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 Time paradox. Dante meets Tony.

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Tony Redgrave Sparda
Tony Redgrave Sparda

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Time paradox. Dante meets Tony. Empty
PostSubject: Time paradox. Dante meets Tony.   Time paradox. Dante meets Tony. I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 13, 2013 5:10 pm

The ceiling fan of a small run-of-the-mill shop circulated slowly, the mechanics of the fan lagging to the point it hardly seemed to be moving at all, or if it were moving in slow motion. That slow motion only helped to improvise this boring environment, void of life but of a single man sitting alone in a chair behind his desk. His feet propped up on the desk to his front and a magazine over his face, his hands behind his head while he leaned back in his chair. A pizza box on his desk was left opened, with a few pieces missing and some of the pieces still being there but only half eaten. One could guess he had been hungry, but too tired to really finish, or maybe he wasn't really hungry but snacking? Nah, nobody would eat a pizza just because they wanted a snack, right? Unless of course it was the legendary Son of Sparda himself, then it would be different! Donned in a red dress shirt and red slacks, his vest hanging over the corner of his chair to his left and his coat over to his right on a rack, the top button of the red dress shirt unbuttoned because he felt the heat of his shop bearing down on him. It was a good eighty-six degrees outside, and the heat was really building up in his shop now that his fan recently stopped working. Could anything possibly get worse for the Son of Sparda?

That is, until his leg kicked a bit on his desk and he found himself in a rude awakening as the gravity taking effect on his chair caused him to tilt backwards a bit too far, and he saw himself plummeting to the ground with a thud. His head hit the back of the wall hard enough to shake him back to being fully awake.

"Goddam! That hurt...!"

cursing to himself a few times under his breath, he stood up from his toppled chair and rubbed the back of his head in both anger and embarrassment. At least nobody was around, so that was good. Nobody saw Dante hit himself on his head. He felt a little bad about himself considering he could have avoided it if he were awake. Or maybe he wouldn't have fallen back in the first place? Bah, details. He thought to himself he should be a bit more careful about what he is doing when he takes a nap. After all, doesn't he have a couch? But it was full of bugs and such, he didn't really feel like sleeping on that thing. Maybe he should stick with his bed upstairs or something. He walked about and kicked a stuffed animal at his feet, its pink fluffy design catching his eye. He bent down to pick it up and studied it carefully. It was in the shape of a bear, and it had a pretty pink ribbon tied around its neck. He smiled and closed his eyes in thought for a second, remembering a kid by the name of Patty Lowell he had to babysit apparently for some odd reason that he couldn't remember, or really wouldn't care to remember. She was out shopping with his tight-fisted bastard of an agent, Morrison. A long time ago, Patty had decorated his store in a "pretty" way, so she put it. Despite Dante's protests against it, it stayed that way for a while. At least a while ago he got it changed back to normal, although Patty wasn't too happy about that. So Morrison took her out shopping to keep her from crying, knowing well enough that Dante wouldn't like it and he would get annoyed.

He didn't really miss her, in fact if she went off to live in a family household, she'd be a lot better off than living in this dump of a shop that Dante owns. He didn't like calling it that, but it was the honest truth. Bugs were everywhere, the Television always glitches out or short-circuits, and even the fan itself was starting to mess up. It could still get worse, right?..... Dante didn't think so. He threw the bear to the couch where all of the other stuffed animals were, all shapes and sizes. Horses, ponies, silly girly things like that. And she wouldn't have to put up with the gruesome sights of dead Demons at Dante's feet when she accompanies him on a job. Oddly enough, it didn't really bother her. For the most part, at least. Still though, Dante didn't really enjoy killing large Demons in front of kids, it made him look bad. He didn't really need to look worse than what his financial troubles made him out to be.

He scratched the side of his head as all he could do was ponder about what to do in his spare time.
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Dante "Impy" Sparda
King Impy

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Time paradox. Dante meets Tony. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Time paradox. Dante meets Tony.   Time paradox. Dante meets Tony. I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 16, 2013 10:57 pm

Rain softly patted against a young male with silver-white hair. Not being smart enough to carry an umbrella, the male pulled himself under a metal awning to keep himself dry. He brought a leather bounded-gloved hand to his head and rubbed it. It was soaked. Not entirely, but enough to dampen it, much like when he took a nice warm shower. As much as this wasn't a warm shower he would love to have now, it was a light rain shower, that was rather chilly. HE was pretty much not dressed for the weather.

All he wore was a long red leather coat, complete with brown leather straps that held his two guns on his back, which connected to a strap across his chest. Some sort of new fashion trend for the male perhaps? Maybe it was his only way of holding his guns on his holder. Many people would pretty much ask him if he was wearing a.. well... you would know. Of course, the male was shirtless, his coat exposing his chest and well toned abs. Of course he was wearing a pair of trousers and boots as well.

He gave a sigh as he leaned against the wall of the building. The light rain becoming a down poor. Yup, Dante wasn't going any place for a while. Not until the rain ceased. This rain of course reminded him of something. Something that reminded him of something when it rained. That day. That very day...

He closed his eyes for a moment, remembering that time when he and his brother confronted each other for the final time. The time when his twin, elder brother threw himself back to the demon world. Yeah, that day...

The young male with silver hair snapped back to the real world as he looked around. HE could hear foot steps among the rain. He did not have his sword with him, only his two hand guns; Ebony and Ivory. He pulled both out from behind him and held then close to his body. He hoped it was just a random by stander, passing by and minding his own business. If it was a random mugger or a stranger, then there be lead flyin'. However, it was just a random by stander. A person who meant no harm whatsoever. He gave a sigh. Boy was he relieved.

"Now... home and somethin' to fill me up." The half breed said. He stopped for a moment. The rain... it was just lightly falling. Yeah. He had that moment of feeling. It was always the rain. The bloody rain. He would fiddle around a bit until he reached what would be his shop. He started to fiddle around in his pockets a bit, searching for something. A key maybe?

Pulling out a key, he inserted it into the lock and unlocking it. He then entered inside his shop. However, something seemed... amiss here. Things looked rather... different. The whole place seemed even more run down than what it normally was. He gave a sigh as he placed a hand on his face, gently rubbing the bridge of his nose.

"Did someone trash my place?" He asked himself. "Because if someone did, I will be kickin' their ass!"

He decided to investigate his 'shop' some more. To see if anything was stolen.

[Only admins are allowed to see this image]
My Kinda rain!
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Sayaka Miki
Sayaka Miki

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Time paradox. Dante meets Tony. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Time paradox. Dante meets Tony.   Time paradox. Dante meets Tony. I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 18, 2013 11:32 pm

The young girl walked at a leisurely pace, looking up as she went. The rain showed no sign of stopping, and she was a long way from home. She didn't mind the rain much. After all, rain helps flowers grow. And she loved flowers a lot. She held a pink umbrella with a curved handle and wore a long-sleeved two-toned pink top with a number 7 on the back, light blue three-quarter skinny jeans and pink flat shoes. A small animal floated next to her while staying underneath the umbrella and staying dry.

"Are you sure we should be out here, desu?" Asked the animal, a fairy of sorts named Chypre. "We might catch a cold even with the umbrella!"

"We still have a ways to go before we make it back home, Chypre." Replied the girl, named Tsubomi. "But you're right... I think we need to find a place to rest until the rain stops."

Tsubomi and Chypre began looking through buildings in order to find a resting spot and eventually came upon a building. The pair curiously looked up at it.

"Devil May Cry...?" Tsubomi read on the sign.

"What's that mean, desu? I don't want to see a Devil!" Chypre said fearfully.

"Hm... Oh wait! I remeber now! That's the name of Mr. Dante's shop!" Tsubomi said happily.

"Mr. Dante? Oh I remember, desu!" Chypre said cheerfully. "I'm sure he'll let us stay here until the rain stops!"

"Let's go in!" Tsubomi said with a smile.

Tsubomi went up to the door and turned the knob, relieved to see it was unlocked. She then slowly walked in and looked around as she closed her umbrella.

"Mr. Dante?" She called, looking for her old friend, the one she explored multiple jungles with.

"This place looks really messy, desu..." Said Chypre.

"I wonder if something happened..." Said Tsubomi. "Oh! There he is!"

She had caught sight of a familiar figure in a red coat and ran toward him.

"Mr. Dante! Hello! It's me, Tsubomi! Is this your shop?" She said.

"And I'm Chypre! Is your shop always this messy, desu?" Chypre added.
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Tony Redgrave Sparda
Tony Redgrave Sparda

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Time paradox. Dante meets Tony. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Time paradox. Dante meets Tony.   Time paradox. Dante meets Tony. I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 22, 2013 5:53 pm

After a few moments of waiting, standing under his fan appearing quite confused as to what to do, the rain pouring upon his roof making a soft sound with each drop, a melody of endless notes which only made him sleepier than he was before. Considering he had not received a well rest, as he had stayed up quite late partying until about two in the morning, not his usual time. But, he had received a job in the middle of partying, and didn't have much more than a few hours of sleep because of the time he woke up. His arms reached into the air as he let out a stretch before hearing the front bell of his shop ring, meaning somebody had opened the door, and if somebody opened it far enough it would hit the bell and make a noise. It was kind of like a make-shift doorbell. But upon hearing it he directed his line of sight to the door only to be surprised as to who that entered. It was somebody that looked exactly like him in every way! Of course, seeming surprised, he ran up to this other fellow and grabbed him by the collar and held him up to his face in order to closely identify his features. Sure enough, even his face was the same, it was just younger. Just what was going on? Was this guy a really good cosplayer, or his brother in disguise?

"You've got five seconds to explain what you're doing here in my shop and why you look exactly like me before I kick you out of my shop. Got it?"

He didn't like it that he got so much attention, seeing as he was pretty lazy himself. After all, if he got attention, that means he would have to work. And then his partner Lady would take all of his money from the countless jobs he would have to perform. No free time, no money because it gets taken away, and lots of work, was not his style. Of course he might have ended up beating this guy down after that until he realized his shop door opened up again, forcing him to let go and turn his back. Walking back around his deck and picking up a magazine, he headed to the room where the shower was located. Nodding to the person behind him, he spoke again without caring to hear what this look-alike had to say.

"I'm taking a shower. If you're me, handle this one yourself."

And after that he closed the door and locked it from the inside. With the rain still going he thought it would be a bad idea to take a shower, seeing as he might catch a cold or something. But nevertheless, he walked to the shower door and opened it, turning the knob and letting the water pour from above his head. He moved his hand through his hair, which of course was clean because he took a shower a day before. However, it had rainwater in it because he left a bus stop as he made his way to the shop before. Closing his eyes, he walked to the mirror and put his hands on opposite sides of the sink and looked into the mirror, studying his own features. His face sure seemed like a perfect match to the other guy that walked in. Hell, he didn't get much of a look at the other one that came in after him, he just wanted to leave as fast as possible before things got even weirder.
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Time paradox. Dante meets Tony. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Time paradox. Dante meets Tony.   Time paradox. Dante meets Tony. I_icon_minitime

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Time paradox. Dante meets Tony.
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