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 Fountainful of Wishes

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PostSubject: Fountainful of Wishes   Fri Aug 03, 2012 9:59 pm

With the rise of the sun came the end of all slumber; and a clearing in the Elven Forest arose to begin a new day. As bright rays of light reached across the woodland filled with all forms of foliage and creatures lurked in there. Some cute, others vicious a perfect harmony in nature. T'was seemingly just another beautiful day within the Forest, and as usual the elves were at their usual business. While the creatures followed the keys of survival in their mystical niche.. They left their homes and took to the mossy floors to in search of food. As one would venture deep into the forest, they would find a mystical fountain. A dish of stone that was under an obsidian arch that dripped a liquid that seemed to shine in with single ray of lay of light that lay above the mystical fountain. There was nothing grand about it, just a simple fountain; yet despite it's humble appearance, hundreds of elves would make a wish, casting an Arian or two into the water's depths.

Over time, the humble fountain become overencumbered with wealth, so much so that coins spilled out from its depths and onto the surrounding ground. Yet these coins were never in fear of being picked up by the random stranger, nor did those within the water fear of being plucked by hands of avarice; for these coins held great sentimental value to those residing within the forest. With the passing of time, many changes came to the world, yet this tradition always remained in place seemingly never to change. That is, until the creation of the End items destruction and the scattering of pieces of power; one of their forms manifesting within the mound of hopes and dreams.

T'was a token, wrought from the brightest of gold and bearing a face and inscription drastically different from the Elves' Arian coins. It's form appeared from out of nowhere, bore by magix of old, and was buried within the heap of gold, silver, and bronze coins. Within it was the power to mask it's holder's form entirely existence, masking them underneath a veil of absolute invisibility undetected by others in the World of the Living. From all eyes, and even noses, did the Coin of Concealing hide the wielder. With the evil brewing into the world, an item such as this couldn’t be left there idly without something guarding it. But would that something be strong enough to defend against the darkness?
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Fountainful of Wishes
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