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 Hydro vs. Pyro

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Hydro The Blastoise
Hydro The Blastoise

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Hydro vs. Pyro Empty
PostSubject: Hydro vs. Pyro   Hydro vs. Pyro I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 15, 2012 11:48 pm

It was a nice sunny day on one of the many Islands that make up Seafoam Islands as Hydro, A Blastoise, was waiting Very Impatiently for someone, or something. "Ok where is he?" he asked himself with a growl, 'He' was someone he hasn't seen since he was a little squirtle. Someone who he had practically grew up and trained with."I hope he hasn't gotten Lost," Hydro thought to himself, "Then again he is always late to these things" Hydro said as he sighed."I guess I will just go for a little swim" Hydro Thought out loud as he walked towards the shore on the Island."have to stay by the Island just in case Boss shows up" he said as he just swam Back in forth in front of the shore of the Island....still waiting for His friend.
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Hydro vs. Pyro
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