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 Good Amulet Hunting

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King Owl City
King Owl City

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PostSubject: Good Amulet Hunting   Fri Aug 03, 2012 7:59 pm

| Lair of the Dragon |

The mountains of Perilous Kolkafar lower slopes are wooded. Though the desolation grows the higher one climbs the mountains, the extremely rare "Fire-Rose" can be found on the way, growing in rock crevices and on the edges of the large, wooded areas. The top of the highest mountain is a surreal landscape of bare rock and rock pools, and it provides views of the surrounding area on clear days it is said to be a perfect place to see the sunrise and set. On some days, however, the top of the mountain is covered in a heavy fog, and visibility can be limited to only a few feet. To gain access to the mouth of the cave, one must ascend the surface of the mountain making use of rough handholds along the way. The climb is steep and perilous, as a single slip would spell disaster for the treasure hunter.

A broad tunnel nearly twenty-five feet high and twenty feet wide burrowed into the mysterious depths of the mountain. The elevation of the dark passage would gradually climb until a soft glow of light would become visible. As one reached the massive wide cavern; the air would become foul with the stench of sulfur. The walls of the dragon's lair narrowed to a small ragged opening high above. Thin rays of sunlight trickled into the room, falling on a pile of coins, jewels, precious metals, weaponry and other riches. Scorch marks marred the surface of the walls and floor. Scattered on the floor were piles of charred remains: bones, skulls, broken skeletons, melted weaponry, splintered shields, and ragged clothing that were left behind from dead adventurers of the past.

Here did the magicks of old manifest themselves, depositing within the trove of treasures a single amulet. Beautifully crafted from bronze and set with an azure jewel, it was the Amulet of Truce; an artifact which carried an oath which bound the Dragons to this day. Whomever held the amulet also held the immediate assistance of the Dragon race and was considered a friend of their kind, therefore all dragons, wild and domestic, would come at the wielder's beckoning call. For the sake of the world, it was best if this amulet didn't fall into evil hands or else...
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Night terror
Night terror

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PostSubject: Re: Good Amulet Hunting   Sat Aug 04, 2012 5:55 pm

out of nowhere a rip of to a different dimension appears and coming out of the rift was a large demon knight with bulky red armor with a flaming center in the middle of his chest he had spike on his greaves and spikes on his shoulders What was once azure armor and flesh has become a combination of armor and bone with an orange/red sheen. The helmet area has grown and developed a large crest-like shape and the muzzle-covering area has been remove to reveal a lipless mouth with long teeth shown and its eyes are a beady yellow. At the center of its chest is a glowing core of energy which spreads throughout its upper body. In place of hands are a pair of giant claws and in the "palms" are fully functional mandibles although this does not appear to hamper its ability to wield a sword in the least. Lastly, a slightly long tail has sprouted from the base of the spine area. Flowing from its back side are a pair of large, fiery wings. he was once know as the dreaded azure knight nightmare but is now know as night terror the Destruction of mankind in his claws on the left arm was the cursed sword soul edge in it's ultimate form it was made from organic material such as flesh large jagged teeth that go from the very end of the blade to near the handle of the sword the razor sharp blade is on the bottom of the jagged teeth and had a long curved horn like a cresant near the handle. the rift behind him closed night terror stood in front of the cave the demon knight then thought to himself.

"hmm this might be interesting i guess i'll find out what what inside then"

the demon knight headed into the cave not knowing what he would find he noticed the cave was getting narrow since he had hulking armor it might be difficult to even deeper in the cave but he would continue on he saw a light up ahead what could this light? he continued to go deeper in the cave until he saw skeletons of dead soldiers but to his surprise he saw coins of gold and jewels and other riches unfortunately the demon knight could care less about this treasure he wasn't a treasure hunter he saw the splintered shields and melted swords he looked up ahead and saw a treasure hunter holding some sort of amulet in his hands.

"what could this amulet be?"

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Good Amulet Hunting
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