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 Pokemon: Gotta Eat them All

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PostSubject: Pokemon: Gotta Eat them All   Pokemon: Gotta Eat them All I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 04, 2012 8:49 pm


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Pokemon: Gotta Eat them All Empty
PostSubject: Re: Pokemon: Gotta Eat them All   Pokemon: Gotta Eat them All I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 05, 2012 12:30 pm

Light foot steps in the forest was heard. Nothing that would give anyone away. The foot steps didn't sound like it was wearing any sort of foot wear at all. He seemed to stay hidden in the brush... as if he was stalking something. His teeth were bared... sharp, shark like fangs that gleamed in the light. The fangs forming into an impish smile. His skin tone was black in colour with red stripes on his body. It looked like he lacked his trademark coat, so it would appear he'd be in the 'buff' as people would say. Stripe patterns decorated his legs, which went down to his ankles, forming solid splotches of red on them. His bottom feet, where his toes were had sharp looking claws at the end of them.

The rest of his body had a few red stripes on his shoulders and back. A few faint, scuffy scars were on his back, torso and shoulders. His belly was black coloured as well. His arms were black, complete with his sharp claws and a scar cut on the palm of his hand, a cut from a reminder of his elder twin brother. His head was a silvery-white, matching his hair in human form, but looked more like he had horns of some sort on the side of his face. His eyes were a bright yellow. However, something in the grasses caught his attention. He gave a soft growl, going low to the ground by getting on fours. His stomach seem to give off a small noise.

"Ah.. dun' scare it away..." He said.

Was he resorting to animal like behaviour in this form? Where he normally would scarf down on pizzas and strawberry icecream sundaes. He couldn't waltz in a shop, looking the way he did. That was unless he went in human mode or wore a disguise. His eyes were fixed on something... a small.. creature of some sort. Something that was avian of some sort? A pidgy? Dante's eyes widen as he gave a soft growl again.

The innocent bird was pecking the ground, hopping around, looking for it's own meal. Though, it was unaware that something was stalking it.

"Steady..." Dante said in his Demonic, Devil Triggerish voice. "Stay there... I needa catch ya..."

However, as he kept on sneaking low on the ground, his stomach rumbled again, causing his prey to take flight.

He flopped down on his butt and gave a small snort and looked rather sad.

"This is the third time this happened!" He yelled. "I am so hungry! I could even go after a random pizza man and steal his pizza!"

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Pokemon: Gotta Eat them All Empty
PostSubject: Re: Pokemon: Gotta Eat them All   Pokemon: Gotta Eat them All I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 05, 2012 3:41 pm

up in the Sky above Pewter City There was a Charizard with Red eyes flying towards the Viradian forest. As he was flying around looking for somewhere to land, the charizard started to grow hungry. as he finally found a clearing enough to land in, The Charizard saw a Beedrill fly by and thought to himself, "well I am definaly not eating that thing. because they hurt." About ten minutes Later The Charizard sees a Raticate."well.....Maybe I can catch it, and cook it a little...."He said as he Lunged towards the Raticate, However the Raticate ran away using Quick Attack into a Bush. "Damn....I missed" the charizard said with disappointment in his voice.
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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon: Gotta Eat them All   Pokemon: Gotta Eat them All I_icon_minitime

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Pokemon: Gotta Eat them All
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