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 Shale's Wake of War

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PostSubject: Shale's Wake of War   Tue Jul 31, 2012 10:45 am

In the beginning the world did not exist, nor the Gods, at least not in the way that humans now see them. The very first, the creator of gods was not a man, not something that could be capable of dominating the world, it was in fact something very fragile, something most manipulable. The first God, the Creator, came in the form of two books, one light and one dark. In these tombs that had written into existence the Gods as we know them along with their universe came many spells. Bound to the earth these tombs remain available or hidden by those that have and seek further to obtain power. Into them is not a written fate but a leaf upon which to write it.

Now as the ages darken, and new races spring forth, not quite god not quite mortal, the age of fairies, always appearing in balance. For every pixie there is a sprite, for every elf a dark elf, for every mermaid, a kelpie.

But balance was meant to be broken, else these creatures would not be given the chance to kill each other. And eons later came the dawn of the mortals, naturally drawn towards a predisposition for chaos. Often they were looked down upon by the higher faeries such as the elves and dark elves but men were the ones who were dominating the earth and it was in men who would uncover the long forgotten secrets of the ancient tombs buried deep within the earth.

Immaculate Elven Forests, Perilous Kolkafar Mountains, and the deep unknown Underground plus so much more lie in wait to be ventured and explored in this new world.
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Shale's Wake of War
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