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 Dusk to Dawn.

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PostSubject: Dusk to Dawn.    Thu Aug 09, 2012 10:36 am

The skies of Cosmo Canyon were turning into a orange-red colour. The fair night skies were fading away to day time. The stars would disappear and fade off for the rest of the day. Sleeping on the edge of the of the cliff sides was a red, lion like beast with a blazing tail tip. On it's body was various markings such as tribal tattoos on the back legs and one on it's shoulder, as well for a "XIII" mark on it. On it's legs were golden bracelets. The animal seemed to have a dark, reddish brown mane on it's head with two feathers sticking from the top of it. The creature seemed to be asleep. Maybe it decided to sleep there for the night? Who knew?

As the sun was slowly creeping up, the creature put a paw to his face, giving off a soft growl, much like a human would moan from the sun creeping in.

"Nnaarr.. Not now..." the animal mumbled. "Give me more time, father..."

He stretched out his paws and back legs, much like a real cat would do and curled up into a small ball, still asleep. His tail slowly wagging back and fourth.

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Dusk to Dawn.
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