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 Pokemon Dreams

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Merry Nightmare
Merry Nightmare

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PostSubject: Pokemon Dreams   Thu May 16, 2013 6:58 pm

The location was the Dreamyard, a well known place within the Unova Region. It was once a scientific facility meant to study dreams until it was destroyed in a catastrophic explosion. Now the area serves as a sort of playground for people and Pokemon alike.

It was a day like any other. Various tourists explored the ruins of the facility while Trainers played and practiced battling with their Pokemon. The atmosphere was relaxed and playful. Until...


A yell could be heard from above, startling everyone in the area. A figure fell from the sky, shouting from the stress of the rapid descent. The yelling stopped abruptly when the figure hit the ground, landing on a patch of soft grass. The people in the surrounding area became panicked and checked on the fallen stranger. Murmurs of "Is she alright?" and "Give her some room!" filled the air. Soon, the girl slowly sat up, letting out a small groan and rubbing her head.

"Wow, that landing was rougher than I would have liked..." She said simply, as if she was completely unaffected by the fall, which was exactly the case.

The fallen stranger turned out to be a young teenage girl with shoulder length purple hair and green eyes with rectangular pupils. She also had pointed ears. She wore a black crop top that exposed her entire abdominal area under a white jacket with short sleeves and long, curled coattails. She also wore a white skirt, black and white striped stockings with black shoes, white armbands on either arm, and a hat on her head. A curious symbol was emblazoned on the girl's hat, shoes and either sleeve of her jacket. This symbol seemed to resemble a closed eye.

The girl, named Merry Nightmare, noticed all the concerned people looking at her as she stood up and dusted herself off.

"What are you all looking at? I'm fine." She said.

The crowd of people looked at each other and soon dispersed, muttering other things like "How did she survive that?" and "That girl is weird...". However, one not easily noticed member of the crowd stayed and continued to stare at her. Merry seemed to sense the presence and turn around to spot a young man with long green hair and blue eyes wearing a black and white cap. Merry raised an eyebrow and frowned. The male didn't move.

"Hey, why don't ya take a picture? It'll last longer." She said flatly.

"Oh, forgive me. I know I seemed rude." The male said. "I just couldn't help but notice that you fell from the sky."

"Yeah, so?" Merry said.

The male laughed. "You make it seem so common. Would I be correct in assuming that you're not from around here?"

"Well, that depends. Where's here?"

"This is the Dreamyard. In the Unova Region."

"Uno-wha? Ok sure, I've never heard of this place." Merry crossed her arms and looked away.

"You are very interesting indeed..." Remarked the male. "May I ask your name?"

"It's Merry. Merry Nightmare. And who are you? Or should I just call you Weirdo?" Merry said in a condescending tone, while turning her eyes toward the male.

The male laughed again. "That won't be necessary. You can call me N. Nice to meet you, Merry."

"N? Just a letter? You really are a weirdo." Merry said, rolling her eyes. As she did that, she caught sight of a pink mound peeking at her from a bush. As soon as she made eye contact, it hid.

"Huh? What was that thing?" She asked in a confused tone.

"Hm? What was what?" Asked N.

"I've never seen an animal like that... I'm gonna get a closer look!" Merry said, running to the bush.

The Dream Demon sped toward the bush and dove into it, making it rustle vigorously. N slowly walked toward the bush with a curious expression on his face. A few moments later, Merry stood straight up from the bush.

"I got it!" She shouted, triumphantly holding the pink mound up in her hands. Said mound wriggled around.

"Mu! Munna!" It squealed.

"Aah!" N yelled in alarm. "It's not hurt, is it?"

"It's fine, don't have a heart attack." Merry said.She then turned the mound around to get a better look at it. It was a small, round pink pokemon with oval shaped red eyes and purple floral patterns on its body. It had four stubby legs and a pink oval on its long snout.

"Ah, it's a Munna." N said.

"Munna?" Merry asked.

"Yes, a type of Pokemon. It can eat the dreams of people and Pokemon."

"Eat dreams?" Merry said in disbelief. Her race was closely connected to dreams, so that stuck out to her.

The Munna slipped out of Merry's hands and floated up to her head, perching on it and began playing with her hat. Merry looked up at the little Pokemon and pouted.

"What, you're interested in my hat? Well, you can't have it!" She said.

"Munna~!" The Pokemon said.

"My, this Munna seems to have taken a liking to you, Merry." N commented.

"Eh... I don't know much about these Pokemon... But She does look kinda cute..." Merry said grudgingly.

N gave a smile."How about you keep Munna with you for a while?"

"Huh? Like a pet?" Merry asked.

"No... More like a friend. I consider all Pokemon my friends." N replied.

"Friend? Hmmm... That does sound like a nice idea. Hey Munna! Can I call you Munna? Wanna be friends?" She asked, looking up at the Pokemon.

Munna looked down at Merry and waved its front legs.

"Mu Munna!" It said cheerfully.

"Um, I'll take that as a yes." Merry said, grinning.

"So now what will you do?" Asked N.

Merry looked around.

"You said this was the Dreamyard, right?"


"Then I think I'll have a look around here!" She said, giving a fangy grin.

N noticed this and began looking thoughtful.

"This girl..." He thought. "Until now, I thought that she was the most interesting human I've ever seen... But those clothes... Those ears... And those eyes... You're not human, are you?"

Merry had gone to explore more of the Dreamyard and N slowly followed, his curiosity piqued.

"I'd like to know what you really are..."

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Kain R. Heinlein
Kain R. Heinlein

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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Dreams   Thu May 16, 2013 8:49 pm

Quiet footsteps echoed through the foundations of a long lost empire, the sound of something dragging along the ground falling shortly behind the male dressed in fine white clothing. What seemed to be a smile on his face left unfaded, something amusing him so much that a small, yet subtle laugh escaped his vocals, echoing quietly throughout the walls of this dream-like environment, a peaceful silence broken by his eerie chuckle. The dragging noise came from a large being held within his right hand, being dragged lifelessly across the ground, leaving behind scrapes on the crystalline floor. It was a large creature, one he had never seen before but did not care enough to leave it alive. "Survival of the fittest", as most would say, but he preferred it another way. "All the weak shall perish and the strong will prosper." Something he had come up with himself, and not one he was hesitant to share with others given that they challenged him, especially considering the predicament he was in.

Summoned here by an unknown force and not likely to leave by the same force, he was welcomed with a harsh assault on his person by this creature. Was it a guardian of this forsaken place? Was it merely wanting to challenge him? Regardless, it wasn't going to worry about that any longer, so why should he? All that he needed to focus on was a way out, something he wasn't quite sure of how to do. Certainly he would need to find the one that had summoned him here in the first place? He received no instruction, no introduction, only appearing in this place before being challenged by a now deceased creature.

Coming to a halt at the edge of a long drop, he stood looking over that long gap for a small moment before thrusting his arm forward, the large creature being flung with effortless force down that mountain. The man dressed in white could not guess just how far that drop would go, but he didn't care. He would have at least wished to hear the sound of bones breaking, cracking as that large beast hit the ground with a loud thud. But alas, he had better things to be doing. And as long as he is here, might as well make himself perfectly at home, yes?

He got a long good look at the creature before he departed back toward the lobby, where he had been summoned, his sub-conscious had been leading him there during this time. That thing was a very large, blue, winged being, something which he would only see fitting in an icy palace like this one. He couldn't help but think of it as a small cliche, that a guardian would be protecting a place that this man clearly had no interest in. He disliked the texture as he frowned, touching the walls with his gloved hands. The trail left behind on that contact began to envelop in an oddly discolored purple flame, the slow process of manipulated ice beginning to fade into a gas, taking only a matter of seconds to do so. What manner of power would allow this man the ability to sublimate what he touches without utilizing open contact? His finger flicked along the edge of the wall as he entered the circular lobby. A stairway located to his right, meaning he had left what was the right wing of the place, to his left was an exit, and in front of him another hallway mirrored in the same fashion to the one he had just exited. Taking no further interest in what he was seeing, his gaze fixed to the door located to the left, as he departed for it.

"Now what in the world is it that I am doing here? Certainly that thing had not summoned me here just for this? Now that would be troublesome."

He smiled as his hand pressed against the closed, frozen doors that lead outside. A small push was left in vain as they would not budge. His smile faded to a frown as this obstacle was beginning to annoy him. His opposing hand slipped into his pocket as the index and middle finger pressed to his thumb and flicked in a rapid motion. In an instant, what was once the location of a door was now a large hole enveloped in purple flames. He wasn't about to let a door stop him, now was he? With a smile returning to his face, he took his first step to freedom.
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Merry Nightmare
Merry Nightmare

Chinese zodiac : Rat
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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Dreams   Mon Jun 17, 2013 6:38 pm

As Merry explored the Dreamyard with her new friend Munna, she pouted not finding anything of interest.

"This is really the dreamyard?" She asked with a frown. "It's awfully boring here."

"Muu!" Munna said.

N, who was following her, walked up to her with a laugh. 

"The facility that was used to study dreams was destroyed a long time ago." He said.
Merry frowned.

"Really?" She said quietly.

"I'm sensing a dream aura here, but that's about it..." She thought to herself. "At least there are no demons around here..."

"You know, if you're bored, there are other places you can go." N said. "How about Striaton City?"

"A city? Well..."

Merry was about to say more when a loud growl was emitted from her stomach. She clutched it with both hands as her face turned bright red. Munna floated to her side and let out a sad groan as her stomach growled as well.

"Looks like a certain pair have gotten hungry." N said with a laugh. "Follow me. I'll bring you to Striaton City." He then slowly walked off.

"Alright..." Merry said dully. 

Munna perched on her head as she followed N. As they walked along the path to Striaton City, N was struck with a throbbing pain in his head. He grabbed it as he cried out and fell to his knees. Merry and Munna gasped as Merry ran up to him.

"Whoa! N, are you alright?" She asked urgently.

"M-My friend... What... Who did this to you?" N groaned, still holding his head.

"Your friend? Something happened to your friend?" Merry asked.

"Beware... The suited man... Seek the dream..." N whispered a few cryptic phrases before losing consciousness and collapsing on the ground as his hat fell off.

"Hey... Hey!" Merry grabbed N and tried to shake him awake. He didn't move. "Oh man... He's out cold, isn't he...?"

Munna floated down to N and looked at him with a sad expression on her face.


"I gotta help him..."

Merry picked N up and put his arm around her shoulder. She had the strength to carry him, but she didn't know where to. She had lost her guide. Looking ahead, she saw some buildings in the distance.

"I really hope that's Striaton City.... C'mon, Munna! Let's go!"

Munna nodded and used her telekinesis to lift N's hat onto her own head before floating after Merry. After a few minutes, she arrived in Striaton City. She looked around and let out a groan of frustration. She had no idea where to go.

"H-Hey! I've got an unconscious guy here! I could use some help!" She called.

"Oh my!" Said a nearby voice.

Merry looked in the direction of the voice and saw a boy run up to her with green hair similar to N's. He was dressed like a waiter.

"Follow me! I'll take you to the Pokemon Center!"

The boy led Merry and Munna to the medical facility where he enlisted the help of the Nurse Joy working there. Soon, N was resting in bed and Merry was watching over him.

"Thank goodness it was just a minor fainting spell." Said the boy in the waiter outfit as he approached Merry.

Merry glanced over at him and looked back at N. "Yeah... Thanks for the help, by the way."

"It was my pleasure." The boy sat down next to Merry. "My name is Cilan. What's yours?"

"I'm Merry Nightmare. This is Munna, and the out cold guy is Weirdo-- I mean, N."

"Merry Nightmare? That's quite an unusual name." Cilan said. "But sometimes, the most unusual elements make the best ingredients!" He added, emphasizing his words with his hands.

Merry raised an eyebrow.

"Ingredient? We're not cooking!"

At that moment, Merry's stomach growled loudly again.

"Oh man..." She groaned.

"Goodness, that was loud." Cilan said.

"Yeah... N was going to show me where to get some food before he passed out..." Merry said, rubbing her stomach. "I'd go out myself, but I have no idea where. And I don't want to leave him..."

"I see. That's quite unfortunate." Cilan said. He then snapped his fingers, getting an idea. "I know what to do! I just happen to be one of the Gym Leaders of the Striaton City Gym. And that Gym is also a restaurant. I'll go over to the Gym and bring back some food for you and your friends. How does that sound?"

Merry's face lit up, as did Munna's.

"D-Do you have donuts....?" She said dreamily.

"We certainly do!" Cilan said.

"T-Thanks so much!" Merry said happily.

"Once again, my pleasure. It's serving time!" Cilan called. 

He stood up, gave Merry a bow and left for the Gym. Merry looked after him, smiling, but she then made a confused face.

"Wait, how can a gym be a restaurant? Working out and cooking? Ah well."

Merry looked back at N and resumed her worried expression.

"What in the world happened...? All those things he said... Whatever it is, it can't be good..."
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Sol "HolyOrders" Badguy

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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Dreams   Wed Jun 19, 2013 5:26 pm

Any minor amount of peacefulness near the Pokemon nursing center was broken when the ground shook, something like a small earthquake. Anything high up on a shelf came tumbling to the ground in a loud crash while even the trees swayed with the tremor, all Pokemon within the building were sent into a shocked panic attack, injured or not. Precious materials were destroyed as they were sent shattering to the ground, glass covering the tiles and liquids of all colors mixing to form some new substance nobody could guess. Anything with wheels was shaken as it would leave the floor for a moment before reaching the ground again, being sent toppling over to the side in the process.
If one were to look outside to what was causing this, what would be seen is a man standing with his head down and a large brown Pokemon creature with two giant rock pillars held in its hands, one split right across the middle as it was smashed over the large man's skull. The big Pokemon creature, being a Conkeldurr and a rather large one at that, standing at almost twice the height and build of the much smaller man, had a completely shocked look on its face as the man had taken the hit without even moving. Blood was flowing down his face in several small streams, but he looked and stood there with a glare as if nothing had happened except that the Pokemon threw him some kind of bad insult. The large man was dressed in white, holy attire as if he was some kind of priest. Yet the way he stood there taking a hit from something this huge, as well as the large rock he was holding himself, the rock having a handle on the side looking as if it was some kind of odd sword. It was jabbed into the ground next to the angry man, watching the large Pokemon growing more afraid by the moment. With a single step towards the creature, he popped his neck by tilting it to the left, then to the right. It wasn't that he was acting like getting hit over the head didn't bother him, the truth was, it didn't bother him at all. He has felt much more hellish pain in the past, and he wasn't about to be shown up by some brute thinking it can get away with an attack like that.
The man had long brown hair that spiked up on top while tilting diagonally to the left. A long ponytail hanged down behind him, while now blood-stained bangs fell over a large red metal headband covered his entire forehead and part of his right eye, shadowing over it as if he was wearing some kind of invisible eye-patch. Looking into it one could almost swear they would see a glint of a red optic, despite the man's eyes being yellow. He looked almost evil especially with his face covered in sanguine liquid. Underneath the heavy amount of clothing he wore was a black skin-tight shirt which clung close to his arms and chest, revealing the huge muscles that were his arms. Two white fingerless gloves covered both of his hands, two red belts with golden buckles decorating the back of each of his hands. A white first layer of clothing hangs loosely over the black shirt, edges adorned with red fabric decorating the outside. It stretched down far enough to fall around his legs, covering most of them but revealing a simplistic white pair of loose fabric covering all of his legs, white boots going up his shins covering any socks that were worn on his feet. On the bottom half of the white clothing, where red edges would normally be, instead the color was dark brown. Finally, the next layer being the last excluding the many belts he wore around his whole attire, was a simple sleeveless, yet lengthy robe that exposed the sides of the second layer. The outer layer was a dark red with brown outer edges similar to the lower half of the second layer of clothing. The outer layer exposed his chest, revealing a black, thing piece of clothing resembling a tie that was tucked into the outer layer and just outside of the middle layer. Four gold buttons lay in a box fashion on the front, two on opposite sides of the collar and two just underneath them, spread out to be in a perfect square shape were they to be connected, which they were not. It would have fitted loosely to him if he were not wearing a strange belt around the outer side of his waist, clinging closely to him. The brown belts with golden buckles circled around him with a large stone emblem on the front with the gold belts surrounding both sides of it had a single word etched onto it: FREE. This being similar to the large red headband he wore, etched into that being: ROCK YOU.
The angry man with the injured skull walked toward the large creature, forcing it to back away in fear. He wasn't staring into its eyes, just staring at it rather than into it. If it wanted a fight so badly, it was going to get it. Without even holding his large boulder of a weapon, the man turned around as he prepared his fist by raising his arm, skipping for a moment on the ground before turning around quick enough for a normal person to hear his fist whistle through the air with intense speed. With fluid movement his fist slammed into the giant’s stomach hard enough that somebody could even see a small bump on his back. It must have hurt pretty badly; this was the kind of pain that the man would bother to notice. The creatures only response was both a shocked expression and a cry of pain as blood spit out of its mouth and onto the man’s hair. The man pushed slightly and the creature was pushed away, as if it had been hit by some kind of large object capable of shoving it backwards. Landing on its back, it closed its eyes and faded away into unconsciousness, with the man brushing his hand off on the front of his clothing and turning towards the building. He grumbled for a moment before shoving the front door open then taking a seat, many other people staring at him as if he had some kind of plague around him. He looked around at them in return before snarling in disgust.
What the hell are you looking at?
Fearful for their own safety, they all looked away not trying to anger him any farther. Some left the building hurriedly, bringing along their Pokemon with them. Of course they left behind their injured friends, giving excuses or at least some of them did, like they left the stove on at home or something stupid like that. At least those people were nice enough to not let their friends down, it took a lot of patience in the man not to trip them on their way out. One of them stopped just at the doors and looked back at him, catching his attention for a moment as they exchanged glances; one a look of worry and another a look of anger.
…. Are you still here? Get lost!
With a whimper, the kid ran out of the door like a whining mutt being yelled at by some person it had some amount of trust in. It’s not that this man was a complete asshole, it’s just that he had gotten out of a fight that might have killed anybody else. Not every person would be kind and sympathetic after getting out of something like that. With another grumble, the man reached into the long clothing he wore and took out a small black flask. He popped it open with his thumb, sending the lid flying across the room before hitting the floor with a tiny sound. Without wasting a moment he tilted the flask back and into his mouth as a dark liquid slid down his throat. He burped as he swayed the flask around his hand, staring forward. He was becoming bored quickly.
A nurse Joy finally grew the patience to walk up to him. She looked worried herself, but for a different reason than everybody else. She leaned forward and stretched out her hand, earning her a cruel glare from the man. She flinched as she withdrew her hand. She was acting as if she was worried for his injury, not just his very thin patience wearing thinner by the passing moment. Or at least, it was. He felt a little better knowing not everybody was an asshole around here. With a wave of his free hand, he turned back away trying to reassure what little worry she had. He knew he would heal on his own, but not everybody here did.
It’ll heal on its own. Forget about me.

It was her job to be worried, so with a sour look on her face she crossed her arms and glared at him. It wasn't that she was angry at him, but he did just tell her not to worry about doing her job. She seemed ready to give him a lecture, earning her a bored look rather than an angry one from this fellow. This wasn't the first time he's been lectured about safety, and it wasn't like he was going to tell her he's not fully human and he can get ran over by a truck and still be able to walk around like nothing happened. That's never happened before though, because he wasn't stupid enough to walk out in the middle of a street with oncoming traffic. Not to mention he would get a headache if his head was hit hard enough. Actually, he was surprised he didn't have one now, or maybe the adrenaline in him was hitting him hard enough that he can't feel it. But, while in his thoughts, he finally heard this nurse start yelling at him, and with a groan decided to listen in.

He heard her start mentioning something about letting the doctor heal him when he has an injury and not to be this stubborn. With another groan, he stood up and looked at her. She was much shorter than him, letting him tower over her. He pulled off the metal headband to reveal his bloodstained forehead, though there wasn't a scratch on him. He was unharmed as far as everybody could see. He didn't need to tell them, just show them he wasn't hurt. The nurse stared, shocked at that he didn't have a bruise or a cut on him. Without a word, he sat back down then put his hand under his chin before closing his eyes. The real reason he had come here in the first place was to ask for a sink to wash all of the blood off of his face. He might also need to wash his shirt. 

"I need to use a sink. Is there one around?"

The nurse pinched her forehead in frustration. She decided to let him use the faucet, but told him that if he did so he would have to agree to being treated for any injuries. Sometimes it's not always visible, it's always safe to check, even if the patient wasn't willing to take part in it. Finally, the man shrugged then walked off over to the nearby restroom. On his way he bumped his shoulder against a suited guy with green hair, giving him a harsh glare before walking off. Eventually he passed by and saw two people occupying a room; a green haired fellow and some kid. He couldn't tell if they were brother and sister, they looked too different. Not that he cared. What struck him in any particular way as interesting was that the green haired fellow didn't have a scratch on him either, yet he was unconscious. He was stuck in thought for a moment before somebody tapped him on the shoulder, making him turn around. It was the same nurse as before. She whispered to him that he had unintentionally left his sword outside in plain view, her answer being a small laugh.

"If you're worried about it getting stolen, don't worry. That thing isn't going anywhere."

Held in anybody else's hands but his own, that thing was impossible to hold correctly. His style was too unique, and that sword was heavy. The biggest guy in this town probably wouldn't be able to hold it for very long. With that, he headed off to the restroom, stopping by the doorway again to pay attention to the people inside. He raised his voice high enough so the one conscious person on the inside would be able to hear him.

"..... Did he faint?"
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Merry Nightmare
Merry Nightmare

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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Dreams   Mon Jul 08, 2013 9:34 pm

As she continued to watch N, Merry was caught off guard by the violent earthquake. She had to hold herself to her chair to keep from falling off of it. Surprisingly, N didn't move from his laying down position, though Munna rushed to hide under Merry's hat. The fact that she already had N's hat on her head meant that the little Psychic Pokemon had two hats stacked on her head. Eventually, the shaking stopped and the pair settled down and Munna floated off of Merry's head. Merry instinctively took her hat back and put it on her head as she looked around, confused.

"What the heck was that?" She asked. "Wait, N!"

She checked on the unconscious male to see if he was shaken up by the quake. To her relief, he was alright. Merry sighed and sat back down.

"He's ok..."

After a while, Merry heard the gruff voice speak to her and quickly turned toward it. Upon seeing the male, her eyes went wide, seeing his face covered in blood. She blinked a few times, then slowly nodded as she answered his question with a nervous voice.

"Y-Yeah he did... What the heck happened to you?"

N's eyes began moving before slowly opening.  With a groan, he sat up and rubbed his head.

"What happened...? I felt a quake..."

Merry's eyes went wide as she sprang toward him.

"N! You're ok!" Realizing she overdid it, she shrank back, her face turning slightly red. "U-Uh... Well, I'm glad you weren't hurt too badly."

N looked at Merry with a surprised expression, then looked around.

"I'm in a Pokemon Center... Merry,  did you bring me here?"

"Y-Yeah..." Merry said shyly.

N gave a soft smile.

"Thank you."

Merry turned away from him, her face growing redder.

"W-Well, I couldn't just leave you there... And I wanted to know what the heck you were talking about with the suited man dream thing. But I met a guy who's bringing us some food, so I'll wait until he gets back and we eat 'cause I know we're all hungry."

Munna floated over to N and offered him his hat.


N gave her a warm smile and took the hat.

"And thank you, my friend."

As N put his hat back on, he noticed the man. He too, made a surprised expression.

"A-And who might you be?"
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Aguri Madoka
Aguri Madoka

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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Dreams   Fri Jul 19, 2013 4:30 pm

Striaton City was quite lively, getting multiple visitors every day. And it was about to get yet another. A young girl appearing to be only ten years old entered the city. She had waist length brown hair and maroon eyes. Her attire was a red dress with a white collar and two white stripes along the bottom. She also wore white socks and hot pink shoes. In her arms, she held a small baby.  It was a baby girl with pink hair in heart shaped buns and blue eyes with yellow eyelash markings. She wore a yellow "onesie" with purple shoes, a white bib with blue trim and a pink heart in the middle and yellow flower shaped barrettes in her hair. Following beside the girl were two small Pokemon. One resembled an orange pig with black on the top of its head, front paws, and backside, yellow above its  red nose and a curly black tail with a red ball on the end. This was the Pokemon called Tepig. The other resembled a candle with a mostly white body and one visible yellow eye. It also had a purple flame on top oif its head. This Pokemon's name was Litwick.

The girl, named Madoka Aguri, had a concerned look on her face. After arriving in this new world and befriending Tepig and Litwick, she had visited the Icy Palace, a location where the Legendary Pokemon Dialga was said to visit frequently, only to find some walls melted, and the Pokemon murdered. Even remembering the sight of the corpse made her queasy. Madoka continually wondered who would or even could do such a thing. So her investigation brought her to Striaton City. Entering the Pokemon Center, Madoka sat on a bench and put the baby Ai on her lap as the Pokemon sat beside her.

"I hope I can find out who did that horrible thing..." She said to herself.

"Kyupi...." Ai said sadly, reaching up to Madoka's face.

"Tepig! Tepig Tepig!" Tepig spoke up and nuzzled her arm.

"Wick Litwick..." Litwick looked up at her concerned.

Seeing all of her friends trying to comfort her brought a smile to Madoka's face.

"Thanks everyone." She said. "I will find out who did that and punish them."

Glancing to the side, Madoka spotted a man standing in a hallway, appearing to be speaking to someone. Soon after, a boy dressed as a waiter entered the building, carrying two picnic baskets. This piqued her curiousity, and she silently followed the boy while carrying Ai and Tepig and Litwick followed.
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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Dreams   

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Pokemon Dreams
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