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 The journey into the abyss

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Night terror
Night terror

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PostSubject: The journey into the abyss   Sun Jul 21, 2013 10:23 pm

In all of his years of existence Night terror heard of a place called Oolacile but he had never been there before he heard it was being attacked by the dark void of the abyss. He had also heard the residents of the town had been transformed into monsters with large heads with many red eyes and elongated arms due to some sort of influence but from what? This reminded him of when he spread his influence causing an event known as the evil seed but that was in the past he also heard of an everlasting dragon that brought calamity due to it power then demon knight thought he could make it his pet or he could kill it, this would boost his reputation for killing an everlasting dragon. Night terror decided he would Go to this place called Oolacile and stop the corruption of the abyss as well take care of some other things while he was there such as killing that everlasting dragon. The demon knight stood in front of the lake where he had slain the hydra that was annoying him by shooting large bullets of water at him but the demon knight managed to slay the serpent king by slicing off all of the nine heads and destroyed the crystal golems that were guarding it.

"Well at least i won't have to deal with that annoying hydra anymore now time to go to Oolacile there should be a portal in that cave at the end of the lake." The demon knight said to himself holding what looked like a broken pendant in his right hand. "So the portal is supposed to open with this broken pendent i got from the crystal golem i destroyed?" Night terror said while he took a step into the shallow lake, the demon knight's armor was emitting steam as soon as he stepped into the lake. The water did not slow the hulking armored beast as he walked a few more feet in the water and nearing the water fall still staying in the shallow part of the lake and a few feet closer to the cave.

Night terror entered the cave and began looking for the portal for a few minutes until he saw something anonymously dark in the back of the cave while still emitting steam. The hulking armored beast walked closer and closer to the dark portal and examined it. "So this is going to take me to Oolacile or maybe a place close by it well here i go no turning back now." The demon knight said but as soon as he said that a giant dark monster hand grabbed the hulking armored beast knocking him back several feet since it caught him off guard then pulled him into the portal quickly while the portal was still open. when the demon knight could see clearly he looked around to see where he was at, the demon knight's surroundings were new but it looked like he was in some sort of tunnel underneath a large tree, the trees roots were everywhere on the walls of the tunnels. "Where am I and what was that thing that pulled me in?"

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The journey into the abyss
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