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 Shale's Rant of the Day

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PostSubject: Shale's Rant of the Day   Thu Apr 25, 2013 12:46 am

A Guide to Better Writing

First of all, stop, you are describing your character aren't you? Human psychology is to care about one's self not other people. Let's face it, the person who care's most about how your character looks is you, not them. Don't load on details. No one is going to memorize your character like its a test for school. If you want someone to remember what your character is wearing mention the looks little by little and how the clothes are noticed when in action such as a shoe when it steps on something, or a scarf only when the wind blows to make it noticeable. This doesn't mean skip out on the details, it just means your intro should be more interesting that a bag of details on your character's appearance. Try starting with an action, most of the time it isn't even necessary to know what you look like.

Do, don't tell. No one wants to sit around and wait, no matter how elegant or beautifully you can write you are wasting time until something happens. Background information is better discovered that told, explanations aren't necessary if you can write in a way your reader will figure things out for themselves eventually. Have more confidence in the intelligence of your readers, they are not stupid, they will pick up details if you leave clues for them to grasp.

Have a reason before you start. I can't say how many times people post simply to meet up in a group and once everyone is there the inspiration ends.

Have two types of goals. You need to have a goal as an author for what you plan to happen eventually. Your character needs a motive for what they are doing as well, though the character doesn't need to reach their goal; you on the other hand must.

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Shale's Rant of the Day
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