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 The Justice Alliance

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PostSubject: The Justice Alliance   Wed Mar 13, 2013 10:35 am

In the Justice Alliance, all story plots will be preplanned and it will be up to the members to fill in the details. Each episode will consist of a different and possibly growing cast of characters.

List of Episodes:

Episode 1: Smite the Heathen
Brief Summary: Abel Stonewheel was raised by a kindhearted man, but that man is not the leader in the order of his church. At a certain age he is promoted to a paladin and sent out to do missions. One day someone of higher withing the monastery order sends him on a mission. There is a farmland out to the west, with rumors of a pagan practicing witchcraft. However when he arrives, he finds that the pagan magic is not at all what he expected, nor does it conflict with the sense of justice which he seeks to uphold. Our hero Abel, must decide then and there what he considers justice: The old teachings of his book, or the questionable new commands of this mysterious new member higher withing his order.

Episode one cast: Abel Stonewheel, Shale Ahneahe


Episode 2: ?????

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PostSubject: Re: The Justice Alliance   Fri Mar 15, 2013 1:57 am








The seven principles upon which the servants of light followed. Each one could be broken down into so much more detail, but as for a general guide they covered so much. To live one's life free and ensure the freedom of others was of course on the top. Then, poverty to make sure one freed themselves of earthly desires to the point at which they might harm others as a consequence. Then came honesty, to be true by word and even more so by action. Generosity, to take one's blessings and share that happiness with others, in a way to truly find happiness in one's own heart. Humility, to always make sure that you do not put others down, and to make sure that you are a man of actions that others will talk in your stead. Honor, is a staple of loyalty to a comrade as well as to bring pride and happiness to others in your actions. Perseverance was the strife to never yield and always seek ways to expand upon how you can become a better person.

Abel had read these practices over and over, but when Berne walked in the room he found the book open to another chapter on the teachings in the book of light. The judgment on mercy. There was no exact protocol on this subject, just to have faith in the guidance of light. Mercy was not always a good thing, and that is why Abel was trained in both hammer and light. Some enemies deserved to be healed, while as demons would never get the second chance to abuse their sinister tongues as a means to plea for mercy. Mercy was given when it was thought to preserve the seven ideals and avoided when it only caused a problem to those principles.


Plump grubby hands reached for the covers of Abel's bed. Berne's humble smile well matched his portly frame. He had been Abel's caretaker since the young lad was only 6 years old and had trained in both military and clerical arts. Berne often would be gardening an hour before sunrise while the sky was still dark blue and the chirping birds were no more than a silhouette on the trees. Still, even at these early hours of 5AM, rarely did he catch Abel sleeping. He had always known the man to tell him if it was one thing he loved and found sacred it was the sunrise, and that he watched it every morning, giving thanks and praise to the light that washed the sins of the world away and bathed it in radiant warmth and energy.

Abel had been working hard lately, which was an understatement that only could be read in context of harder than ever before. The graduation ceremony into being a paladin was christened with a first mission. After the mission before him was completed then his title as a paladin would be complete.


"Rise Ravenstein Bridger," Allistar Mailrun, the head of the church announced. "You've been assigned your first mission in Bridgewater, there has been reported vampire outbreaks in the town. Speak with the head of the Horseshoe Inn. He will help you find and search out the suspects."

"I will serve the light with fealty." Ravenstein kneeled and awaited the custom response.

"And may the light ever be with you." Allsistar bowed his head granting Ravenstein his leave.

Five paladins all waited in line. Raven as they knew him by nickname in weapons camp, had been top of the class and it was no surprise that he was selected first for this mission. Of the five remaining Abel was second in class, though it could easily be any of them that were gifted their first chance to serve the light. While it was taught not to compete and to show patients, they all eagerly awaited their oppertunity.

"Abel Stonewheel" Bishop Mailrun awaited his presence as Abel stepped up to kneel patiently at the base of the three stone steps that addressed the bishop's podium. "You've been assigned your first mission in Rain. Go to the farming outskirts and hunt the target with caution. You've been selected to rid the area of a witch practicing the craft. Proceed with caution I say once more to you, for some of the town supports the pagan. What ever you do, do not eat the fruit, it is said she taints it with her magic to place people under her spell."

"I will serve the light with fealty," Abel replied.

"And may the light ever be with you," Allistar said grimly as the serious man he always was.

Abel walked passed his comrades trying to hide the smile on his face, he knew humility was one of the seven practices but it was so hard to suppress the happiness he felt in this point in his life. From the seats at which citizens occupied standing next to the main center isle was Berne, his plump kind hearted features were trembling even more so and tears were falling down his eyes. Never before had the man been so proud, he had in essence been given the job of adopting Abel as his son, for once someone was chosen to enter the church and serve as a paladin knight, their life was so busy, they hardly had time to visit their blood family.

The mighty doors of the church were open and the assassination of a heathen was in the works.

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The Justice Alliance
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