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 Damned Enchanted Jewelry

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Pink Samurai
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PostSubject: Damned Enchanted Jewelry   Tue Feb 26, 2013 3:43 am

For Akane Shiroka
Today was a rather boring, normal day. Hot sun, dry heat, and earsplitting sounds coming from the construction site. Gabriel was working away the daytime hours and eager to get home to an adoring wife, house that's just an few payments away from being his, and hopefully a hot cooked meal.

Gabriel is your typical human; shaggy brown hair, body to fit the job he worked in, and moderately tempered to usually handle most situations with an aggressive and intimidating attitude to prove his point that questions usually come after the ass kicking.

~Screeching whistle~

That was one of the most beautiful sounds he could hear in this weather. It meant the day was being cut short do to a heat advisory. After putting away his tools and hard hat he hopped into the dusty gold car he managed paying off and keeping in working condition and headed on home.

As he rolled up the driveway, he noticed a strange black car parked a short distance down the street. Weirder things had been seen in his neighborhood, so this was easy enough to shrug off. Walking through the front door, he called out to his wife who didn't answer with her usual commentary on his odor from sweating and work, but to the odd and far too familiar sounds of her screaming.

Not in agony.

Immediately he sprinted to the bedroom and slammed the door open to find her in bed with some long haired pretty boy. His rage instantly hit the ceiling.

After 10 years of fighting, marriage counseling, and the work he'd done to get them where they were...she gave him the ultimate betrayal. He could feel his own heart ripping in two.
“BETRAYING BITCH. AFTER ALL I'VE BEEN THROUGH FOR YOU.” He shouted in anger as the two lustful birds scrambled in the sheets for coverage and clothing, Gabriel was already grabbing the bat beside the doorway.

In a red searing rage, he'd managed battering the two of them. The man weaseling past as the woman was taken care of. Gabriel didn't even think as he was splattered with blood from the woman and ran out of his home and burst into a sprint chasing after the man who had managed in slipping into his car and speeding off.

Two neighbors had heard the commotion and came forth to stop the rampage only to be assaulted and knocked unconscious. The bat had been thrown hard enough to shatter through the back window of the car and land in the back seat, staining the nice interior with both the driver's blood, and his wife's. This was just the start of the evening.

An intense level of police question, a month in jail and daily trials landed a still silently raging Gabriel in prison for 20 years. Considering his crime of passion, and that he was only 26, he was given a slight amount of leniency.

*~20 Years later~*

Salvatore. A man of few positive intentions had spent this time planning his own sentence for the human that had managed in actually damage the incubus. His strict confinement to abiding by the laws of the Masquerade had kept him from handling the situation in the manner he would have preferred.

Instead, he decided on a clever rouse. The assassin mother of a certain little assassin was in his current grasp. A girl who had become desperate to find her mother. The incubus ran clawed fingers through long dark hair as he passed the woman's little...'sanctuary'. The promise of her Daughters well being, and the hopes of them never meeting were given to the demoness. Being of high status in the Dark Court gave him such powers.

Still, Salvatore intended on using Akane's abilities to exact his revenge on the petty human. With abilities unknown to most demons, he summoned the young Akane to his home's front foyer. He had an assignment for the little girl.

Salvatore palmed a black orb. Today was the release date of the insufferable human, Gabriel. He watched through the orb at the gates of the prison sliding open. That face still burning in his mind as he watched him walk away. How pitiful, the human would have been better off dying in prison.


The former inmate buckled the belt of his jeans he'd ended his outside life in 20 years ago, and pulled on the slightly too tight white cotton shirt. At least the prison had the decency to wash the blood out of his clothing after he'd been enrolled. The twenty years that had gone by were...intense. Changing the sweet hearted man who had been betrayed and decided rampage was a good option for his heart being shattered, now was a hardened criminal. The open space felt foreign and wrong after staying in an 8 foot by 8 foot cell of his own and hardly getting a chance to walk on anything but marble tiles.

This was going to be a new start, and a new awakening in hell as he lost most of his people skills while secluding himself away from the other inmates. Black shaggy hair fell lightly against the back of his neck and into his face. With nothing to his name any longer, he stuffed his hands into his pockets and set out to find SOMEWHERE he could crash until he could start obtaining money. He'd made the mistake of not accepting much help from the prison to acquire a job. When you were sentenced for second degree murder, attempted murder, and two aggravated assaults with a deadly weapon...there wasn't much hope for anyone trusting you to do your job without killing the next person who crosses you.

At least one good thing had come from his beautifully barred suite...he had all the time needed to reach his personal opinion of his physical peak. At 46, he didn't look bad at all. He couldn't remember what real food tasted like, he didn't know what minuscule changes had been made, and he wasn't sure what music people listened to now. Stuck in the age of the 80's...he didn't care for the sounds he was already hearing. He could hear some high toned pop sounding music from a passing car, and then there was that silence again.

Suppose finding a shelter would be beneficial. There had bound to be a shelter for the homeless somewhere. He didn't manage in working with the prison workers to help build him any other work skills than the ones he had previously. He only stuck with the fact he was good with construction, so that was where he was going to stay with. His house had been foreclosed, his truck had been ceased, and he was going to be in a tremendous amount of debt. His deceased wife's family would be of no help. His own parents were long gone and had lawfully disowned him for his rage.

As Gabriel continued to walk, he began to notice where he was actually headed. The streets started to look familiar. Some of the houses...though different colors, some demolished began to look the same as well. He continued to walk a while longer. The streets looking more and more familiar until he found himself on his own street. Just a few more minutes of walking and there was his house. The windows were boarded up. The front door had been taped and wrapped with the bright yellow caution tape. He slowly stepped forward and began to see images of the day he ended his normal outside life. The day everything fell apart. He sighed quietly to himself as he walked through the doorway and began to enter the house. There were still bloodstains on the carpet...
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Akane Shiroka
Akane Shiroka

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PostSubject: Re: Damned Enchanted Jewelry   Sat Mar 30, 2013 5:09 pm

A black letter sealed in deep purple wax and tied with a red ribbon, carried by the wind, landed on an eroded and tattered table. The table stood alone with a small chair by its side on a yellow grassed plain. A small hut colored to camouflage into the surrounding area, was located just far enough into the dark forest to hide it. The door slowly creaked open and a tall figure walked out. Signature bloody red hair draped over her shoulders, her eyes the same scarlet color. Most demons had much brighter and warmer colors like a burning orange or a fading pink, she was…different.

Her name was simple. Ah-ka-neh, brilliant red, her mother named her after the red blossoms that fell every spring. This land was amazing, beautiful; full of life, but it was also dangerous. This was the border between a country full of darkness and despair, and a nation who killed mercilessly. She was the line drawn between the two, an unequal line, someone who should not have existed. She was born in neutral territory.

The door closed by itself with a small creak. She walked without purpose until her eyes met the letter, a shadow of annoyance came over her face, the color of the envelope symbolized the dark court and they never really wanted anything to do with her. She was a mistake on their part as well, but for the letter to appear here instead of her own home. This was no normal matter; this was her mother’s house, no one should have known where it was.

Her pale hand reached out, it paused once she realized the wax was purple. The court used blue wax; the only kind of people that would use purple would be…the incubi. Those creatures, demons that joined the Masquerade, they betrayed the Fire court. In this world, promises and titles were big deals. Broken promises had caused wars; debts were paid in suffer-able ways. Quickly grabbing the letter she broke the seal and pulled out the message. The paper disintegrated in her hands, the ashes wrapping around her.

Before anything else could happen, the spell cast upon the envelope had whisked her away. The surrounding area was swallowed in a dark fog and an image of a dark building suddenly stood tall before her. A breeze blew, the air smelled of light vanilla tinted with death. Her body didn't feel cold, even for the red and black laced corset that tugged at her body, exposing it. Dark purple flames danced around the building in a fashion that lit it up, yet it felt like they followed you. This magic, transportation magic only the higher ranks of the Dark court could use. A simply yet strong spell that would take whomever opened it anywhere the sender wanted.

The young demon stood staring at the balls of flame as a particularly large one lazily floated over to brighten her view of the cold stoned castle. As soon as she touched it, the dark fog that obstructed her vision immediately lifted giving her a full view of her surroundings. Frost covered the violet tinted leaves of the trees fenced around the mansion. A voice came from the purple flame, “Master wishes to see you in the Library. Please follow me; I am to warn you that straying from me will send you a painful punishment.”

Not wanting to disrespect the owners of the home, she obediently followed, her boots clicking behind her. The Dark territory was awfully strict and stuck up. Every clan was taught to follow and obey all higher members in society, but as she walked her surroundings got slightly familiar. It felt like something from her childhood, her messed up and forgotten childhood. Step by step she followed until the wisp disappeared into large twin door with a harsh, “Wait here.”

She stood outside, trying to pin the place she’s seen the same doors. Muffled voices trailed out, and her suspicious feeling was confirmed. The voice belonged to an incubus she had, at least, some knowledge of. Salvatore, a high ranking incubus that was part of the Dark court, next in power after the elders and one of the people in her father’s ring of advisers. The flame trailed out once more, this time past her as it whispered “Master is eager to meet you.” before dispersing into nothing.

The large doors embroidered with designs that twisted and clutched at the outline. Two untarnished brass handles peeked out of the middle of each door, ready to reveal the room. A thin red ruby bracelet hung loosely on her wrist, pulsing with life. A voice called out in the girl’s mind.

“Where are we?”

She quietly responded by grinning, “I guess we’re about to find out.”

After that it was silent at first, but as the door slowly cracked open the girl stared straight ahead, a hint of wonder crossing her face.

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Damned Enchanted Jewelry
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