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 Treasure Island Adventure II

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Alcyone Centauri
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PostSubject: Treasure Island Adventure II   Treasure Island Adventure II I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 11, 2013 2:42 am

(I know this is more like a One X One X One RP, but I'm putting it here for the sake of privacy. Before we get started, I'm going to lay down some ground rules. First off, this is an RP for myself, Dante Sparda "Impy" and Iori Yagami only. If you want to take part, you must ask one of us first. Even then, you need approval from all three of us. Secondly, there will be a posting order to make sure things stay neat and everyone can keep up with the story without being left behind. It will also prevent jumping ahead and all that stuff. Posting order is as follows.

Setsuna Higashi

Iori Yagami

Dante Sparda "Impy"

The posting order is VERY important, people. and it will be enforced. If new people are approved, I will factor them into the order, but no one will post unless it is their turn. If the posting order is violated, their post will be deleted, no ifs, ands, or buts. If this is understood, let's get started!)

The place was a pier. It was a sunny early afternoon. The salty ocean breeze blew through the area as seagulls flew overhead in the clear blue sky, cawing as they scavenged for a loose french fry or whatever else they could find. Sitting on a post was a young woman aged eighteen years. Her purple hair was a bit longer than shoulder length and blew in the wind as her red eyes gazed out over the sea. She wore a red tank top, black shorts and black combat boots with red socks. She also had a red jacket tied around her waist. Under it was a red belt with a pink pouch attached to it. This pouch held a device called a Linkrun.

Sitting in her arms was a small creature. A sort of baby fairy. She bore a resemblance to a panda bear with a mostly cream colored body, big brown eyes with pink markings underneath, pink blush stickers, puffy pink balls on the top of her head that are presumably ears, and a circular mark on her forehead. Chiffon wore a light blue diaper where her pink puffy tail stuck out and a white bib. She was reaching up towards the circling seagulls while cooing happily.

Setsuna reached in her pocket and pulled out an old dusty piece of paper. She looked it over and began to think. Chiffon noticed it and reached for it, only for Setsuna to pull it out of her reach.

"Now, now, Chiffon. We need to be careful with this paper. This is a treasure map." She said.

"Kya!" Chiffon called out. She seemed slightly annoyed.

"Yes, I know you found it, but still." Setsuna replied with a laugh.

"Puri pu!" Chiffon said, pointing out at the ocean.

"You want to go see what the map leads to, don't you? Well, we do need to borrow a boat first." Setsuna said, looking around at the boats placed around the pier.

"How about we go and look for one?" She asked after a few seconds.

"Puri~" Chiffon said in agreement.

"Ok, let's go."

With that, Setsuna stood up and began walking the pier looking for a boat she could borrow.

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Heishiro Mitsurugi
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Treasure Island Adventure II Empty
PostSubject: Re: Treasure Island Adventure II   Treasure Island Adventure II I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 12, 2013 5:38 pm

The shadowy figure of a humanoid looking fellow sat in a chair in front of a large monitor in a dark room, with no visible entrance or exit, giving no real explanation as to how he had gotten there. It seemed he were bored, watching scenes from several random bits, the only notable similarity being between the clips were the figure of a blue mechanoid, it's arm-based cannon laying waste to several other mechanoids of different colors and appearances. It all started with the defeat of a scientist, then eight robots with qualities similar to the blue robot, then the scientist again. Was there some sign of significance that it mattered so much to this shady figure that he needed to know about this one certain robot, that he had to research on him and get to know the qualities of somebody he probably had never met and never will?

It seemed he were sitting here watching this one simple robot completely waste the others, he tapped his hand on the desk with which sat to his front, a keyboard with several buttons highlighted by that screen which cast a light down into the room, yet this were the only source of light to be seen. With his right hand placed under his chin, this being a clear sign of bodily language explaining his boredom, his left hand skimmed across that lit keyboard until his index finger fell neatly over a button, which its importance remained unclear to those outside of his knowledge base. He hesitated for a small moment, thoughts running through his head as he remained deep in these thoughts.

He thought of the blue mechanoid and how it were able to pull these stunts so effortlessly. The defeat of those eight robots was little more than a beginning of a long storybook, this one robot's history being continued for whatever reason throughout several generations of robots. Why was this one robot so incredibly significant that he had to be made, remade, repaired, time and time again? What made him so important? No records were shown on who created him and why, it was just that without this robot, lots of people would be dead. It was simple enough to say this robot had sympathy for Humans, something a lot of others did not have at the time. There were a select few that did have some kind of emotion that could be considered sympathy for the flesh beings, but their loyalty to the mad Doctor himself, with a name that did not show up on the monitor itself but it could be assumed the person researching this knew about it, gave away their lives to the act of evil in servitude to this monster. Eventually it became their downfall, and they each perished one after the other to this robot.

Without the chance to press the certain key he had been preparing to press down on, a light entered the room, something yelling in an indescribable language with which could not be understood. A light covered the chair, yet the odd part was that at this moment, nothing was there. The monitor was blank, everything seemed to be in perfect order save for something missing that a normal eye could see. Any files containing that blue robot were gone, completely wiped from the mainframe. Whoever had gotten this information wanted it for a reason. No signs of forced entry meant he had gotten to this area without opening a door, and with no ventilation shafts or windows, it wasn't clear how he had gotten there in the first place. But it was clear somebody was there, thanks to the screen being blank when it should have been collecting more information on the mysterious blue robot. What had happened to this intruder is a mystery... At least to the investigators.

Not much time later, in the scenery of a pier, sat the figure himself now in daylight, holding a certain blue disc in his hands, this most likely being the one containing those files. It wasn't very far that he heard voices. How had they gotten there without him detecting their presences, or how had they not noticed him either? Quickly wishing for a way to hide himself, he quickly dove into those depths as quietly as possible. It might have been a mistake to make a noise like a splash, considering how tall the figure was before it vanished beneath the waves, but given that he himself was made of some similar metallic material, bodily functions would continue to work even underwater. This meant that he could breathe, and stay there as long as he wanted. For now all he could do was sit and hope he wasn't noticed or heard...

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Treasure Island Adventure II
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