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 Character Creation

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Magna Centipede
Magna Centipede

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PostSubject: Re: Character Creation   Character Creation - Page 6 I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 27, 2013 12:19 am

(Original Account: Cirque D'Ciel.)

Magma Centipede

Magne Hyakulegger, Crimson Assassin.

Special 0 Unit - Shinobi Commander (Formerly.), Viral Maverick (Formerly.), Mercenary-For-Hire (Currently.)

Reploid - 'Insectiroid' Series: Anthropoid Class.


Crimson Red.

-Fighting Style-

Shurikens [Ninja Stars.]

Character Creation - Page 6 2HRhc

•Height: 220cm (7ft)
•Weight: 124kg (273lb)
•Power Level: 2900rp
•Speed Level: 8880rp

-Powers and Abilities-
Magnetism Manipulation, Shinobi Arts.

Magnet Mine - Magna's main weapon of choice that is usually recognized as his tail. With it, Magna can detach his tail and use the segments to seek out and trap the target of choice. Once the Reploid uses this technique, he sustains himself in a meditation state; which will leave him highly vulnerable until either he forcefully breaks out of his technique or takes damage from the enemy. The Magnet Mine is also a highly explosive device that the Reploid can activate by win. However, since the machine is dependent on his tail; he rather not risk destroying it by any means necessary. The tail itself formerly contains the Maverick Virus that allows Magna centipede to infect Reploid or Mechaniloids if he wants. After Magna Centipede was reconstructed, he lost that ability. Now, his tail contains a venom substance similar of that to an actual centipede.

Quiet, Vague, Intelligent.


He is a former Maverick Hunter Commander of the 0th Special Unit, taking the deceased Zero's place after Sigma's downfall. Later on in the year 20XX [Events on Megaman X2], Magna was captured by Sigma's forces during a mission and brainwashed. Now a Maverick, Magna Centipede was stationed at a computer center, where he began transmitting the Maverick Virus around the world. X fought against Magna Centipede in the computer center and destroyed him. After being reconstructed by the nearly retired Dr. Cain, Magna Centipede resumes his duties as an unregistered fellow ally to the Maverick Hunters. Unfortunately, he'll only involve himself in missions that doesn't have any relations in taking out Sigma's forces--fearing that he may end up brainwashed and infected again. Magna is comrades and good friends with Zero, Blast Hornet, and Web Spider.

Dr. Cain

"Show me if your training is on par with my ninjutsu, X!"
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Cyrus Winter
Cyrus Winter

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PostSubject: Re: Character Creation   Character Creation - Page 6 I_icon_minitimeThu May 16, 2013 7:56 pm

(Original account: Kyo Kusanagi.)

Name: Cyrus Winter.
Nick Name: Cy.

Race: Hylian.
Age: Eighteen years of age.
Eyes: Dark blue.
Hair: Light yellow.
Skin: Pale.
Powers: Absolutely nothing.
Weapons: Has light skill with a bow but never has once shot at a living target.

Appearance: Much of his appearance is kept hidden under heavy clothing, due to his awkward social capabilities. He wears a jacket with a hood covering his head, often accompanying himself with a bag large enough to fit books into, the bag itself hanging to his side from a shoulder strap. Other than that he wears normal dark blue pants and black shoes.

Personality: He prefers to keep mostly to himself and his books. Coming off as a shy individual not capable of making much of a sentence when speaking to someone, he refers to himself as often too thoughtful for words. As such, people consider him one of the most strange Hylians they have ever seen, most being very active and outgoing people. It is said he even wants to hide the fact he is Hylian by covering his head with his hood, but he had never once thought of this himself. He considers himself equal to everyone around him, but never reveals this himself, only brushing off compliments toward himself as he claims there's nothing truly special about him, but is not afraid to lift somebody's spirits by giving compliments to them, though often has trouble finding what right words to say in those situations. He also holds his brother Kain in high regards, considering him to be "the best brother he could ever ask for".

History: Adopted into a wealthy human family at the young age of three years old after spending those three years in a nearby orphanage, most of his life he was neglected by his parents, whom often handed him money to pay for his own food, clothing, entertainment, and knowledge seeking sources. This made him think that all things of monetary value were signs of selfishness and greed, and tends to stay away from them given the chance to do so. He stayed locked away in his room, which later on in his life turned into his own private library of nearly endless books, eventually his collection growing large enough that he would have to stack them outside of his bookshelves until he could find the money to purchase a larger shelf. Kain, as his brother, supported him with money throughout most of his life, and often came to his rescue when Cyrus found himself in trouble. This made him think that Kain was his guardian, and always treats him with the utmost respect whenever he is around and will get angry with those who do not.

Other: (Still a bit under construction, bear with me.)

Mother: Jenet Winter.
Father: Marcus Winter.
Or origen/creation: N/A.
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Amara Centauri
Amara Centauri

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PostSubject: Re: Character Creation   Character Creation - Page 6 I_icon_minitimeFri May 17, 2013 8:54 pm

(Original account: Black Rock Shooter) [Updated version of a previous bio] Name: Amara Centauri Hyrule

Nickname: Sage of Stars, Warrior Sage, Lady Amara

Race: Hylian

Age: 23

Eyes: Right eye Spring green, left eye Silver.

Hair: Black

Skin: Slightly pale

Powers: Amara possesses powerful Starlight magic that allows her to shoot energy blasts, perform telekinesis and telepathy and teleport, which she does by snapping her fingers. She can also transform into a silver fairy and a black wolf with green eyes and silver paws with a silver star on her forehead. But her most well known ability is the ability to channel the powers of the other Sages to use their elements. However, her powers have grown weaker since she became a mother. But she is still not to be underestimated.

Forest: Plants and wind

Fire: Fire

Water: Water and ice

Light: Light. This element also gives her healing powers.

Shadow: Darkness. She can also make herself transparent and become able to walk through walls.

Spirit: The Sage's sword turns into a pair of swords like the ones used by the Gerudo. She can also turn invisible and make clones of herself.

Weapons: Amara's weapon is the sacred Sage's Sword, that can only be wielded by the Sage of Stars. She wields it like a fencer and is very skilled with it.

Appearance: Amara has long black hair and spring green eyes that turn silver when she's angry and red when she enters her dark form. She wears a silver, sleeveless, high collared shirt with a white star on the front and a gold Triforce badge in the center of the star. She also wears silver fingerless opera gloves with miniature Star Medallions on the outsides of the tops, tight fitting teal shorts, white thigh high stockings and knee high silver boots decorated with teal stars on the front and sides. After becoming the Royal Advisor, Amara also wears a silver tiara that slightly resembles Zelda's, but with a star shaped diamond in the middle, and different gloves more akin to gauntlets. Since having her children, Amara often wears a casual outfit consisting of a white sundress with silver stars decorating the skirt, white sandals and a blue rose in her hair. She has also been known to wear royal armor as a general of the Hyrulian army.

Personality: Amara is generally cheerful, kind and polite. She tends to daydream a lot and can be a bit of an airhead. However, she cares greatly for her friends and family and due to her fierce loyalty and strong sense of duty, will fight her hardest to protect them. As a mother, this has turned into what is called a "Mama Bear" complex. She will annihilate anyone or anything that threatens her children.

History: Amara had an ordinary origin, being born and raised in the village of Talmina outside of Hyrule. Her mother passed away when she was young and she never knew her father, who was the previous Sage of Stars. After meeting an Oocca, going to the Star Temple and drawing the Sage's Sword, she awakened as the new Sage of Stars. She then left Talmina and went to Hyrule, where she met her idols, the Hero Link and Princess Zelda. She was later adopted into the Hyrule Royal Family. Soon after, she adopted a pair of Ribbon Fairy siblings named Vermilion and Teal.

Years passed, and Amara found herself in a strained relationship with a man whom, since it ended, she has never spoken the name of. The relationship was never meant to be, and ended in a brutal battle. Amara came out of the match victorious, but at a cost. Her left eye was severely injured in the battle and she almost lost it, but thanks to some quick healing, she was able to save it, but it went blind for six months. After that time passed, sight returned to the eye, but as a side effect, it turned permanently silver. After her eye recovered, Amara traveled Hyrule to gather herself. While in the desert, she encountered a man named Raziel. Finding it strange that a Hylian would live in the desert, she invited him to come back with her to Hyrule. To her surprise, the man chose to live with her for five years, and in that time they fell in love, though neither was willing to go through with it, due to him being isolated for so long abd her being wary of relationships. But soon after Raziel left, Amara found herself pregnant. Later, she gave birth to twins, naming them Altair and Alcyone. Another five years later, Amara sent a letter to Raziel telling him about his children. After meeting them, he promised to stay with them and Amara eventually married him. They now live together in a house near Castle Town.

Other: Amara greatly admires the hero Link, him being the reason she decided to learn swordsmanship in the first place. She also had a stint as a Captain in the Soul Society.

Mother: Amanda

Father: Sirius Centauri

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Alcyone Centauri
Alcyone Centauri

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PostSubject: Re: Character Creation   Character Creation - Page 6 I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 10, 2013 1:26 am

(Original account: Black Rock Shooter)

Name: Alcyone Centauri

Nickname: Alcy, Icy-chan, Snowflake

Race: Hylian

Age: 18

Eyes: Green

Hair: Black

Skin: Fair

Powers: Alcyone has inherited her mother's elemental powers, but her magic is most deeply rooted in the elements of Water, Ice, and Light. Her favorite element is Ice, hence her ice related nicknames. She also can use telekinesis and teleportation.

Weapons: The only weapon Alcyone uses is a short sword called a wakizashi. One day, she may inherit the Sage's Sword from her mother.

Appearance: Alcyone closely resembles her mother Amara, with the same back length black hair but slightly darker shadeed green eyes. Her casual outfit is blue shirt with a white skirt and white shoes with a white rose in her hair. When training, she wears a white shirt under a light blue jacket and white pants with blue boots.

Personality: As a young child, Alcyone was very shy and timid and had a tendency to get emotional. As she grew older, she gained more confidence and became outgoing, energetic and cheerful. Like her mother, Alcyone is always willing to help people in need and will protect her loved ones with everything she has.

History: Alcyone was born in Hyrule as the younger of Amara Centauri's twins. She did not know who her father was for the first five years of her life, but met him soon after turning five. When she was ten years old, Alcyone met Cyrus Winter and became his close friend. She eventually developed feelings for him and is preparing to confess.

(More to come)

Other: Alcyone is very close to her twin brother Altair and is sometimes protective of him despite being younger. Like when she met Yukiko Tenjo for the first time. Alcyone has also been close to her "Cousin" Thadea since early childhood. She also idolizes her mother and aspires to help people as much as she does when she grows up.

Mother: Amara Centauri

Father: Raziel Zheikt

Or origin/creation: N/A
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Character Creation - Page 6 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Character Creation   Character Creation - Page 6 I_icon_minitime

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Character Creation
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