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 Character Creation

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PostSubject: Re: Character Creation   Tue Sep 11, 2012 4:23 pm

Name: Subject Zero

Nick Name: Ghost

Age: 22
Eyes: Red, though blue at times when he changes.


Skin: Pale

Powers: Ice and Lighting

Weapons: Twin swords that can morph into a long katana if needed, various throwing knives and poison, and smoke bombs

Appearance: Usually wearing a clay mask plain white with eye holes. A long hooded trench coat armored to protect him. Thick boots, that help keep his footsteps silent.

Personality: Cold, distant, usually unemotional but can get angry real fast.

History: An assassin, that is what he was. A person who served people who created him. A man whos blade did his talking for him. A soul surrounded by death. A man who made no attempts at a normal life, after all this is what the organization made him into, a soldier, a warrior, an assassin. From the day he was created he was trained in the arts of the sword,the gun,magic and poisons beaten daily to endure the pain to feel everything yet ignore it to the best of their abilities, to not cry. An assassin this is what he was, a nobody,a shadow in the dark, a ghost, a faint memory. A reaper of souls is what the whispers called him.

Ghost was grown in a lab, created to be the perfect assassin a vampire servant to a human. Created to be used and abused by a woman with to much time and money on her hands. Gifted with the Dna of a Pure Vampire and elf to give him form he was grown to adult hood in only 5 years. During those 5 years screens uploaded information into his mind pushing it into, drilling it. As he was growing his nerve endings were dulled so he could resist pain more easily. During the 5th year of growing he was injected with a control chip in his brain to make him easier to control. After his first month from the growing chamber he went through another training session only to go on his first mission in only a month after being released from his make shift birth chamber. He succeed in his first mission and so on for years afterwards gaining the name ghost after never being caught he was chained up when not in use to prevent any thoughts of escape. It was only when he was ordered to kill one of his creators, his father in a way that it all changed. Once he had arrived at the home of the man who created him he noticed to late it was a trap the house was set ablaze a massive explosion. Ghost with out thinking used his ice abilities to cover himself in ice to save him from the explosion. However he had put himself in a coma for 16 years. Only to be saved by his replacement the one they made to make up for loosing him. It was only because some men found the man in ice and he appeared on the news that he was sent to be recovered. Though it was only for him to be killed, after all he was obsolete now.

It has been years since the start. Since he had started his revenge mission, he had already killed nine of the people responsible for making him. Though now he had more dangerous enemies then he had thought. Test subject X proved to be his better. They had so far ended each fight in a draw. Time would tell who would finally end the stalemate.
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Izayoi Sakuya

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PostSubject: Sakuya's Bio   Sat Sep 15, 2012 4:13 am

Name: Izayoi Sakuya
Nick Name: none for now, but please give me some
Race: Human
Age: few hundred, but appears to be between 16-18
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Silver/White
Skin: pale
Powers: Time manipulation, multiplying weapons
Weapons: Knife


Personality: Sakuya has a calm and peaceful personality and she is very loyal to her friends and those she serves like the Sarlet Sisters. She is shy so she does not speak too much in front of a stranger until she starts to open up to that person. It takes awhile for her to open up so many consider her as a mysterious maid with few words. She is also protective of anyone she is allied with and is willing to do anything to aid them as much as possible.

Sakuya's real name is unkonwn, but few hundred years ago, she was appoined to become the Guardian of the Time by the Goddess of Time at a shrine. Her sole duty was to punish those who abuse time for their own selfishness like making themselves immortal by using time. However, she was struck with something that led her to gain amnesia. She promised the Goddess that she will be back once her memory is fully restored and set out on a journey to find herself. While she was traveling, she got attacked by Yukai and passed out near the Scarlet Devil Mansion. She was taken in by the mansion's mistress, Remilia and was renamed "Izayoi Sakuya". Sakuya meant "Flowering Night". She was to serve as a maid at the mansion and she eventually has becme the chief maid of the mansion.

One night, she was visited by a mysterious man and the Goddess of Time who made her realize her true duty is to recover her memories not to serve as a maid at some mansion. She sets out on another journey trying to find her missing memories while exploring many different types of worlds.

(sorry that the history part is really short, I could develop it more if needed)
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Kyoko Snackattack Sakura

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PostSubject: Re: Character Creation   Sun Sep 16, 2012 6:54 pm

Name: Sakura Kinomoto

Nickname: Sakura-Chan, Kiddo, Monster, Mistress of The Clow

Race: Human

Age: 10-14

Eyes: Green

Hair: Brown

Skin: Fair

Powers: Sakura possesses various magical abilities related to the Clow Cards, and can use a wide variety of powers through the cards. She can also sense other magic powers and ghosts, even though she is afraid of them. She can transform the Clow Cards into Star Cards, even though she has already transformed them all. Sakura also has prophetic dreams that allow her to see the future, and exceptionally powerful good luck.

Weapons: It can be said that Sakura's only weapon is her Star Wand. However, with the power of the Star Cards, it can control their abilities and become other weapons through them. (A sword with the Sword Card, a bow with the Arrow Card, etc.)


Personality: Sakura is an extremely energetic and cheerful character. She is very athletic, being a member of her school's cheerleading squad and an excellent runner, a trait she inherited fro her father. Her "invincible spell", "Everything will surely be all right.", has carried her through innumerable trials and obstacles as she masters her magical skills.
She often comes across as naïve, clumsy, dense and clueless, but she has her perceptive moments on occasion. Her favorite foods are omelet and noodles with seafood and her favorite recipe is pancakes. Her birthday is on April the first. She hates Mathematics, loves Gym and Music, and her blood type is A.

Sakura's optimistic and trustworthy character allows her to be friendly with everybody, she is very outgoing and the entire series focuses on the friendships she creates with people, whether strangers, loose acquaintances, or rivals. In fact, her personality is a dominating factor in her relationships, especially with Syaoran Li. Though sometimes she's quite gulliable and believes what everyone tells her. Her charm can win anyone (as shown with Syaoran in the series) and she's very scared of ghosts.

She became scared of ghosts because her brother who could see spirits would usually point them out. Though she couldn't see them, their descriptions of have 'one eye' or 'missing a hand' would frighten her therefore she since she was young has felt a deep fear of ghosts. Ironically she has no fear for the Clow Cards, this is apparent when Sakura finds out that the ghost in the park is actually a Clow Card and therefore was not scared anymore. She is known to be clueless about things relating to herself but perceptive of others. Though when she finds out information about her friends she usually keeps quiet about it.

Despite her sweet nature, Sakura has been shown to have a very vicious temper. This is often seen when Toya insults her by calling her a monster and once when she and Kero got into a fight.

History: Sakura's story begins when she finds the Clow Book in her father's study. She opens it and accidentally releases the Clow Cards. Afterwards, she meets Cerberus, who tasks her with recapturing the Cards. Once Sakura finds them all, she meets Yue, the Judge (Who is actually the true self of her friend, Yukito Tsukishiro) Who tests her to see if she is a worthy master. Sakura passes the test and is named the new Mistress of the Clow. Some time later, Sakura is continually tested by Eriol Hiiragizawa, who is revealed to be a reincarnation of Clow Reed, the original creator of the cards. During this time, Sakura converts the Clow Cards into Star Cards, which means that instead of drawing their magic power from the Sun and the Moon, they would draw it from the power of Sakura's own star. Eventually, Sakura overcomes the test, converts all of the Cards, and becomes the full fledged Clow Mistress.

Other: Since her adventures with the Cards, Sakura has formed quite a few new friendships, most notably with Iori Yagami.

Mother: Nadeshiko Kinomoto

Father: Fujitaka Kinomoto
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Alcyone Centauri

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PostSubject: Re: Character Creation   Sun Sep 23, 2012 6:18 pm

Name: Lan Fan

Nicknames: None

Race: Human

Age: 15

Eyes: Dark brown

Hair: Black

Skin: Fair

Powers: Lan Fan is an extremely skilled combatant, well-versed in the use of Xingese martial arts in both armed and hand-to-hand styles. She has been shown to hold her own in a one-on-one with Edward and against the Homunculi. Like most skilled Xingese warriors, she has the ability to sense other people's Qi, giving her an edge in battle and the ability to identify the Homunculi, whose life energy is twisted by the large number of souls trapped inside them. Lan Fan herself is particularly skilled in the use of kunai and quite partial to the use of explosives in combat. Her skills are further enhanced with her Automail which has a unique large blade protruding from the elbow, in which she was able to nearly kill the Homunculus Gluttony by herself.

Weapons: Kunai knives, hand grenades, flash bombs and a blade in the elbow of her automail.

Appearance: Lan Fan is an attractive young woman with back-length black hair usually tied back in a bun with the bangs loose and framing her face, dark brown eyes, and a lean and muscularly curvaceous figure. Her usual attire consists of a black Xingese secret soldier uniform covered by a layer of body armor. On her hands and forearms, she wears fingerless gloves with forearm/hand protectors lined with small spikes along the knuckles. Lan Fan usually keeps her face hidden on missions behind a red and white mask with the Yin half of the Yin-Yang symbol on the forehead. (Fu's mask bears the other half.)
After losing her left arm on the battlefield, Lan Fan has a combat automail replacement built for her while abroad. It is gunmetal-colored and its shoulder attachments are shielded by what appears to be a steel variation of Xingese plate armor. For combat, it is adorned with a spike strip wound around the hand as well as a long sword blade extending from the bottom of the elbow.

Personality: Lan Fan is usually calm and reserved with an extraordinarily strong sense of duty. She is fiercely loyal to Ling Yao which causes her to lose her composure whenever someone speaks ill of him. This is partially because in addition to her loyalty to the Prince, she has romantic feelings for him. She usually becomes flustered when unmasked while around Ling.

History: Lan Fan is first introduced into the series alongside Ling in Rush Valley, appearing to cordon Edward Elric at her master's behest in order to learn more about the Philosopher's Stone. When Edward resists, Lan Fan engages him in combat, keeping just above the Fullmetal Alchemist's melee combat skills with her Xingese Martial Arts until Edward begins badmouthing the prince, at which point Lan Fan's moves become more linear and wild as her fury increases. Though Edward takes advantage of this long enough to destroy her mask with alchemy, Lan Fan uses the opportunity of his surprise at her identity to cut the wires in his automail arm with a well-placed kunai and ignite one of her grenades. After the rubble from the explosion settles, Lan Fan is horrified to see Ed's metal arm sticking up from beneath rocks and fears that the prince may be displeased that she killed his target, but upon taking hold of it realizes that Fullmetal had removed his inoperative arm and made a large snare trap with it for her. Even while captured, Lan Fan demands the mask back lest the Prince see her face, but she manages to escape with Fu while Ling creates a diversion.

Other: None

Mother: Unknown

Father: Unknown
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PostSubject: Re: Character Creation   Sun Sep 23, 2012 6:57 pm

Name: Amu Hinamori

Nicknames: Joker

Race: Human

Age: 14

Eyes: Gold

Hair: Pink

Skin: Fair

Powers: According to the Founding King's legend, a person with three Guardian Characters will have very special powers and will be given the Humpty Lock to be able to harness those powers. It was this item that granted Amu the ability to Character Transform, as well as granting the other Guardians this ability later. The Humpty Lock has strong reactions to her emotions.
She can also use it to activate her finishing move: Open Heart, to cleanse X-Eggs and X-Characters and free their owners from despair and negativity.

Humpty Lock is Amu's main weapon and is a counterpart to Ikuto's Dumpty Key, which can create very powerful phenomenon when both are brought together.

When Amu Character Changes with a Guardian Character, her hair clip will change and give her specific special abilities.

When Amu Character Changes with Ran, her hair clip becomes a red heart and bestows her athletic and limited flying abilities. A side-effect to this is that Amu becomes honest to the point that she blurts out whatever is on her mind. Amu still has relative control over her body while in this Character Change (unless it a specific task that she has to complete, e.a. swinging around a bar for gym class).

When Amu Character Changes with Miki, her hair clip becomes a blue spade and gives her increased artistic abilities. However, the Character Change, while short, is powerful and makes Amu spontaneously start drawing to the point that she has no control over her body.

When Amu undergoes Character Change with Su, her hair clip becomes a green clover and she improves in cooking and housekeeping skills. Like with Miki, Amu does not have much control over her body, to the point that Amu's character literally changes into much more girly version of herself. She is also able to create ingredients out of thin air.

When Amu undergoes Character Change with Dia, she becomes a sparkling person with a shiny smile, and calms her down. This change also allows her to release the light inside her heart. Amu's hairclip becomes a yellow diamond when under this Character Change. It doesn't make much of an impression to everyone.

Open Heart is Amu's finishing move to cleanse X Eggs, X Characters, and Mystery Eggs, and she can use this in any of her three transformations. As Amulet Clover, her Remake Honey technique is used over this, but she starts to use it in Shugo Chara!! Doki. As Amulet Diamond, she uses it once in Shugo Chara! Party!, and can combine powers with Pure Feeling to strengthen it.

Amu can transform with Ran to become Amulet Heart, harnessing more powerful athletic abilities, and the desire to be more energetic and honest.

As an athletic character, Amulet Heart's powers are mostly useful in combat.
In this form, she is able to jump to an incredible limit of heights and lengths. She uses pom-poms to act as shields or to deflect attacks, while her Heart Rod is her main weapon. With it, she can perform the Spiral Heart and Spiral Heart Special techniques, sprinkle a paralyzing pink energy over the target, and throw it like a boomerang.

Amulet Heart has a unique move known as Kukai-style...Golden Victory Shoot! which was tauht to her by Kukai.

Amulet Heart and Platinum Royale are able to combine powers to use a special technique called Platinum Heart.
Amulet Heart also has a pair of roller skates called Heart Speeders, which gives her the ability to fly.

She is also able to generate a distraction maneuver called Pom-pom Pom Special to produce sparkling stars from her cheerleading pom-poms to distract enemies.

Amu's transformation with Miki is Amulet Spade, focusing with more artistic abilities, and the desire to be level-headed and creative.

Amulet Spade's abilities are centered around art and creativity, and are used in immobilizing the opponent and neutralizing attacks.
Amu wields a gigantic blue paintbrush to unleash the Colorful Canvas and Colorful Canvas Special techniques, where a flood of multi-colored paint leaves the opponent immobilized. This technique is sometimes used in combination with Platinum Royale's White Decoration.
Instead of a painting brush, she utilizes a conductor's baton in the shape of a treble clef as a weapon in the second season. She uses Prism Music, an attack that sends multicolored notes to neutralize hypnosis and attack.

Amu becomes Amulet Clover when she Character Transforms with Su to use her cooking abilities and represents her desire to be more domestic and a sweet-hearted character.

Since Amulet Clover's powers are domestic, she is mostly useful in defense and regeneration. She can also use this character's power to create food.
Amulet Clover can use a whisk for the attack "Remake Honey" to restore broken objects and purify X-Eggs. Later, they can also use an attack called "Remake Honey Special". On one occasion, she uses a harmless technique called "Sweet Applique" to create flowers and ribbons on Kairi's weapon. She is also able to generate a pan for defense.
In the second season, "Amulet Clover" utilizes a bubble wand. She uses it for "Honey Bubbles", which sends out a storm of bubbles to push off a horde of people and to clear off enemies' attacks. She later uses a bowl to absorb her opponent's attack and pepper to make her opponent sneeze.

Amu becomes "Amulet Diamond" when she Character Transforms with shining idol Dia.
Amulet Diamond represents the desire to be radiant and adored, and also to face her problems with a smile. She rarely takes this form unless on special occasions in which this form is required, as this form is considered to be the most powerful out of all four Character Transformations.

As a character with an intense shine, Amulet Diamond's powers are mostly associated with stars and light. Due to Dia's power, this Character Transformation is used in case of absolute emergency.
She can use a small globe to harness a starry attack called "Starlight Navigation". In Chapter 38 of the manga, she uses two new attacks: "Twinkle Shield" and "Shooting Star Shower". In season three, Amu utilizes a new attack in this form called "Twinkle Hold", which has the power to capture (and supposedly cleanse) X-Eggs in a form of a sparkling sphere; and later uses "Open Heart" with Pure Feeling to purify them.

This form gives her flying abilities.

In Chapter 45, she uses her powers to open a Road of Stars that allows her to travel through time and space.

Amu Character Transforms into "Amulet Fortune" with all four of her Guardian Characters when she completely opens her heart to Ikuto, causing the two of them to transform together. While Amu becomes "Amulet Fortune", Ikuto also becomes "Seven Seas Treasure" with Yoru. Amulet Fortune represents the girl with four kinds of hearts, the four-leaf clover, representing true love in the language of flowers.

As a character of true love, her powers are rather touching to the heart, which is a little bit like Amulet Clover's domestic skills.

In the manga, Amulet Fortune can give off a wave of good feelings for her healing ability "Open Heart Full Volume", while in the anime, she can only use an upgraded "Open Heart", allowing X-Eggs to be cleansed and those affected by despair to feel warmth and love.

Weapons: Amulet Heart: Pom-poms, cheerleader's baton

Amulet Spade: Paintbrush, conductor's baton

Amulet Clover: Whisk, cooking pan, bubble wand, bowl, pepper mill

Amulet Diamond: Globe

Appearance: Regular: Amu has short, smooth pink hair styled into a ponytail and golden-brown eyes. She has a "gothic" way of dressing, and usually wears X-shaped clips. At the start of the series, Amu usually has a cold and stoic expression on her face, though as the series progresses, she is shown smiling more frequently.

Amulet Heart: Amu wears her hair in a side ponytail, much as Ran does and has a cheerleader's outfit, including a pleated skirt, a pink top and leg warmers over her shoes, all with heart-shaped accessories. She has a ribbon tied around her neck and one around her skirt. The Humpty Lock shines with pink light.

Amulet Spade: As Amulet Spade, she wears a blue costume which consists of a light blue blouse with frilly sleeves and a ribbon at the back. She wears brown boots, dark blue shorts, and striped stockings. Like Miki, most of her hair is inside an identical light blue cap with a Spade decoration. The Humpty Lock shines with blue light.

Amulet Clover: In the image of a maid or housekeeper, Amu wears a maid outfit, consisting of a large, green balloon dress she wears in combination with an apron.

A lot of bows are observed in this Character Transformation. She also wears light green glovesand the same kind of headdress Suu wears. She's also given ponytails that go behind her maid's headdress. The Humpty Lock shines with green light.

Amulet Diamond: In this form, Amu wears a pair of ponytails and a futuristic headphone with a pair of double diamonds attached it. Her outfit is a futuristic yellow idol skirt. A yellow ribbon is attached to the back of her neck with straps that go down to her waist. She wears yellow boots that come up to her inner thighs. The Humpty Lock glitters with yellow light.

Amulet Fortune: In this form, Amu wears a pure white bridal gown with a tan and rainbow colored bow on the top and frills, pure white opera gloves, and a bridal veil on her head. On top of the veil is a bow and a jeweled flower brooch with the gems representing the colors of Ran, Miki, Su, and Dia. The Humpty Lock glitters with a multi-color light.

Personality: Amu is extremely shy and self-denying, but also kind hearted and learns the philosophy that comes with her life. She is also very caring and responsible, though she can also be a bit airheaded and often forgets to do her homework. Her parents entrust with the care of her little sister whenever they're unavailable.

History: Amu Hinamori grew up with a tough outside character and everyone in school addresses her as "Cool and Spicy", but deep down she is extremely shy and timid. One of the reasons that she has this image is because her mother dresses her in punk and cool clothing. Since she has a stubborn character, fans call Amu a tsundere, but is properly classified as a kuudere.
The Shugo Chara! Encyclopedia! describes Amu as a girl with a "cool and spicy" attitude that people admire, but asks "what's she really like"?

One night, she became tired of everybody viewing her outside character and made a wish to be someone other than herself. The next morning, she finds three odd looking eggs on her bed. The eggs hatch one after another and give birth to her Guardian Characters, Ran, Miki, and Suu; later, a fourth Guardian Character named Dia.

When Tadase Hotori, the King's Chair of the Guardians of Seiyo Academy, discovers her eggs, he invites her into their team and gives her the title "Joker". Though she doesn't want to join the team at first, she eventually gives in after realizing how serious the situation is. As the person with three Guardian Characters, Amu is given the Humpty Lock with mystical powers and so receives the ability to Character Transform.

In the second season of the anime, she begins to develop her own character and also increases her own powers. The most direct example of this is the new items and skills of the three Amulet Character Transformations. Also, though she can't see it very well, those around her notice that she has changed.

In the third season of the anime, Amu mentors and make Hikaru Ichinomiya and Rikka Hiiragi Guardian Apprentices so that they can become the next Guardians after Tadase, Rima, Nagihiko and herself leave for Middle School.

Other: None

Mother: Midori Hinamori

Father: Tsumugu Hinamori
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Alcyone Centauri

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PostSubject: Re: Character Creation   Thu Sep 27, 2012 7:24 pm

Name: Amara Centauri Hyrule

Nickname: Sage of Stars, Warrior Sage, Lady Amara

Race: Hylian

Age: 23

Eyes: Spring green (Silver when angry or fighting)

Hair: Black

Skin: Slightly pale

Powers: Amara possesses powerful Starlight magic that allows her to shoot energy blasts, perform telekinesis and telepathy and teleport, which she does by snapping her fingers. She can also transform into a silver fairy and a black wolf with green eyes and silver paws with a silver star on her forehead. But her most well known ability is the ability to channel the powers of the other Sages to use their elements.

Forest: Plants and wind

Fire: Fire

Water: Water and ice

Light: Light. This element also gives her healing powers.

Shadow: Darkness. She can also make herself transparent and become able to walk through walls.

Spirit: The Sage's sword turns into a pair of swords like the ones used by the Gerudo. She can also turn invisible and make clones of herself.

Weapons: Amara's weapon is the sacred Sage's Sword, that can only be wielded by the Sage of Stars. She wields it like a fencer and is very skilled with it.

Appearance: Amara has long black hair and spring green eyes that turn silver when she's angry and red when she enters her dark form. She wears a silver, sleeveless, high collared shirt with a white star on the front and a gold Triforce badge in the center of the star. She also wears silver fingerless opera gloves with miniature Star Medallions on the outsides of the tops, tight fitting teal shorts, white thigh high stockings and knee high silver boots decorated with teal stars on the front and sides. After becoming the Royal Advisor, Amara also wears a silver tiara that slightly resembles Zelda's, but with a star shaped diamond in the middle, and different gloves more akin to gauntlets.

Personality: Amara is generally cheerful, kind and polite. She tends to daydream a lot and can be a bit of an airhead. However, she cares greatly for her friends and family and due to her fierce loyalty and strong sense of duty, will fight her hardest to protect them.

History: Amara had an ordinary origin, being born and raised in the village of Talmina outside of Hyrule. Her mother passed away when she was young and she never knew her father, who was the previous Sage of Stars. After meeting an Oocca, going to the Star Temple and drawing the Sage's Sword, she awakened as the new Sage of Stars. She then left Talmina and went to Hyrule, where she met her idols, the Hero Link and Princess Zelda. She was later adopted into the Hyrule Royal Family. Amara later met her Pokemon friend Victini and rescued an egg from Bulblins that hatched into a Manaphy.

Other: Amara greatly admires the hero Link, him being the reason she decided to learn swordsmanship in the first place. She also had a stint as a Captain in the Soul Society.

Mother: Amanda

Father: Sirius

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Lei Fang

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PostSubject: Re: Character Creation   Sun Sep 30, 2012 2:10 pm

Name: Lei Fang
Nickname: The T'ai Chi Quan Genius

Race: Human
Age: 19 (DOA-DOA4) but now 21 (DOA5)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown-black
Skin: Pale
Powers: Tai Chi Quan fighting skills
Weapons: N/A

Appearence: While Leifang has always had a slender and petite build, pale skin, brown eyes and a heart-shaped face, her appearance has changed considerably since the first Dead or Alive. In the first game, her hair was short and tied back in a high ponytail, which made her look somewhat masculine. Since Dead or Alive 2, her facial features have became more round and softer, and her hair much longer, normally tied in two braids which are looped round and pinned on either side of her head; in later games her default hairstyle became loose hair, and the braids became a second choice. Her hair color has changed often in the series: first it was light brown, then very dark blue, then black, to finally dark brown.
Her outfit has also become more feminine; in the original game, her clothes consisted of trousers, shorts and flat shoes with simple detailing. Later, she started to sport high-heels and long, formal-looking body-hugging Chinese dresses called cheongsams. They are normally embraced with Asian-inspired patterns of birds and flowers.

Most of her wardrobe consists of her simply wearing them in different colors.

In Dead or Alive 5, the length of her cheongsam seem to be shortened when compared to the previous titles.

Personality: Leifang is a spunky, intelligent and cheerful college student. Practicing martial arts has given her a strong dedication to self-improvement, both mentally and physically. She hopes that by honing her own skills, she can eventually help others to do the same. At the same time, her young age and general inexperience with the world around her can sometimes keep her from fully thinking things through.

Along with a strong motivation for self-improvement, Leifang is also somewhat prideful and becomes angry if she feels she is being taken advantage of or being looked down upon. This may be the core reason for her fixation and need to prove herself to Jann Lee after he rescued her, but in spite all this she is usually kind and cheerful.


- Early Life

Six years before the first tournament, Leifang was saved from a bunch of thugs by a martial artist, Jann Lee. Although she was very grateful for being saved, she felt that she could have handled the situation herself. After that incident, she mastered the art of T'ai Chi Quan and sought to prove her strength to Jann Lee.

- The 1st Tournament

Leifang joined the first Dead or Alive Tournament in order to fight Jann Lee, to prove her worth to him. During the tournament she faces him. However, she is defeated by him. This doesn't damper her spirits, however, and she goes on to train herself for the next tournament.

- The 2nd Tournament

During her matches of the second tournament, she forms a philosophical rivalry with Tina Armstrong, who believes that the meaning of power comes from physical strength. Leifang disagreed, arguing and demonstrating that power originated from the mind, and was channeled into and through the rest of the body.
When she finally faced Jann Lee, she tells him that her martial art was perfected and that she was ready. However, Leifang loses again, resulting in Jann Lee retorting that she was far from ready.

- The 3rd Tournament

Now known to many as a young genius of T'ai Chi Quan, Leifang continues to train to defeat Jann Lee. She enters the third Dead or Alive tournament, telling herself; "This time... This time, I am going to beat him!" She once again fights her way to Jann Lee. When she finally reaches him, telling him it was time for her to defeat “the dragon” within him, despite her best efforts, Leifang once again loses the fight.
After the tournament is over, she returns home. While out in the city, she rescues a young boy from getting kidnapped, easily defeating the kidnappers with her martial art skills, reflecting the time when she was saved by Jann Lee.

- The 4th Tournament

Leifang enters the tournament to once again fight Jann Lee. She is defeated by Hitomi in a match over a simple cabbage, but they befriend each other sometime afterwards. She later defeats Bass Armstrong after he began attacking bystanders over losing his money at the casino. After these matches, she finally reaches Jann Lee, who is not really surprised to see her. The two combat in the DOATEC Tritower, which begins to fall apart due to the attack by the Mugen Tenshin Ninja Clan. However, the two start their match anyway. The outcome of the fight turned out to be Leifang as the winner, finally defeating Jann Lee at long last. Because of this outcome, Leifang was able to advance to the final round, the fight against Alpha-152. However, Alpha-152 proven to be too powerful for Leifang and instead Jann Lee came to rescue her and fought against Alpha-152.

After the tournament, Leifang returns home again. While traveling on the train, she becomes involved in an embarrassing incident; when the train suddenly stops, an old man falls over and grabs her breasts. Humiliated and enraged, and despite it being an accident, Leifang loses her temper and literally kicks the man through a window, out of the now moving train into a lake below the bridge. The other passengers applaude her stunt, but Leifang likely thinks that they are mocking her due to the fact that the buttons on her shirt came undone, and she tries to cover herself.

- The 5th Tournament

Upon hearing about the fifth Dead or Alive Tournament, Leifang reunites with Hitomi and the two of them set off a journey to train together. While training at a circus that's still under construction, the pair does a friendly sparring match against Brad Wong and Eliot. They are then invited to the tournament by Zack, who does so humurously by launching himself into the air with the human cannon.
Later, Leifang and Hitomi travel to South America to continue their training. There, they spot Jann Lee being recruited by Zack into joining the tournament. Knowing that she has to prepare herself to fight him again, Leifang does a sparring match against Hitomi to improve her skills. After the fight, the two of them go their own ways, promising each other to meet again at the tournament.

Leifang travels to New York, following Jann Lee to a martial art gym. While trying to spy on him, she bumps into Mila and decides to spar with her to train more. Leifang manages to find Jann Lee on a train and follows him. Suddenly, the train becomes unsteady and Leifang stumbles. As she tries to rebalance herself, an old man (who appears to be the same one from her Dead or Alive 4 ending) begins to fall towards her. However, Jann Lee quickly steps in between, protecting Leifang from another embarrasing moment. After he tells her that it's not right to sneak on people, the two of then engage in a fight. However, before they can fight, the train somehow loses its balance and its thrown off its track. After the crash, Leifang finds herself on top of Jann Lee. The two of them share an awkward moment together, showing that they might have romantic feelings for each other.

At the tournament, Leifang is defeated by Jann Lee in the quarterfinals, marking her fourth loss against him.

Other: N/A

Mother: N/A
Father: N/A
Or origen/creation: N/A
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PostSubject: Re: Character Creation   Sun Sep 30, 2012 10:28 pm

Name: Morrigan Aensland
Nick Name: Queen of the Night

Race: Succubus
Age: Over 300 years old. Looks to be in her 20's.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Light Green
Skin: Fair
Powers: She can reshape her wings into spikes and blades when attacking her enemies, as well as using them to shield herself from enemy attacks; her wings can also separate from her, forming into a cloud of bats.
Weapons: None

Appearance: Beautiful young woman with long, light-green hair, large breasts, a tight leather leotard trimmed in feathers, purple nylons with bat patterns, black boots, and bat-like wings on her back and on top of her head.

Personality: Vain and only lives for the excitement of battle. Will occasionally flirt with people just to mess with them.

History: Morrigan is a succubus born in 1678 in Scotland and is the adopted daughter of Belial of the Aensland House. When she was born, Morrigan was extremely powerful, so much so that Belial sealed away part of her power, one-third in himself to be returned upon his death, and one-third in a pocket dimension, which eventually became a being of its own, a succubus named Lilith. Unaware of Belial's action, Morrigan grew up and found her life as the Queen of the Night in the Aensland castle dull, so she frequently visited the human world to look for entertainment.

Other: Was part of the winning team of both Millennium tournaments in the early 2000's where she was partnered with Iori Yagami and Vega Fabio de Cerna.

Mother: N/A
Father: Belial
Or origen/creation:
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PostSubject: Re: Character Creation   Thu Oct 04, 2012 5:20 pm

Name: Nani Onmiogi
Nick Name: Art

Race: Of the lunar race.(1/2 fox demon, 1/4 neko, 1/4 human)
Age: 22
Eyes: Green
Hair: Rainbow
Skin: Fairish
Powers: Telepathy, space barriers, fire
Weapons: Voice, fists, anything she can get her hands on.

Appearance: Human side: Demon side: .

Personality: Stuck-up, bitchy, slightly hyper at times of a fight.

History: Had lived a normal childhood with her parents, At lest till they had died. Went threw fighting at school even though she normally didn't win. Those fights were always started with people teasing her about her cat ears. In high school she created a band till she moved and concentrated on going to college. One day she just took off and decided that she will just start a rock/metal band that had a bit of Visual Kai inspiration.

Other: In her demon fox form, she ends up becoming a male.

Mother: A neko human
Father: A fox demon
Or origen/creation:
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PostSubject: Re: Character Creation   Sat Oct 06, 2012 1:54 am

Name: Beyond The Grave a.k.a Brandon Heat
Nick Name: Grave

Race: Deadman
Age: 28
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Silver
Skin: Tan
Powers: None
Weapons: His twin handguns Cerberus and the coffin he carries which is loaded with different weapons.

Appearance: Tall and usually wears dark clothing. His hair always covers his left eye since he was shot there when his friend Harry betrayed him.

Personality: Quiet, serious, smart, and calm.

History: He was a former member of the organization Millennion and was their top hitman (sweeper). After his best friend Harry Macdowell kills him for not siding with him to kill the boss, he is brought back to life to seek his revenge against his former friend.

Other: Before his death, he asked to be brought back to life in the event that his friend does kill Millennion's boss.

Mother: N/A
Father: N/A
Or origen/creation:
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PostSubject: Re: Character Creation   Sun Oct 07, 2012 11:48 pm

Name: Lilith a.k.a Sanguis
Nick Name: Joan

Race:Ancient Vampire

Age:It is impossible to record the age, for even Lilith cared not to count after her three hundred years of life.

(For the rest of the questions, there is an introduction bio that I have created to answer them. I hope you enjoy~)

A knock on the mahogany door of the office caught the attention of the Head Master of the Assassins Guild; her eyes beneath the darkness that was cast over the upper portion of her face, narrowed. Having been busy with paperwork by the weak, flickering light of a single candle upon her polished desk, signing contracts of death that were to be carried out within the country lines of Italy; Joan was not expecting any visitors with in this late hour of the night.

“Enter.” Joan called out, her voice being that drenched within the most pure of honey, as always. Even six-hundred years of slumber have not touched the woman’s voice from when she had retreated from the known world so long ago. The door opened slowly, almost gingerly as a young male’s head popped in from the crack of the opening. His emerald, wide eyes shone from the dark setting that the lady had been so gracious to set up for the couple for this little interview they’d be having this evening.

Letting himself in; Chuck Tessa, News Anchor for The U.V.S (Underground Vampire Sanctuary), shuffled paper work in his hands, readying his questions for the return of a figure head that was more than just an empty shell for the people of the night. His wing-tipped shoes clicked along the wooden floor as he made his way to sit in the chair that was set for him in front of the woman known as 'Joan'. Taking a seat before the hooded woman, Chuck reached into his left breast pocket of his pinstriped blazer for a pen; clicking the top of it to produce it’s point as he lowered the writing utensil to the paper work that dominated his lap. “Is nice to finally meet you Ms. Joan; as we discussed over the phone, I’m doing a scoop on your return to the living world. It’s an honor that you’re giving me the story.” His eyes traveled along the woman’s features, to the fullness of her exposed lips that were giving him the faintest of smiles to the slender neck, all the way down to her supple, ample assets. Looking back up quickly; Chuck smiled as well, his fangs glinting off of the flickering candle light that provided more than just enough lighting for his work.

“What I’ve got here are um, a few questions, if you’re willing to answer them, which on the phone you seemed to be okay with from what I understood.”

“That’s right, I am more than ready to answer any questions that you have for me this evening; that and any that the public has for me as well. I have no more secrets to hide.” Joan answered Chuck with a growing smile; not one that was dangerous, but that of an open, honest grin. Indeed, the ancient vampire of one-thousand and two hundred years of age was more than ready to answer the questions that the interviewer had for her.

“Great!” The man exclaimed with an excited tone in his voice as he was ready to write down every single detail; nothing would go unwritten. “But um, could I ask you a bit of a favor and uh, remove the hood, Ms. Joan? Nothing personal, more like me being curious as to what six hundred years of sleep had done for you.”

“If you insist…” Joan was hesitant at first, her hands reaching for the stiff fabrics that made her iconic hood, her fingers grasping onto the rim of it. Taking a deep breath in, she pulled the hood down and back away from her face. Even from the faint light it was clear that time had not touched the woman’s face, it being as youthful and full of life as it were when she first walked amongst man. Her face was smooth skinned, well-toned and flawless; having a small, shapely nose and a come hither-gaze that was accented by that of her inhumanly violet eyes that held an inner light all of their own. Joan’s hair was that of a raven’s feather black that was tied back into a tight bun that rests upon the back of her neck. Placing her hands upon the desk before her and lacing the fingers together comfortably; Joan leaned forward slightly, showing that she was ready for the interview to continue. “Alright;” It took a bit of will power for Chuck to lower his eyes from the woman’s gaze as he looked down to his paper work to ask his first question of the night, his pen at the ready.

“Now Ms. Joan; is it true that you were gifted with the abilities of No Life from the original King himself?”

“Yes, that is very true. It happened almost one thousand years ago, maybe even more, when he was about to attack Italy to conquer the lands there. I was but a human at the time; training to become an assassin as I am today. He and I clashed head to head to head; neither of us could touch each other for hours, swing after swing it was either dodged or blocked till I was very worn out. In his time of victory, he gave me the ‘Cursed Kiss’ as the bite and transformation was known as way back then. “Joan answered his question while closing her eyes slowly; having to recall history from so long ago.

“Cursed…Kiss…” Chuck muttered under his breath, the sound of his pen scratching against the paper was the only sound that could be heard other than his mutterings. Once he was finished with his notes, he looked up to the ancient woman’s closed eyes before asking his next question. “What about your abilities from your ‘gift’; are they like other vampires or are they different?”

“Oh, they were very much the same save for a few things. I can manipulate the darkness around objects and people; travel through them; forge them into living weapons; have the ability of flight and scale building and the classic turning into bats and various other animistic creatures. The one ability that I have that may set me different from my brothers and sisters of the night is my ability of blood magic, that being if a human or other living creature were to be bleeding from a grievous wound, I am able to suck them dry from a distance or use the blood of my fallen victims to create weaponry. It’s a very strange art of fighting and sorcery, but it gets the job done when it needs to be. It also provides for a great clean up incase if my assassinations get a wee bit messy.” Joan could not help but smile serenely to herself as she remembered a few events that occurred; having to use her blood magic to amend the situations that led to…very disastrous results for the people that had happened to be the ones with slit throats at the time. A chuckle escaped the woman’s throat, a sound both wonderfully sweet and deeply devious. Her eyes opened once more; the faint violet glowing about them were halos of light.

“That’s…one hell of a way to go…” Chuck swallowed down some saliva in his mouth to wet his throat; a nervous chuckle escaped from his lips upon seeing his reflection within the woman’s eyes. Lifting his finished paper work up and tapping them into place; he rose to his feet and shook the hand of the ancient vampiress that sat at her desk as the Head Master of the Guild of Assassins.

Personality:Having a very broad sense of humor, Joan is not one to regret taking action. Sadistic yet still having a soft, tender heart, she is generous and caring, yet relishes the letting of blood.
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PostSubject: Re: Character Creation   Mon Oct 22, 2012 9:48 pm

Name: Jecht
Nick Name: The Amazing Jecht, Old Man

Race: Aeon
Age: Unknow, as a Aeon he has lived for thousands of years
Eyes: Red
Skin: Tanned
Powers: Not sure if i got any but i guess being able to make Meteors fall from the sky on command is a power in some way, and that glowy red stuff that like explodes out of my body when i'm about to beat the hell out of someone.

Weapons: My sword and my hands and feet

Appearance: Jecht is a muscular and tanned older man with long unruly black hair and red eyes. His only clothing is a pair of black shorts with an orange and red sash covering his right leg, a red headband, and a metal gauntlet covering his left arm. A black tattoo of the Zanarkand Abes symbol emblazons his chest. He wields a large black sword with red markings on it

Personality: On the surface, Jecht is a surly and arrogant man. He frequently refers to himself as "The Great Jecht" , and to those in Spira is known as "Sir Jecht" due to being a famous guardian. Jecht considers himself the best blitzball player there is and loves fame and glamour, asking Braska several times if there will be any celebratory events on their pilgrimage. Jecht's career hit a slump when he began drinking, and it was rumored he was going to retire, though he was quick to deny this and claim he could quit drinking if he chose. Jecht used to be verbally abusive to Tidus, giving him the nickname "crybaby", and otherwise brushing him off or berating him.

Despite his numerous flaws, Jecht is a good man at heart. He criticizes Tidus frequently, but does so in the hope of encouraging Tidus to try harder and disprove him. Jecht does love Tidus, but has trouble expressing it: a sentimental message to Tidus on a sphere is cut off with Jecht mumbling, "Remember, you're my son. And... well, uh... never mind. I'm no good at these things". A flashback shows Jecht telling Braska and Auron his dream is to train Tidus into a star blitzball player like himself.

History: Jecht came to Spira from a magically-summoned replica of Zanarkand, created from the memories of its original citizens, and maintained by Yu Yevon, the summoner who was Zanarkand's leader one thousand years prior to the events of Final Fantasy X. Jecht became a star blitzball player, perfecting his own technique, "Sublimely Magnificent Jecht Shot Mark III", otherwise known as the Jecht Shot.

In the present, Jecht's son, Tidus, claims he hates his father for putting him and his mother through hard times, and because he was left under a lot of pressure to live up to Jecht's fame. Whenever Jecht was around, according to Tidus, his mother ignored her son to spend time with her husband. Jecht ran into trouble as he began to drink excessively, and because of this some theorized he should retire, but Jecht insisted that he still was the best. Jecht disappeared one day while training out at sea, where he came in contact with Sin resting in the waters. Sin pulled Jecht out of the dream and transported him into present-day Spira, where he was seen as a crazy drunkard and locked up in Bevelle.

Jecht freed from prison by Braska.
Added by KeltainentoukokuuSoon after his imprisonment, Braska visited Jecht and requested he become his guardian along with Auron - a warrior monk of Bevelle who had fallen from grace. Auron, wary of Jecht, objected to him being a guardian, but Braska thought it the perfect irony for three of the most unlikely people to defeat Sin; a drunken blitzball player from Zanarkand, a summoner with a "heathen" Al Bhed wife and a "half-breed" daughter (namely Yuna), and a disgraced warrior monk. Before they departed, Jecht told Yuna numerous stories about his Zanarkand; because of this, she is the only one of the playable characters (aside from Rikku and Auron himself) who is not skeptical of the idea that Tidus comes from Zanarkand ten years later.

During the earlier parts of their journey, Jecht's tendency to drink sometimes got him into trouble, most notably at the Moonflow where he mistook a Shoopuf for a fiend and wounded it, forcing Braska to pay for the damage with all of their travel money. After this incident, Jecht gives up drinking anything stronger than Shoopuf milk for fear his family would be ashamed of him, and out of embarrassment for what he had forced Braska to do. Jecht records their journey to show his wife and Tidus, still hopeful he will find a way home some day.


Or origen/creation:
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PostSubject: Re: Character Creation   Wed Oct 24, 2012 11:37 pm

Cirque Delgano Ciel IX

~Nick Name~
Revolento, the Young.


Xenithilon is an ancient race build of celestrian demigods who shape their chosen planet with exquisite matters of nature. They are highly known as the peaceful race due to their non-beliefs of war and conquest, but they will be brought to action if provoked by those who harm the planets from which they protect. Elements are the Xenithilon's most common source of sorcery whenever they wish to manifest a world, some Xeniths tend to use this lush magic to defend for themselves. Xenithilons come in many forms of their species, their most common is their angelic forms while the elders who watch over them take the forms of dragons.

Their connections with the humans are very slim, but they happen to live among them during times of peace and prosperity; some happen to live among them by force which cause them to lose most of their magical mending and might. [Cirque, for example.] This sort of punishment is permanent. However, few enlightened Xeniths are able to regain their mystical abilities after certain requirements are made.


3.600 Aeonous. (Early 20's in Earthen Years.)

Light Silver Pupils

Blonde (Formerly.)

Caucasian (Formerly.)

Element and Nature Manipulation, Sorcery and Metamorphosis, Heightened Physical Abilities, Familiar Summoning.

-Sword of Scalhaba-
And the 9 Weapons of his Fallen Comrades.

He appears to be a young boy starting to adjust to his early age of adulthood, dirty blonde hair, pure colored white skin, along with his bright silver pools--which is obviously known as his pupils--that shine within the darkest of areas due to the fact that his eyes are also gifted with magic itself. When he was younger, he uses to sport a bright blue and white gear to where proud Armamentalist from all over wear to support their country and their community. At this age, he currently cloaks himself in a purple clothing to veil his identity from those who know him, his hidden attire is a rare pair of enchanted armor that is crafted from the mysterious material called Orichalcum, a highly prized mineral that is famed for it's magnificent durability.

Before he settled down in France, Cirque used to be a cheery and arrogant boy who enjoyed peace and prosperity. His emotions usually heightened whenever he faces another warrior who is strong enough to defeat and probably kill him. He lives to fight stronger beings not for dominance, but to strengthen himself to fight others who prove to be a worthy challenge.

Nowadays, his bubbly personality has dropped drastically due to losing the people close to him. He started to act all shady, eerie, and mischievous since he started to hide himself from the world.


-Currently Hidden for the time being-


The Armamentalist - Other known as the Magic Knights or the Masters of Weaponry, is a special vocation that are chosen by those who are gifted with the powers of the element manipulating magic drive called 'Fource'. They are a balanced group of fighters, only to have a mixture of supporting abilities that helps allies and hinders foes of many species. The most famous Armamentalist's strong point is their magical defense abilities that can repel almost any dangerous arts of sorcery of different kinds. Not only that, but their connections with nature makes them a formidable foe whenever faced within battle. They use the environment as their main weapon of choice since their Fources can be easily activated depending where the terrain takes them. [Ex: Underground Caverns will strength the power of the Earth and Demon powered abilities that is called Funeral Force.] Armamentalist are mostly seen carrying Magical Wands/Staffs, Bows and Arrows, and mainly swords of different enchantments. Their attire consist of the Musketeer. Having them to wear clothing such as feathered hats, magic-proof clothing, spell ward boots and a bunch of other things.

Cirque's Eyes are gifted to him after he was born. With it, he was allow to examine the spiritual energy of normal and paranormal beings; making it difficult for those to cover his vision. As he began to train himself vigorously, his eyes began to have the ability to cancel out almost any spell or illusion that can hinder his vision or eyesight. Making his eyes the most important organ in his body.

Mother: Celestriana (Real Mother.) / Alia (Deceased Foster Mother.)
Father: Scalhaba (Deceased Foster Father.)

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PostSubject: Re: Character Creation   Fri Oct 26, 2012 5:10 pm

Name: Damien "Jester" Miller
Nick Name: Jester Cat

Race: Fragment
Age: Unknown
Eyes: a clear glassy purple
Hair: Long, black
Skin: Pale
Powers: manipulation on what the mind sees by using his words.
Weapons: Words

Appearance: Five eleven, slender, has black, purple, and pink line tattoos around his right eye and down the right side of his neck.

Personality: is like a cat, picky about the people around him.

History: The imaginary friend of Angelic Chaos. Had been there for her and then after being created and becoming a figment in the Golden Mountain School for young Gods and Goddesses. He built up his mastery over words that can inflict what one sees in their mind. wondered around the fragment realm for a while.


Or origen/creation: Angelic Chaos

Even your most happy memories can become deadly nightmares when facing your inner demons.
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PostSubject: Re: Character Creation   Mon Oct 29, 2012 4:22 pm

Name: Jace Asune
Nick Name:

Race: Blood Demon
Age: 16
Eyes: Neon green
Hair: short, and pink.
Skin: pale
Powers: blood manipulation and absorption.
Weapons: blood

Appearance: slender yet built, five foot eleven inches,

Personality: dull, loner

History: Lived in a lavished castle in a dead forest that those that wondered in would become food for the twin blood demons, Jace and Alec. Spilt away from his twin sister and is currently looking for her. at a young age was able to control his powers unlike his twin who had seemed to have more power then he did.

Other: prefers the blood of people that are kind to make up for something they have done wrong, and has a strong dislike for his vampire heritage.

Mother: Lillen
Father: Dracula
Or origen/creation:
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PostSubject: Re: Character Creation   Tue Oct 30, 2012 2:51 am

Name: Kurloz Makara
Nick Name: Kur

Race: Troll
Age: 19 1/2
Eyes: Pure white as he is a dead Troll from a failed Session
Hair: Black
Skin: Grey with white makeup in the form of a skull
Powers: Mind Control of almost all beings


Personality: Outwardly, he seems harmless enough, usually responding only with a silent smile to most provocations, though he did flip Meenah off when pressed further. Before his vow of silence, he preached about the "messiahs" and the "angels of double death". Meenah, Aranea and Cronus have all expressed being unsettled by him, which is not entirely unfounded. Kurloz is much more menacing than first implied. He has no qualms with using his former matesprit Meulin as a puppet with his chucklevoodoos. That shouldn't be surprising however, as he is also aiding his "lord" in slaying all of his heretic "friends". It would seem he now holds allegiance only to Gamzee and Caliborn.

History: Upon exiting Terezi's hive as Meenah, a small "scene" (Aranea's Exposition) gives more information about some of the post-scratch "ancestors":

"The Prince of Rage actually used to be quite talkative. That is, until he had a nightmare which prompted a bizarre incident, after which he would never speak again. He took a sort of spiritual vow of silence, which I'm sure was probably related to his esoteric faith. Once, well before our session began, Kurloz and Meulin were in a very loving matespritship. It really seemed to everyone they were made for each other. One day, they fell asleep together. Kurloz then had a nightmare so terrifying, he released the most dreadful sound imaginable. It truly echoed the horror of the Vast Honk itself. The noise was so loud and so awful, Meulin went completely deaf, and her hearing never recovered. Kurloz was undoubtedly devastated by what he'd done to her. He was so distraught, he chewed off his tongue and sewed his mouth shut and has never spoken a word since."

Kurloz was also the only eye witness to the event which caused his moirail Mituna to overexert himself and permanently burn out his psychic abilities. According to Aranea, he applied every last bit of energy he had to save his friends from a looming threat. Whether this threat had something to do with Kurloz is unknown.


Or origen/creation:

To the Void with you!
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PostSubject: Re: Character Creation   Sun Nov 04, 2012 6:09 pm

Name: Leangle
Nick Name: God Killer

Race: The Eternal
Age: ????
Eyes: Crimson
Hair: Blue
Skin: Fair yet slightly pale
Powers: Despite seeming to be a normal human, Leangle has the strength that some Gods would wish for, he could easily lift giants off their feet with little effort, he also has at his disposal multiple Summon stones that contain the power of God's and other divine beings he has already defeated and killed, his summons are as followed, Samael, The Angel of Poison. Set, The Egyptian God of the Desert. The Horsemen of Famine. Hypnos The God of Sleep. Shiva the Destroyer. And Lastly Hræsvelgr, the Corpse Swallower.

Weapons: A Denix Lonestar .45 Revolver, Samael,Set, Famine, Hypnos, and Shiva's Summon stone, his own body of course, And the Ryūjin no yari. The Survive Summons. The Maddo-shin kirā

Appearance: Leangle is a young man with the perfect face, despite that he should be thousands of years old, even though he is always ready for a battle it seems that he still wants to look good doing it, he wears a blue dress shirt covered with a black suit jacket and pants with the dress shoes that still give him enough movement to go hand-to-hand with anyone who wishes to challenge him. His hair comes into different spiky points that would be longer if he didn't put his hair into a ponytail, he has a few piercings on his body, one on his right ear, and another on left nipple. But his Appearance changes when he uses the Survive Summons, by using the Dragon God Summon He dons the Dragon God armor.

Personality: Leangle is a man who normally wants to keep to himself, wherever he travels and stays he wishes not to tell the people of that area much about his past in hopes of not getting kicked out and also so that they don't get killed. He's very kind in the prescense of things lower then that of adult humans, such as children and animals and would rather not see them get killed and if he does happen to seem them harmed, whoever caused that creature pain will wish he just killed them on the spot. But in Battle he's a completely different person, going on that of a sadistic streak finding the joy of harming anyone who gets in his way, he will make the sorry son of a bitch suffer when he's battling them, watching as they feel helpless just like he did.

History: It a hard story to understand, The guy defeats the bad guy and gets the girl in the end, but of course if only the story was that simple. It all started off after he was allowed to marry the woman of his dreams, Eliza, the young man thought that noting could go wrong as he spent his days blissfully living in the peaceful forest, the forest was peaceful until villagers began to lynch through the forest to his house claiming that his dear Eliza was a witch, and something that shouldn't even be alive. Despite the multiple threats he never gave up his true love to those beast. One day the young man came home after getting food for his wife to eat when he found the chief of his village raping his beloved Eliza, upon seeing this the young man went mad and murdered the chief with a quick strike to his head with his ax, knowing that if anyone had found out about this killing him and his beloved would be burned without question. And so he decided to bury the body and head in the ground hoping that none would find out that he was the killer of the most responsible person in the village.

Years went by with him not saying a word about the killing and soon the young man found that his beloved was pregenent with their first child, but what the man didn't know that this child was to be the child of the chief, despite that the man kept living in his blissful ignorance until months passed and the baby was sooner and sooner to it's arriving date, but that is when the man heard multiple heavy knocks on his door, were the villagers finally aware that he was the one to kill the chief and were they here to slaughter him and Eliza?, it seemed like that didn't it but what he saw was indefinably not what he expected, what came next where robbed men and as soon as he opened the door was as soon as he was knocked out, when the man awoke he saw that he was tied down to the ground and upon looking up he saw the naked body of his beloved Eliza and watched as the robbed men began to brutality separate the body parts of his beloved Eliza and they began to rip her limbs apart and they turned them into red stones, which they all took and began to walk away, he couldn't believe his eyes he watched as the one he loved the most was killed right in front of him and he was helpless, before they all left one of the younger sounding men stopped and squatted in front of him, he started to tell him the truth about his "beloved" Eliza, like that she was using him only so that the villagers never killed her, that she wasn't raped by the chief and that he was her lover from before they were even married, and lastly that the baby that he thought was his was the child of his village chief. Hearing this the man was crushed but he couldn't believe him ..never.

But being the "nice" person that he was the robbed man gave him two options, he could lay there and die knowing that the person he devoted everything to was noting more then a cheap liar or he could find follow what he says and one day get to reunite with his beloved, knowing that he wanted to get some answers from her the man quickly said yes. And upon the answer the robbed man branded the man on his back with a circle with multiple arrows pointing out of it, and rolled the same red stone that his Eliza's limbs were turned into, he then said that he was now one of The Eternal and that he will not die untill he completes his mission of killing all divine beings and turning them into these same summon stones, and that if he could manage to do this then just maybe he will think of giving him his harlot of a wife, before leaving the robbed man then said that he was reborn and Happy Birthday, My Dear Leangle; and that's all he heard as the Robbed man left with a psychotic laugh. And there he was Leangle given a name he never wanted, reborn into a creature that would live for ever, and his task was too hunt and kill these Divine beings and knowing that these men were still alive....he was gonna make them suffer when he found them.


Or origen/creation:

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PostSubject: Re: Character Creation   Sun Nov 11, 2012 7:16 pm

Name: Goku

Nick Name: Kakarot (Saiyan name)

Race: Saiyan

Eyes: Black (normal form)
Green (Super Saiyan form)
Yellow and black (super saiyan 4)

Black (normal form)
Golden Yellow (Super Saiyan form)

Skin: white

Super Saiyan transformations 1-5
Spirit Bomb
Instant Teleportation

Normal form to Super Saiyan 4

Super Saiyan 5

Super Saiyan God Form

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PostSubject: Re: Character Creation   Thu Nov 15, 2012 12:09 pm

Name: Cesar

Nick Name: "Jimmy"

Race: Bomberman
Age: NA
Eyes: Black
Hair: None
Skin: He wears armour. It's hard to tell.
Powers: Bombs, Melee fighting.
Weapons: Bombs, Beowulf Gauntlets (Stolen from Dante)

Appearance: See Avatar

Personality: Easy going mostly, Adventurous and suave.

History: -

Other: -

Or origen/creation:[/b] Bomberman Canon.
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Stevenstine Konstentien

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PostSubject: Re: Character Creation   Mon Nov 26, 2012 3:50 am

Name: Stevenstine Konstatien
Nick Name:

Race: Dark Angel
Age: ~
Eyes: Gray
Hair: short, and black
Skin:slightly tan
Powers: Darkness and Light manipulation, flight
Weapons: Wings

Appearance: Look to avatar

Personality: melancholy, nice

History: Nothing much to say, there is not knowledge of him.

Other: Tends to lean more on his mothers teaching then his fathers.

Mother: Ira
Father: God
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PostSubject: Re: Character Creation   Thu Nov 29, 2012 7:02 pm

Name: Wataru Kurenai
Nick Name:

Race: Half Human, Half Fangire
Age: Early Twenties
Eyes: Black
Hair: Brown
Skin: Fair

Weapons: Kiva accesses his arsenal through whistles on his belt called Fuestles, which he gives to Kivat to blow into to evoke a power-up. Three of the Fuestles serve to summon an allied Arms Monster from Castle Doran, who allows for Kiva to Form Change and turns into a weapon. These three Fuestles' powers can be evoked immediately before Wataru transforms, enabling him to transform to the respective form directly without going through Kiva Form.

Kiva's Wake Up Fuestle : This Fuestle allow Kiva to perform his Darkness Moon Break attack.

Garulu Fuestle : This Fuestle summons Garulu from Castle Doran.

Basshaa Fuestle: This Fuestle summons Basshaa from Castle Doran.

Dogga Fuestle: This Fuestle summons Dogga from Castle Doran.

Doran Fuestle : This Fuestle summons Castle Doran.

Buroon Fuestle: This Fuestle summons Buroon from Castle Doran and turns the Machine Kivaa into the Buroon Booster.
Tatsulot Fuestle: This Fuestle summons Tatsulot from Castle Doran. It is different from Kiva's other fuestles in that it is red instead of transparent and does not appear to be stored on Kiva's belt.
The Zanvat Sword's Wake Up Fuestle: A Fuestle carried by the Zanvat Sword like a mask used for the Final Zanvat Slash attack.

he Demon-Beast Sword Garulu Saber is a weapon that Garulu assumes for Kiva to change into Garulu Form. Though in a statuette form when summoned, the Garulu Saber assumes a Kris form once in Kiva's hand. One of its abilities is to fire a shockwave named Howling Shock from the hilt. The Garulu Saber can be use for the finishing attack Garulu Howling Slash .This is done by first having Kivat perform a Garulu Bite on the blade of the Garulu Saber after which Kiva holsters, by way of "biting", the weapon in his mouth as he charges at the Fangire, jumping in the air to slash the Fangire into two as he lands in front of it.

The Demon Sea Gun Basshaa Magnum is a gun-like weapon that Basshaa assumes for Kiva to change into Basshaa Form. The Basshaa Magnum's turbine spins to generate bullets made of high pressure water. The finishing attack is Basshaa Aqua Tornado . This is done by first having Kivat perform a Basshaa Bite on the hammer of the Basshaa Magnum. From there, the gun's turbines spin, surrounding Kiva with water as the weapon creates a pressurized ball of water that can home on to enemies upon firing, leaving Fangire in an extremely fragile state where even the slightest touch can shatter them.

The Demon Iron Hammer Dogga Hammer is a fist-like war hammer that Dogga assumes for Kiva to change into Dogga Form. The finishing attack is the Dogga Thunder Slap, before which Kivat must perform a Dogga Bite on the shaft of the hammer. The ball of the hammer opens up like a hand to reveal the True Eye in the palm, which can pinpoint a Fangire's exact location or release a shockwave that weakens the opponent Fangire's glass skin, rendering it immobile. Then the head of the hammer produces a giant energy duplicate of itself called the Phantom Hand, which follows Kiva's swings and crushes the enemy with massive collateral damage.

The Kivat Belt is Kamen Rider Kiva's means of transforming. To summon and use the belt, Kivat-bat the 3rd says "Let's go Kiva!" as Wataru catches him in his right hand and then Kivat bites Wataru's free hand, causing his Fangire nature to surface as the belt materializes out of several ghostly chains. Wataru then perches Kivat upside down on the Power Roost of the belt's Kibuckle to complete the transformation, separating from the belt when certain conditions demand for it like Fuestle-blowing or attacking the Fangire on his own. The Kivat Belt also has six Fueslots to hold the six Fuestles.

Demon Imperial Dragon Tatsulot is a small golden dragon known as the Goldy Wyvern and also a transformation device that allows Kiva to become Emperor Form.

The Demon Imperial Sword Zanvat Sword was a sword of great power crafted and used by the previous King until he tossed the weapon into Castle Doran's wall. By 2008, after sensing the power of Wataru as he evokes Kiva's Flight Style, the sword forced itself out of Castle Doran's walls.
The Zanvat Sword is soon after modified with a living hilt named Zanvat-bat , called "Zanvat" for short, who was created from the Life Energies of the Arms Monsters to control the unstable powers of the blade from evoking Wataru's Fangire blood. Though Wataru is accepted as an ideal user, he has yet to fully master the Zanvat Sword's true power.

When used by Kiva in Emperor form, its finishing attack is the Final Zanvat Slash where Kiva's power is focused into the Imperial Blade .The attack is powerful enough to destroy giant monsters such as Sabbats and even a Mother Sagarc.



History: Left by Maya as a child to protect him from the retribution she would face, Wataru lived in the European-style manor that his father lived in. However, as the building has since said to be haunted, Wataru was referred to by his neighbors as Obaketaro for his strange appearance, donning a mask and glasses to protect him from the "world's allergies" and using a notebook to express himself without talking. His only friend during his childhood was a boy named Taiga, who helped Wataru when he was bullied and mysterious disappeared.
In 2008, while gathering fish bones in a third attempt to create the ultimate varnish for the ultimate violin like his father, Wataru comes across Megumi Aso, who manages to show him that his "allergies" are all in his head. He later saves her from the Horse Fangire as Kiva, countering her attempt to kill him soon after before leaving her stupefied and later saving her a second time from the Octopus Fangire. During the events of "Climax Deka", Wataru offers some aid to Ryotaro Nogami during his fight against Nega Den-O and the Nega Den-Liner.

Other: Though originally called the Great Wyvern, the Fangires captured it and bonded it to the mold of a castle so it would serve as the base of the Checkmate Four. Wataru eventually became its master through Kivat from his mother Maya. While dormant, it assumes the form of a building to conceal itself in plain sight, invisible to ordinary people.
When exposed to moonlight, or when Kiva performs his finishing move or uses the Doran Fuestle, Castle Doran awakens and assumes its true form. Due to its unique abilities of sealing defeated Fangires, Castle Doran is home to the Arm Monsters, who are in now servitude of Wataru while being maintained on the Life Energy of the sealed Fangires that Castle Doran devours. In battle, Castle Doran can use Magic Missiles , firing the towers on its castle, and spit out Pod Shoots from its mouth. Castle Doran also possesses the power to transcend time and space, Castle Doran can use this very same power in the form of the Time Door, which is rarely used as it would summon or send any person from or into any moment in the past, serving as a bridge between the two timelines of 1986 and 2008

Mother: Maya
Father: Otoya Kurenai
Or origin/creation:
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PostSubject: Re: Character Creation   Fri Nov 30, 2012 7:09 pm

Name: Asahi Muramasa (Western Order) Muramasa Asahi (Eastern Order)

Nickname: Twin-Sword Valkyrie

Race: Human

Age: 18

Eyes: Light blue (Aquamarine)

Hair: Dark brown

Skin: Fair

Powers: Asahi's elemental attribute is light, so she is able to implement light into her attacks as well as use it to increase her speed and agility. After gaining ultimate light powers, she became able to sprout wings and fly.

Weapons: Two swords.

Appearance: Asahi most often wears an armored yellow tube top, with a matching skirt over shorts, shin guards and samurai sandals over yellow tabi. On her head is a yellow ribbon tied like a headband just above her forehead that comes to a bow on the left side of her head. Around her neck is a bright orange scarf and around her waist is a yellow and white belt with a stylized sun symbol in the center.

Personality: Asahi has a polite demeanor and often refers to people with respectful titles, similar to Yukimura Sanada. She is very modest, rarely speaking of her own skills and believes strongly in fairness and honor. She is also fiercely loyal to her leader, Honoka Kaguya.

History: When Asahi was born her father, swordsmith Sengo Muramasa, had gone insane and aspired to rule the world with the powerful swords he forged. So, he made a pact with demons to make his swords the most powerful in the world in exchange for a life. So, Sengo attempted to sacrifice an infant Asahi. Fortunately, he was stopped at the last moment by Honoka Kaguya, who saved Asahi and killed Sengo. Afterwards, the Lady of Mizuki took the girl in, naming her Asahi, meaning "Morning sun" after the sunrise she saw after saving her.

Asahi grew up training as a samurai and attained enough skill to earn the title of "Twin-Sword Valkyrie" and gaining a retainer in her childhood friend Hikari Miyamoto.

Other: The demons Sengo made a pact with still seek Asahi, but she is protected by a spell cast by Lady Etsuko Takeda, the late wife of Shingen Takeda. The spell once weakened, and the demons almost claimed her soul, but with the help of other warriors and another protection spell from Etsuko's daughter Ritsu, she escaped them and gained ultimate light powers that allow her to sprout wings.

Mother: Unknown. She supposedly died in childbirth.

Father: Sengo Muramasa
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PostSubject: Re: Character Creation   Fri Nov 30, 2012 8:47 pm

Name: Sheena Fujibayashi

Nickname: Clumsy Assassin, Resolute Assassin, Jubblies, Chief.

Race: Human

Age: 21

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Skin: Fair

Powers: Sheena has excellent physical ability with speed, agility and strength befitting a ninja. She can create illusions with her Igaguri Style. The magic seals she wields have a variety of powers. However, Sheena's most notable ability is the power to summon. She has made pacts with all 13 Summon Spirits and can call them at anytime. The Summon Spirits are:

Efreet, The Summon Spirit of Fire

Undine, The Summon Spirit of Water

Gnome, The Summon Spirit of Earth

Sephie, Yutis, and Fairess, The Summon Spirits of Wind, known collectively as Sylph

Volt, The Summon Spirit of Lightning

Celsius, The Summon Spirit of Ice

Luna and Aska, The Summon Spirits of Light

Shadow, The Summon Spirit of Darkness

Origin, The Summon Spirit of All Things and the Leader of All Summon Spirits

Maxwell, The Summon Spirit of Birth

Weapons: Other than her magical seals, Sheena also uses traditional ninja tools, such as shuriken and kunai knives, and smoke bombs.


Personality: Sheena is a very strong-willed person. In part owing to her ninja upbringing, she tends to act somewhat hot-blooded and angry most of the time, but she does possess a gentle side, which becomes more apparent as the story progresses. She has little confidence in her ability to make important decisions, a flaw that was considerably deepened since the disaster with Volt, and considers herself a lone wolf. However, like Lloyd, she is a strong believer in altruism. She is willing to bend the rules imposed on her, such as the Pope's orders to kill the Chosen of Sylvarant, in order to do what is right. Despite the anger some of Mizuho bears toward her, she understands that mistakes can be corrected, and absolutely refuses to give up on someone, even her greatest enemy.
Sheena's tough facade has created an interesting outer personality. She tends to anger easily and is not above disciplining someone with a swift smack. However, she is also talkative, despite her troubled past and angry members of society who have cast her out of their circles. Sheena is also very clumsy, similar to Colette. Unlike Colette, who tends to get unnaturally lucky from being clumsy, Sheena is very unlucky, often falling into traps and tripping into holes, although this does not happen as often as Colette's clumsy moments.

History: Sheena is first encountered at the Ossa Trail, where she stops the Chosen's group to kill Colette. However, when Colette falls and activates a hole that leads to a mine, Sheena stands over the hole and falls, stopping the battle. Lloyd Irving and Colette worry if the fall might have killed her, but Genis Sage calculates how the fall did not do so, while Raine Sage tells them not to worry for an assassin. At the end of Ossa Trail, however, Sheena breaks out, once more challenging the group, this time starting a fight. As her name is not revealed yet, her enemy name is "Clumsy Assassin". When the fight ends and Sheena loses, she disappears with the vow that she will kill the Chosen later. Through the journey around Sylvarant, it is possible to meet Sheena in the House of Salvation near Palmacosta, where she prays for luck and help to carry out her mission. It is also possible for Lloyd to watch her play with the children in Luin, where they exchange a few words before separating.
She is once more seen in the Balacruf Mausoleum, where the group enters to release the Seal of Wind. She is stopped by Noishe, and has to summon Corrine to make the creature get out of her way. However, the path is closed, forcing her to find another way inside. When the group has released the seal, Sheena blocks their path on their way out to challenge them once more. As she loses, the group asks her why she wants to kill the world's last chance for regeneration. In anger, she admits that her own world will decay if that happens, but runs away before she can be questioned more.

In a now destroyed Luin, the group finds a hurt Sheena, who explains how the Desians from Asgard Human Ranch attacked the town, how she tried and failed to protect the citizens and that all the survivors were taken to the ranch. Lloyd and Colette beg Raine to heal her, which she eventually does. Depending on certain choices beforehand, Sheena might either join the party, wanting to help the citizens she has lived with for a while, or she leaves to save them by herself. In the human ranch's first visit, Sheena uses her last seal to transport them away from danger, and during the night, they all talk about how their Exspheres are actually the lives of humans who suffered at the ranch. They decide to once more infiltrate the human ranch, where they manage to free the prisoners, kill Kvar and destroy the ranch. From then on, Sheena decides to follow the group, temporality giving up on killing Colette after seeing much of her kindness.
When Colette has released her fourth seal, thus taking away her ability to speak, Sheena tells them about Tethe'alla, the world where she came from and how she was told to assassinate Colette to prevent Sylvarant from flourishing, which would make Tethe’alla, which is currently in flourish, to be in the same state as Sylvarant. The ninja admits that she does not know what to do, as she has come to like Colette and the others in the group. They later find a unicorn, trapped under the water, and Sheena admits that she can make a pact with Undine, the Summon Spirit of Water, so that they can free it for its horn with healing abilities. Although scared, Sheena eventually manages to form her first real pact. At the Tower of Salvation, Sheena is shocked to know that Colette was supposed to die at the end of the journey, and tries to save her with the others. When they fail and lose consciousness, they are saved by the Renegades, where Yuan Ka-Fai tells them more about Tethe'alla and Sylvarant, and Cruxis and the Church of Martel, suddenly surrounding them and tells how he needs Lloyd to fulfill his plans. Sheena helps the party escape from the Renegades, and then agree to go to Tethe'alla with the Rheairds.

When they arrive in Tethe'alla, Sheena has to go and report to Tiga about her failure to assassinate the Chosen of Sylvarant, and bids farewell with the party in Meltokio. She reappears again in Sybak, where the group is held down in the basements for planning to betray the King of Tethe'alla and having two half-elves with them. After breaking out of the basement, she follows them to save the Sages from execution.
After rescuing the Sage siblings, the group travel to the Gaoracchia Forest, where they have to battle another assassinate who is after Colette, Regal Bryant. After defeating him and taking him as a temporally prisoner, Corrine tells them that more knights are coming after them, forcing Sheena to take them to Mizuho, the hidden village for ninjas. There, she is appointed a new mission by Tiga, to follow the group as a representative, not a spy. However, she has to try to make a pact with Volt, the Summon Spirit of Lightning, and she runs off. Tiga explains how Sheena failed to make a pact with Volt twelve years prior to the events of the story, leading to the deaths of a quarter of Mizuho's population and her grandfather's comatose.

Lloyd finds and comforts her along with Corrine, and she decides to try once more. However, at the Temple of Lightning, Volt refuses to make a pact, and in desperation, Sheena attacks the Summon Spirit. Furious, Volt strikes the party with lightning, and proceeds to kill Sheena with a stronger lightning bolt. Corrine runs between, taking the hit. Before he dies, he encourages Sheena to make Volt regain belief in human kind, like she did with him. Moved by Corrine's sacrifice, Sheena tries once again and succeeds with the pact, making a vow in honor for him.

After realizing that forming pacts with Summon Spirits sever the mana links that makes the worlds connect to each other, the party travels around Tethe'alla to form pacts with Gnome, Summon Spirit of Earth, and Celsius, Summon Spirit of Ice. After the help of the Renegades, they form pacts in Sylvarant as well, with its Efreet, Summon Spirit of Fire, and Sylph, Summon Spirit of Wind. Before making a pact with Luna and Aska, the Summon Spirits of Light, the party goes back to Tethe'alla to form a pact with Shadow, the Summon Spirit of Darkness. After the final pact with Luna and Aska is formed, the Giant Kharlan Tree becomes unstable, and Kratos Aurion explains how the mana links were keeping the tree under control from going amok. They make a plan to how to calm the Kharlan Tree again, and Sheena is to go to use power of the Tethe'alla Summon Spirits to activate the Mana Cannon when given the signal from Lloyd at Iselia Human Ranch. After calming the Giant Kharlan Tree, she goes to Dirk's House, where she passes by Kratos leaving.

Because of Colette's rare angelic illness, Sheena is forced to make a deal with Kuchinawa, who has revealed himself to be a traitor who wants her dead because of the Volt incident that left his parents dead. They agree upon "Corrine's Bell" that they will fight to settle down their score, and when entering Mizuho after this meeting, Sheena will go to fight him. The fight will have just the two of them, with Lloyd as a seer. When Sheena wins, Kuchinawa attempts suicide, but is stopped by either Lloyd or Sheena and is told that he has a meaning of living. Kuchinawa decides to not return to Mizuho and instead travel for himself. After Mithos betrays the group and hurts Altessa and Tabatha, Sheena sends some people from Mizuho to protect them while the group prepare themselves for the final battle in Flanoir.

The group travels to the Tower of Salvation, and to Sheena and everyone else's shock, Zelos betrays them and hands Colette over to Pronyma. Sheena admits to him that she never actually thought of him as a bad guy, but Zelos turns his back on her, and goes to Welgaia together with Pronyma and Colette. After fighting off the angels, Orochi and other ninjas come to hold the rest of them back while the group continues and retrieves Colette. After losing Regal and Raine, Sheena and Lloyd come to a bridge that is guarded by a root of the previously rampaging tree. Although Sheena manages to hold the root off with the Summon Spirits long enough for Lloyd to get over the bridge, the root falls and destroys it, taking Sheena with her. She tells Lloyd to continue after reminding that falling into a hole was how she met him. As Lloyd runs further into the tower, Sheena reflects on her decision before letting herself fall down the hole.

When Lloyd is about to get killed by Yggdrasil, Sheena is with the saved group as Genis uses Fire Ball to stop the murder. After defeating and watching the death of Pronyma, and witnessing Martel's rejection of Mithos, they fight to kill Yggdrasil, in which they succeed. However, Kratos arrives and tells Lloyd, his son, that if they truly want to save both worlds, he needs to kill him before Origin's seal. After he leaves, it is explained that Zelos saved them all from their apparent deaths, and the Tethe'allan Chosen rejoins the group. After the battle against Kratos and Origin, Colette is possessed by Mithos' soul, as Genis kept his Cruxis Crystal behind everyone's back. As they all go to save her, everyone but Lloyd is trapped in their own fears and nightmares. Sheena and Zelos must run away from a giant spider while they watch illusions of Kuchinawa and Seles Wilder convincing them to join Mithos, as they have no value in life. However, Lloyd comes and saves them, telling them that they do have a value in life, as his friends. In the end, Sheena and Zelos stop running, and find out that the spider was just an illusion. When they are all gathered, they go to face Mithos one final time.

After the battle against Mithos and the reunion of the worlds, Sheena watches as Lloyd and Colette flies up to the sky to save the Great Seed. She returns to Mizuho, where she is welcomed by everyone. Although they are celebrating a victory, Sheena claims that it is not over yet, as they have to move to Sylvarant and make themselves a name to be proud of, and also make it a home where Kuchinawa can return.

Sheena returns in the sequel to Tales of Symphonia, Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, which occurs two years after the main story. She does not appear before Emil Castagnier, Marta Lualdi, Tenebrae, and Regal go to the Temple of Ice. After it appears that Richter Abend has killed Marta, they hear Sheena's voice, and she and a healthy Marta appears in a cloud of smoke, revealing the dead Marta to just be a fake by using Sheena's Igaguri style. She follows the group for a while, before she accidentally falls into a hole. When the group finds her again, she is taking care of Alice with Decus, as she fell on her. After she finds out that they are from the Vanguard, however, she uses Celsius to seal them off, and upon hearing of Lloyd's recent behavior and his interest upon Centurions' cores, she decides to follow the group to look for him.
She continues with the party until they reach Altamira, when she stays and goes back to help Regal. She meets the trio again when they journey back to save Regal and was beaten by Richter after Brute Lualdi was defeated. After her recovery, she and all of Lloyd's friends get answers for his strange behavior and joins them to the Martel Temple to see Verius again. After Emil sealed away his Ratatosk personality and the party went their separate ways to relax before the final battle, Sheena returned home to Mizuho where she and Emil were talking about recent events. She tells Emil that the village will be moved and when there is peace, the village would be gone. She then asks Emil that, since he is Ratatosk, to make a pact with her so that she can see him whenever she wants and if that would not work then she will have to ask the people at the Elemental Research Laboratory to find another way. On the day of the final confrontation with Richter, she follows the party to the Otherworldly Gate. After the final battle, Sheena leaves Emil with a smile of their friendship and wishes him good luck. As revealed in various skits toward the end, after Lloyd and Colette named the newborn world tree with Martel, Sheena and the others met them before the tree. There, they learned its new name, but were requested by Martel to keep the name a secret to protect it from harm.

Other: None

Mother: Unknown

Father: Unknown

Or origin/creation: Was not created
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PostSubject: Re: Character Creation   Mon Dec 03, 2012 4:05 pm

Name: Abel Kaiser.
Nick Name: Lazybones.

Race: Seems Human, but considering his past history and ability to alter his appearance says otherwise.

Age: Immeasurable. He remains immortal, but with the potential to perish in combat (which he tends to avoid).

Eyes: Originally blue, but with the ability to change color.

Hair: Originally white, but also with the ability to change color.

Skin: Pale, almost always.

Powers: It is said that this man once served under the Emperor of the Underworld himself, but circumstances given the man had now ascended to the world of the living through illegal methods. He attained immortality, but at the risk of forever being hunted down by the dead. He also has the power to alter his appearance at will, if nobody is watching (which he tends to often change his eye color just to make sure he isn't being spied on).

Weapons: Among his vast collection of weaponry is his favorite japanese katana, the Silencer, an Enchanted blade supposedly capable of freezing time around any living thing it cuts, not including its chosen wielder. It is said throughout the man's history that the only way to attain this weapon is to somehow convince the Governor of time himself into giving it to you. This was said in recorded history, but in reality its power is to seal in place anything it cuts, although the blade itself cannot harm its target until it is fully sheathed. Were the blade to pass through somebody, they would instantly be bound to that spot with no hope of freeing themselves. The wielder could then end the battle by simply sheathing the sword, therefore killing his opponent. However, it's power can only be realized if the wielder is aware of this. If the wielder does not know of its binding power, the blade will pass through opponents as if a small summer breeze had blew past them (since the blade cannot cut). However, each time its binding ability is used, it requires the usage of a portion of energy from its wielder per swing, which it then returns after the sword is sheathed. This can put a lot of strain on the wielder if he attempts several swings in rapid succession, even if he misses. His secondary weapon is an old pistol, capable of firing one shot before it has to be reloaded. There is nothing special about the pistol.

Appearance: He appears young despite his otherwise old age. His skin is smooth, his expressions are almost always a smile unless he becomes depressed. He's average when it comes to this, unless one were to judge him by his odd clothing. Outside he tends to wear a blue ninja Gi with a black shirt with red sleeves underneath, a black scarf around his neck, and shinobi tabi for his socks, but with no other footwear.

Personality: He's a very cheerful individual, and also a very lazy one. He laughs at jokes, he despises the art of having to work for something, he lets people know if he likes them or not, he's quite a rare person to meet in the world as it is now. His outlook on life is that it is the foundation of everything that exists, since there would be no dead if nothing existed, as there would be no life if one could not one day die. Therefore he considers himself a non-existent being, and does not fail to tell others this were they to be aware of his immortality. When he comes into contact with something that is dead, he becomes greatly fearful of it, tending to avoid it altogether, as he himself were once part of the dead.

History: A long time ago, he was known as the Underworld Keeper. It was his job to make sure the souls of those that passed on made it to their final resting places, whether that be heaven or hell, purgatory, the abyss, anything that they deserved. He realized one day just how terribly boring his job was, and as selfish as he was at the time, planned for a very long time of an escape. Many years passed without his chance to make it out, before a great ship approached his shores. It belonged to that of high royalty, this being the only soul aboard. His destination was heaven, which seemed rigged to Kaiser since all he saw in the man's lifetime was the invention of other's suffering. So, as was part of his power at the time, forced the soul of the man into the depths of the waves, forever casting the former royalty to wander aimlessly, effortlessly at his escape, a cruel, fitting fate for such a nasty man. And with that, Abel took off with the vessel until he approached the gateway to the living, which were a small island with half of it cut off, a rival boarding the edges. Upon crossing the river, he ascended to the land of humanity in the vessel (which came to life same as he did), but realized he had made a mistake during his journey. Without a pardon of death from the Reaper, he became immortal as long as he remained in this world, completely forgotten by time. But of course, he didn't care. Now he could have as much fun as he could possibly want, without worry of running out of time.

Other: Oddly enough, despite the colors of his outfit, he loves the color pink. He also has a great fascination with Ninjas, and envies the day that he would get to meet one.

Mother: N/A
Father: N/A
Or origen/creation: Born in Great Britain, centuries ago.
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PostSubject: Re: Character Creation   Mon Dec 10, 2012 5:51 pm

Name: ???
Nickname: ROL

Race: Judging from shape of body, easily human. Not much can be tell after that. Definitely not a normal human though.
Age:??? Looks to be youthful though.

Hair:??? Looks black though.
Skin: ???

Appareance: ROL is covered up head to toe. He wears very tight black leather clothing and straps (Those straps being around his thighs, biceps, and waist.) Surprisingly this doesnt seem to hinder his movement one bit. His face is covered with a black gas mask, and only a few strands of what looks like hair hangs out from the back. His hands and feets are covered with gloves and boots.

Powers: Elemental control and energy manipulation. He is also capable of many other powers but keeps it as this for fear that his unique abilities might reveal himself.

Weapons: Various blades concealed within his clothing, most removable.

Personality: Keeps much to himself but has this contradicting feature of being a curious one.

History: Nothing is known about this man, not even who he really is. He seems to be on a mission though. But even that is a secret.
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Character Creation
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