderate this Rules section and to add new rules as I see fit.)

New Rule #1: It is now a rule that you are required by the site to read each and every individual section of this rules section carefully, as failure to follow this section of rules will result in punishment which will vary depending on the violation.

A light violation of the rules, something such as snapping at an admin, can result in something small such as a temporary ban or a warning depending on how far the conversation or argument has unfolded. If in the midst of a severe, fiery argument, will result in a temporary ban. That would be considered a medium violation, however.

A medium violation is something that occurs that doesn't involve most people on the site itself but affects the people that are involved in a way that makes them uncomfortable, perhaps even having to leave the chat in order to keep them from losing their nerves, crying, etc. This is a little more serious than a light violation, and will definitely result in a banning with more than one day.

A heavy violation is soemthing serious, no doubt may even result in a permanent ban. Being that it is a very serious violation, it may not happen often. Just because a person is angry at another does not make this a heavy violation, all in all that would be nothing more than light as long as the person that is the problem causer does not continue to cause problems, which may escalate to a medium violation. A heavy violation is something exclusive for somebody that REPEATEDLY causes problems and does not stop, this in a series of major medium violations. A series of light violations would be a medium violation. You get the point.

New Rule #2: It is your responsibility to uphold the rules, sure, everybody knows this. But it is not only the responsibility, but the JOBS of the Administrators, Moderators (including myself), and the Owners to uphold and follow the rules. If there are any complaints about an Administrator, a Moderator, or even an Owner, contact somebody of equal or higher authority about the problem and it will be dealt with in a swift manner that it does not escalate any further.

New Rule #3: New rules can be added by people that have the option to do so, this including myself and Dante, whom is the Owner of this site. This is here because if we do not add rules as we go along, problems will persist and they will never go away.

New Rule #4: There will be absolutely no harassment. It's not a serious offense and it certainly is not a heavy violation, but it EASILY has the potential to become a medium violation. No names will be posted, because here at Fragmented we believe in fair play, and everybody will always be given a chance to return if they feel it necessary. IF YOU HAVE BEEN PERMANENTLY BANNED AND WISH TO RETURN, READ THE BELOW RULE!

New Rule #5: If you have been banned and wish to return, you must write a three paragraph post in PM's to the Owner or somebody else of high authority if you wish not to speak with the Owner. If you cannot, however, you will not be allowed in the chatbox, you will not be allowed to post, and your account will have a time limit of exactly ONE WEEK.

Extra: Special "key words" have been italicized, key words meaning they have some important to what you are about to read. Recite every single word to the site owner or an Administrator or Moderator, or you will not be allowed to use the chatbox, or to start or to reply to roleplays on this site (this does not mean already existing members have to do this.)

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Forum Rules and Consequences. Welcome to our Fragment.
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