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 business vacation in Columbia

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PostSubject: business vacation in Columbia    Mon Apr 08, 2013 12:15 am

The year was 1912 the city of Maine looked rather lively with sun shining most people would be out playing in the park or talking walks down the streets enjoying their day except for one man named Booker DeWitt. Booker was sitting in his office wearing his casual uniform a suit with a red tie along with a leather vest, jeans and a belt he also had a five,o clock shadow and letters AD branded on his hand. He was hired to recover a girl a supposed floating city he didn't believe them about Columbia being a floating city but he had to take this job in order eliminate his gambling debt. He went outside and headed to the dock where two people were waiting to take him to the coast of main on a rowboat Booker got on board the row boat as they took off to the lighthouse. About seven hours have passes since they have left the port the weather became rainy the man and the woman that were taking Booker to the light house came prepared as they had rain coats on.

"Are you just going to sit there?" said the gentleman the woman looked at the gentleman as he was rowing the boat "As compared to what? Standing?" replied the woman. "Not standing, rowing" the man said complaining "Rowing? I hadn't planned on it" said the woman as she picked up a briefcase and handed it to Booker who was sitting right behind her as the gentleman continued to row the boat "So you expect me the shoulder the burden?" complained the gentleman. Booker looked at the box as he raised an eyebrow "what's this?" he said confused "No but I do expect you to do all the rowing" replied the lady ignoring Booker's question "And why is that?" asked the gentleman "coming here was your idea" replied the woman. Booker ignored the man and the woman's bickering as he looked up to see a light house not to far up ahead "my idea?" asked the man "I've made it very clear that I don't believe in the exercise." replied the woman "The rowing?" asked the man again "No I imagine that's wonderful exercise." said the woman in a sarcastic tone. "Then what?" asked the man again "The entire thought experiment" replied the woman Booker getting tired of their bickering he help his hand a bit to interrupt them "Excuse me how much longer?" Booker asked, the man and the woman ignored Mr. Dewitt's question "One goes into an experiment knowing one could fail" said the gentleman continuing to row the boat.

Booker opened the briefcase and in it there was a broadsider pistol, a card with a scroll a key and a sword, a picture of the girl he was supposed to rescue and a pamplet of Columbia. "One does not undertake an experiment knowing one HAS failed." said the woman to the gentleman "Can we get back to the rowing?" replied the man. Booker took the pistol out of the briefcase and turned the safety off "that will work" Booker muttered to himself "I suggest you do we're never going to get there." said the woman to the gentleman. "No I mean I'd greatly appreciate it if you would assist." replied the gentleman "Perhaps you should ask him?" said the woman talking about Booker "I'd imagine he has a greater interest in getting there than I do" she continued. "I suppose he does, but there's no point in asking." the gentleman replied "Why not?" she asked curiously "Because he doesn't row." the man replied "He doesn't ROW?" she asked "No he DOESN'T row." answered the man "Ah I see what you mean."

After a few minutes of bickering and arguing with each other they finally arrived at the lighthouse. "We've arrived." said the woman, Booker stood up and climbed up the ladder to the dock "Shall we tell him when we'll be returning?" asked the woman "Would that change anything?" the man asked back "It might give him some comfort." the woman answered back "At least that's something we can agree on" replied the man. As the two were leaving Booker looked up at the lighthouse then back at the man and the woman on the boat "Hey! Is anybody meeting me here?" he asked "I'd certainly hope so" replied the gentleman "It does seem like a dreadful place to be stranded." added the woman "Ah well maybe there's someone inside" Booker said to himself. Booker walked up to the light house and up the stairs to the door he knocked on the door "Ah excuse me. it's Booker DeWitt I guess your expecting me." he said as he opened thee door he looked see if anyone was around but the place looked completely empty. He walked up to stairs to see if anyone was at the light house "Is anyone here? Hello?" still there was no response he then heard music above The man thought it was odd that music would be playing in an empty place like this he continued going up the stair until he reached the second floor.

The music seemed to be coming from this floor Booker looked to his left to notice a bed with an open book on it and a juke box right next to it however it was nothing to worry about he picked up the nearby telephone but he could hear nothing the line was cut. Booker shook his head and put the telephone down he walked up the next set of stairs to come up to the third floor he noticed a toppled bookshelf was next to the stairs and books were scattered onto the floor. He noticed somebody sitting in the chair he walked closer to the person sitting in the chair however the person was tied to the chair dead, blood was splattered on the wall and pooled up on the floor the man that Booker was looking at had a bag on his head the front of the bag had blood all over it. From Booker was looking at it looked like he was beaten to death with a blunt weapon "...Shit" Booker cursed to himself the only thing he was thinking was what happened here and who did this Booker walked to the other set of stairs. the stairs led him outside as he continued to walk up the final set of stair it was still raining outside however it didn't seem to bother the man.

The man then came across a set of three bells he looked at the three bells to notice a scroll a key and a sword Booker then thought for a second. "wait a minute that card." he said to himself he rang the bell on the left once then rang the second bell in the middle twice and the third bell on the right twice. As he rang the bell's the light on top of them activated suddenly a the light house steam boat horn activated as a red light appeared from the light house "what in the world?" Booker said confused. Suddenly a red light appeared from the stormy skies as if sending a signal to the light house bells started ringing as the light from the light house started rotating upward like a screw. Then noticed that a chair appeared where the light was supposed to be and the gate where the bells were opened "All right looks like they expect me to sit in their fancy chair" Booker wasn't so sure about sitting in the chair something bad might happen he then thought for a minute and then made his decision he got in the fancy looking chair "So now wha..." suddenly he was interuppted when the chair locked him into place "The hell?" he cursed.

Walls started to appear from below the chair and surrounded Booker as a voice announced "Make yourself ready. pilgrim, the bindings are there as a guard." the walls surrounding him closed to make some sort of chamber. "This can't be good..ah" he said nervously while struggling to break free the floor below him opened a bit as Booker saw four rocket thrusters while he was still strapped to the chair his gun fell out from his pocket and onto the floor below the thruster's "No no... ah dammit" he cursed. the rocket thrusters activated signalling the rocket silo pod that it was about to take off "Ascension...ascension in the count of FIVE....FOUR......THREE....TWO....ONE" the chair positioned Booker in front of the window so that he could look out it to was was happening "No no no no no" said Booker nervously as if something bad was going to happen to him. "Ascension.....Ascension" the countdown had stopped as the rocket silo pod took off with Booker in it rising to fifteen thousand feet into the sky until suddenly Booker looked out the window to see a city floating in the sky Booker could not believe what he was seeing the view was amazing as he was slowly descending the rocket silo landed on an elevator that took him down into what appeared to be some kind of church. The door of the rocket silo opened and the bindings holding booker were released the man stepped out of the silo and looked around "Where the hell am I?" he thought to himself the man looked to his left as he saw an entrance into another room he walked to the entrance to find the floor was flooded with water and pouring down the stairs.

Booker walked down the stair carefully knowing one false move would make him slip and tumble to his demise. After a minute passed of walking down the stairs he saw a giant hallway at the end of the hallway looked like an exit out of the church and an passageway to Columbia. Still the floor was flooded but with candles leading to the passage way He walked about a yard or two reaching the passage way "So this is the passage way to the city huh? well at least i can leave this place." he said to himself. A few minutes after walking a yard from the church into the tunnel that lead to Columbia the man saw sunlight and walked into some kind of garden with three statues one holding a key another holding a sword and the other holding a scroll. Booker walked up the stairs past the statues looking at the priest's and priestesses praying Booker rolled his eyes and continued walking throughout the garden until he came across pair of wooden doors "alright i guess i got a girl to find." he said opening the doors. The city looked like it was lively and the people looked like they were enjoying their day the platform he was standing on lowered itself and formed a bridge so that he can get across. The man walked across the bridge into the city "So this is Columbia the city of the skies." Booker said to himself as he looked around.

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business vacation in Columbia
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