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 The Spade Ace vs The Living Weapon

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Night terror
Night terror

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The Spade Ace vs The Living Weapon Empty
PostSubject: The Spade Ace vs The Living Weapon   The Spade Ace vs The Living Weapon I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 03, 2013 1:53 pm

From all the long years from being destroyed Ostrheinsburg Castle stood tall and in ruins as the sun setting for the evening placing beauty on the ruined castle the tide hitting the support of the bridge rather roughly. the scene would be perfect for sight seeing or having a battle to test ones might it would also bring back bad memories of those who were slaughtered at this very castle. The azure knight nightmare one ruled this very place when he took it over but that was over a thousand years standing in the middle of the bridge was a hulking armored beast vaguely resembling Nightmare. What was once azure armor and flesh has become a combination of armor and bone with an orange/red sheen. The helmet area has grown and developed a large crest-like shape and the muzzle-covering area has been removed to reveal a lip less mouth with long teeth shown and its eyes are a beady yellow. At the center of its chest is a glowing core of energy which spreads throughout its upper body. In place of hands are a pair of giant claws and in the "palms" are fully functional mandibles although this does not appear to hamper its ability to wield a sword in the least. Lastly, a slightly long tail has sprouted from the base of the spine area. Flowing from its back side are a pair of large, fiery wings. The beast was once known as the Azure knight Nightmare but is now the personification catastrophe know as Night Terror. In his claws on the left arm was the cursed sword soul edge in it's ultimate form it was made from organic material such as flesh large jagged teeth that go from the very end of the blade to near the handle of the sword the razor sharp blade is on the bottom of the jagged teeth and had a long curved horn like a crescent near the handle. The demon knight turned his head to look at the ruined castle and let out a sigh his lip less mouth formed a smile remembering the days when he was nightmare.

"Ah how long has it been since i left this castle? It has been ages since I have been here."

The large demon knight turned his head back to the setting sun with his sword in the claws on the left arm waiting for an opponent to appear so that he may test their abilities and strength as of his own. If he would defeat a strong opponent after another it would prove that he has gotten stronger and would achieve his goal to become stronger and shapen his fighting skills.

Astral Chaos doesn't exist or co exist of with any other dimension to those who appear there beware
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The Spade Ace vs The Living Weapon
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